Method For Preventing Pet Preform Defects

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Defect. defect. Structural integrity is reduced.

No matter what you say, these words are not what manufacturers are willing to hear.

However, whether you are new or experienced in the injection molding process, they can happen.

The best way is to familiarize yourself with common defects and understand why they happen. Here are some of the most common defects in Pet Preform and what you can do to prevent them.
Deformation streamline

Strange discoloration, wavy bands, or other imperfect stripes are called streamlines. This type of defect is usually caused by too much temperature change as the part cools and becomes solid.

Solution: Adjust flow rate and cooling time to produce a uniform product. This can be done in a number of ways, depending on the design specifications and materials used. You can increase the injection pressure and temperature to keep the material hotter. You can also make design adjustments such as rounded corners or smaller or wider features to promote more even flow.
Burn marks

Black focal spots along the edges and surfaces of the part are called burn marks. These burn marks are usually caused by overheating and overheating of trapped air taken in during the injection process.

Solution: Eliminating the air trapped in the mold is the key to preventing burn marks. You can reduce the jet speed, allow air to escape through the vents, or shorten the cycle time so that the air does not overheat. The less trapped air or the lower the temperature, the less likely the burn marks will be.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience. We can choose to avoid defects in our products. With our help, we believe that you can quickly achieve success.

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How To Ensure The Safe Production Of Milk Processing Plant

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In the milk processing and production process, in order to reduce the damage of milk production line equipment, ensure the safe production of Milk Processing Plant, and reduce the cost of water and electricity, what problems should we pay attention to when operating? Today Xiaobian is here to talk to you:

Milk production line equipment attention issues:

First, check whether there is water shortage, in the process of operation will use water and electricity, electricity has a power switch, leakage protector, basically no problem, because the electrical brand is used in Chint, relatively stable, safe, that is In this piece of water, our workers should pay attention to the water level at any time, and water shortage should be added in time.

Second, cleaning, professional cleaning after the end of each day, simple cleaning standard: after the cold water top out of the milk, hot water - alkaline solution - hot water - acid solution - hot water, this is simple, we will Milk production line equipment cleaning this piece for detailed training

3. It is strictly forbidden to lack oil or reverse the operation of this equipment. In the absence of oil, the motor will be damaged. The fueling and oil change should be carried out regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the service life of the milk production line.

These are some of the problems that will be encountered during the operation of the milk production line equipment. I hope to help the employees who are engaged in milk processing or the friends who will be engaged in the industry.

Choosing the Fruit Juice Production Line equipment of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we will be your most effective assistant, with a professional to provide you with comprehensive protection, let you create a wealth of your own wealth.

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Customized Production Of Pet Bottle Preform

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Plastics, also known as polymers, come in a wide variety. They are composed of different elements such as hydrogen, chlorine, oxygen and nitrogen. They also have high molecular weight.

Manufacturing plastics are often designed to mimic the ingredients of natural materials such as wood.

They are made by the conversion of natural products. Sometimes they are made up of natural chemicals, petroleum or basic chemicals in coal.
Manufacturing custom Pet Bottle Preform parts

Producing custom plastic parts usually follows a series of events. The only difference is that the main manufacturing stage is based on the geometry of the plastic part.

Their actual requirements are also considered.

One idea of ​​how to make plastic parts from plastic injection molding is crucial.

Once you have learned the basics of production, these steps become relatively easy.

Here’s a general idea of ​​how to make custom plastic parts.
Propose a design

It is important that you design a design for the custom plastic part you want to create.

First draw a design sketch on a piece of paper.

In the end, your sketch should have enough detail so you can draw its 3D model.

If you don’t have this skill, please ask a professional to help.

This is also a phase in which the main changes happen to make the product achievable.

Presenting a design to a team of experts will greatly help you achieve your goals. If possible, ask a manufacturing technical expert to help complete your design.
Decide which plastic molding process is best for the design

There are different molding methods for making plastics. Custom injection molding is arguably the most popular technology.

Plastic injection molding is used to produce plastic parts using a simple mold opening and closing function.

