How To Avoid The Misalignment Of DIN 603 Bolts

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In the use of DIN 603 bolts and nuts, a common problem is the occurrence of misalignment. So in the production process, how do we avoid misalignment? Let’s take a look at it.
In the symmetrical DIN 603 bolt and nut product, a symmetrical positioning hole can be installed to prevent misalignment during bending. When bent, the matte side of the DIN 603 bolt and nut product should be directed as far as possible in the direction of bending, so as not to tear the burr by tension. If not allowed, a process hole must be provided to position it. Rolling edge is also a special shape of the inner diameter of the curved hole. The thickness of the material of the rolled workpiece should be larger. The inner diameter of the thicker part should be larger. Generally, d>1.5 can be used. It is not necessary to set the center line of the crimping on the center of the metal sheet. If the plane of the metal sheet is placed at the tangent position of the cylinder, it is economical to manufacture.
Therefore, the DIN 603 bolt and nut can be used in these ways to avoid misalignment and ensure good performance.



The Correct Use Of Small Elevators For Homes

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Precautions when using a Small Elevators For Homes:

1. Before use, check whether the door lock is invalid and whether the registration of the outside order is correct.

2. The lighting equipment in the car must have proper brightness. The small elevators in the home must be turned on during the use time.

3. It is not allowed to plug the door interlock and the door lock switch with any debris to make it invalid and frequently connected.

4. Except for the maintenance personnel except the maintenance personnel on the top of the car, no other objects may be placed.

5. The load should be placed in the middle of the car as safely as possible, and the dumping of objects during operation should be avoided.

When the following small fault occurs in a small elevator in a home, stop using it and notify the maintenance personnel in time:

1. When it is found that the hall door of the small elevator in the home is not closed, the small elevator of the home cannot be started when the command button is registered outside the hall.

2. When the car under the normal load, if it exceeds the working position of the end station, continue to run until the limit switch is turned on.

3. When there is any metal part of the small elevator in the home, if there is electric shock.

4. When the insulation of the electrical components is found, the odor when the heat is generated due to overheating occurs.

5. After the hall door is closed, press the layer selection button, but the home small elevator fails to start normally.

6. When the car is running, if abnormal noise, vibration, impact, etc. are found.



The Safe Use Of Home Elevators

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Home elevators are things that we often use in our lives. The role of the elevator is to transport passengers and to transport household items or household items. So when using a المصعد المنزلي, what are the precautions that need our attention? Specifically, there are the following contents:

(1) During the installation inspection of the elevator, special attention should be paid to the supervision of the installation process of the traction sheave, the car and the counterweight return sheave, the guide wheel and its wire rope, because the installation quality will safely operate the elevator in the future. , wire rope wear, etc. have a great decision, and it is not easy to adjust.

(2) Because some maintenance companies are not familiar with the condition of the equipment being maintained. Inspectors should especially strengthen the inspection of maintenance vehicles entrusted by non-elevator manufacturing companies, especially those with less market share.

(3) Elevator maintenance personnel should strengthen the inspection and maintenance efforts, and train the relevant business knowledge of the elevators themselves. The elevator failures caused by safety components should be completely eliminated and necessary records should be made.

(4) The use of unit special equipment equipment management personnel must strengthen training, improve safety awareness and management level, and educate the relevant safety knowledge of equipment users.



Application Of Carriage Bolt Manufacturer Products

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The body bolts are indispensable everywhere in life, the street lights erected on the road, the beautiful billboards at night, the flagpoles standing on the majesty, and the fixing of the body bolts at the bus stop signs. The role of the body bolts must not be despised. How is the body bolt so fierce? Let’s talk about the machining process of the body bolts. The body bolts are machined to the lathe wire, which requires an average of the thread, and the Carriage Bolt Manufacturer thread length must match the design criteria. The pallets and stiffening anchor plates in the body bolts are usually welded by artificial arc welding. The welds required for welding here are on average full and cannot have any pores and dry tumors. The size of the weld must be determined by the design request. The body bolts are inspected by the data clerk and then submitted to the quality inspectors for further inspection. The acceptance items are mainly to check the specifications and dimensions of the body bolts and the length of the thread buckles to see if it can meet the original design request and wait until the acceptance is passed. It is necessary to stop the archiving work, the archiving work should be registered according to the specification code, and the logo should be attached.

The street lights on the road, the station sign and so on under each steel column have body bolts and the base platform are connected together. In order to ensure the accuracy of the body bolt device, a smooth stop for the steel construction device. Before the construction device, the corresponding positions of the body bolts are fixed by bolt fixing frames. The body bolt fixing frames are made of steel plates of 6 mm and 10 mm thickness and 15 mm thick bamboo veneers. After the erection of the base platform template is completed, the body bolt group is placed into the root bottom according to the relative position, and then the bolt fixing frame and the base scaffold are tightly fixed. The time of the inspection requires the theodolite to correct the position of the body bolt. And welded with a diameter of 14 steel and body bolts into a well-shaped frame, supported on the template. The bottom of the bolt is supported by a 16-diameter steel bar and welded to the base backing reinforcement of the cap. The purpose of this is to prevent the body bolt from moving and not sinking. In the process of concrete pouring, the average and symmetrical feeding should be carried out around the roots, and try to prevent the position of the body bolts from changing due to the unevenness of the blanking. At the time of construction, the inspectors should monitor the position and elevation of the body bolts at any time. If it is found that the position of the body bolts is shifted, the adjustment should be stopped in time.



Tongda Analysis Machine Selection Considerations

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The precautions for purchasing the Tongda analysis machine in the laboratory are generally distinguished by the output value of the Tongda analyzer in the same category of ice machines. The primary goal is the amount of ice produced by the Tongda analyzer every day. Of course, the ideal conditions for writing. Under. The output value of most Tongda analyzer manufacturers is calculated under ideal conditions (such as room temperature 10 degrees, inlet water temperature 10 degrees).

The capacity of the ice storage bucket is also an important consideration in the selection of the Tongda analyzer. The number of people in the laboratory who are engaged in biological testing has been decided to use a lot. It is assumed that all people use the same amount of