The process you choose will depend on the different variables. These include your initial design, the number of parts required, and the overall use of the product.
Build prototype

This will increase your total expenses, but developing a prototype like a final product will be a huge help.

In the long run, prototypes can also avoid wasting time and resources.

There are tons of prototype tools that can be used to make custom plastic parts, such as resin prototype machines.

Building a prototype will allow you to fix problems that may not be apparent in the 3D model of your design.

It also determines the efficiency and functionality of the final product.

If you have the methods and tools to make your custom plastic parts, make them the way you choose.

Otherwise, find a plastics manufacturing company to help you get the job done.

Some companies only produce custom plastic parts. Others participate in the packaging and shipping process throughout the process.

In the end, choose the company that best suits your needs.

Jilian Plastic is the reliable mold manufacturer you can trust. We can customize 5-Gallon Pet Preform for you. Welcome to contact us!

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Biref Information of Stellite Alloy 6 (Stellite 6)

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The professional Stellite Alloy manufacturer - Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd, since its inception in 2001, and after many years of development and growth, the company is now playing a leading role in stellite alloy manufacture industry in China.

Stellite Alloy 6 is the most widely used cobalt base alloy and exhibits good all-round performance. It has excellent resistance to many forms of mechanical and chemical degradation over a wide temperature range, and retains a reasonable level of hardness.

Particular attributes are its outstanding self-mated anti-galling properties (which result in its wide use as a valve seat material), its high temperature hardness, and a high resistance to impact and cavitation erosion.

The alloy is ideally suited to a variety of hardfacing processes. It has less tendency to crack than Stellite 12 in multiple layers, but is more wear resistant in abrasion and metal-to-metal or galling conditions. It can be turned with carbide tooling. Stellite 6 is used on valve seats and gates; pump shafts and bearings, erosion shields and rolling couples. It is often used self-mated.

We sincerely hope you can continue to support us in future, provide good advises for our developing. Click Stellite Alloy 20 for further more information.


Modern Milk Powder Making Machine Is Constantly Improving

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Due to the high protein content of milk, the milk that has just been squeezed from the cows will infect many bacteria. Therefore, the milk powder production line should pay special attention to the sterilization of the production process for the processing of milk powder. The quality under this product is very important. . The Milk Powder Making Machine designed and produced by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can achieve the functions of rapid sterilization and drying, can improve the speed of milk powder production, and choose our equipment to create more lucrative benefits for you.

In the past, the milk powder production line was not the choice of user companies. Mainly the system of the previous milk powder production line has many shortcomings, including high procurement cost, large and heavy equipment, difficult installation, and high maintenance costs. But now, the defects in the milk powder production line have been replaced by advanced technology and new milk powder production line systems. More and more companies are paying attention to and using fully automatic milk powder production lines, and they are beginning to realize the benefits that the milk powder production line can bring. The milk powder production line plays an important role in food production enterprises. Optimizing the milk powder production line is directly related to the quality of the product and the efficiency of production.

The milk powder production line refers to the route that the dairy product production process passes, that is, the route formed by a series of production line activities, such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection, from the time the raw materials enter the production site. The narrow milk powder production line is organized according to the principle of object, and a production organization form that completes the product process, that is, according to the principle of product specialization, equipped with various equipment and various types of workers required to produce a certain product and parts and components. Responsible for the complete manufacturing of certain products and components, and the processing of different processes for the same labor objects.

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. not only provides high-tech milk powder production equipment, but also the most trusted and selected equipment supplier for Juice Production Line. Choose us to choose a comprehensive guarantee. Come and contact us now!


Pet Preform Need To Withstand High Temperatures

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Usually, the PET resin starts to soften at 70 ° C or higher. This softening temperature is called TG (grass transition temperature) of PET. It is assumed that when the Pet Preform leaves in the atmosphere above 70 ° C, the bottle neck will begin to soften, and almost the size will shrink, and the bottle mouth will also be deformed.

In particular, the demand for beverages such as juice, oolong tea, coffee drinks and lactic acid beverages is expanding in recent years. However, almost all beverages are filled into PET bottles at temperatures above 85 ° C. After that, the PET bottles are placed on the filling line, then the bottles are inverted and the contents of the bottle are filled with high temperature contents. Disinfect for a period of time.

Therefore, the mouth of a PET bottle must be able to withstand high temperatures. Usually, the state of the neck finish of the PET preform is amorphous because it is injection molded, which is why it is not heat resistant above 70 °C. In other words, the finish has dimensional shrinkage and shape distortion during hot filling and can cause fatal defects in the PET bottle, such as microleakage.

However, PET has a property of becoming heat-resistant upon crystallization. The density of amorphous PET is 1.365 g / cm3, but heat resistance is not considered. When the crystallinity is increased from 1.365 to 1.380 (the crystallinity index is increased from 25% to 39%), the density is higher.

As a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Mould has gained many customers’ trust and praise in the market with years of experience. We have seen the development trend of this industry and are determined to bring you more products that suit your own wishes.

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Valentino Sandals older

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Cobalt Chrome Alloy Has Many Advantages

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Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd has almost 20 years producing experience for Cobalt Alloy and 10 years exporting experience served satisfied customers in over 50 countries.

We produce high temperature Superalloy Cobalt Valve Balls and Valve Seats with high precision.
Cobalt Chrome Alloy valve balls and seats are produced with cast and metallurgic powder process.
We melt good quality Co-based Alloy Castings with Vacuum Furnaces and Induction Furnaces.
We can cast and machine the hard Cobalt-based Alloy Castings as per the drawings.
We would like to help select suitable Co-based Alloy Grade as per your specific working condition.

Heat Resistant


Heat-Treatment Fixture

Wear Resistance


Cement Mill Liner
Radiant Tube Coal Mill Liner
Furnace Roller Mine Mill Liner
Cooler Plates For Cement Plant High Cr Casting
Spray Nozzles Ni-Hard Casting
Melting Pot Castings Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Casting
Slag Pot Castings High Mn Steel Casting



Centrifugal Castings Wear-Resistant Steel Plate
Bolts For Mills & Crushers Chute Liner
Al & Copper Forgings

Ball Mill Lining

Sag Mill Lining

High Alloy Forgings Crusher Wear Parts
Ductile & Gray Iron Castings

Corrosion Resistant


Cobalt Alloy Castings

Special Alloy Surface Coating &

Overlay Weldings

Ni Alloy Castings
Heat-Treatment Furnaces Stainless Steel Alloy
Drilling Rigs Non-Ferrous Alloy (Al & Cu)

If you are looking for relative stellite alloy from China, cobaltalloy sincerely hope we can be your best choice! Let’ S work together to build a much brilliant future now!


Jimei Milk Powder Making Machine Won The Favor

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In order to meet the requirements of the market, large-scale beverage equipment has continuously increased the requirements for large-scale Juice Production Line equipment. The so-called improvement is to continue to grow in innovation. Improve a high technology, high performance, multi-function, automation and so on. Not only should an increase in large-scale beverage equipment be carried out, but an automatic control level and production capacity should be improved for the filling production line. This will greatly improve the quality of food and beverage products, and can increase their competitiveness at home and abroad.

China’s modern large-scale beverage equipment and equipment manufacturing industry started late, and the high-speed, high-precision large-scale beverage equipment production line, many rely on imports. China’s current large-scale beverage equipment is mainly low in technical content and lack of technological innovation. “Innovation is the soul of a nation. It is an inexhaustible motive force for a country to thrive. It is an important determinant of a country’s continuous development and its active position in international competition.” Similarly, for a company.

The innovation of large-scale beverage equipment is the core content of enterprise innovation, and improving the ability of independent development is the key. Large-scale beverage equipment is an important part of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, with high correlation, wide coverage and strong driving force. The strength of large-scale beverage equipment and equipment manufacturing industry directly affects the product quality, economic efficiency and market competitiveness of the beverage processing industry. In the market competition dominated by innovation capability, it is necessary to improve the production technology level of production enterprises and promote the upgrading of products. Only in this way can the realization of the value of high-tech content and high added value be realized.

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is an innovative equipment supplier. We constantly improve our production technology and capabilities to ensure that we are constantly improving. Our innovative Milk Powder Making Machine has higher production efficiency and won the trust of many customers in the market.

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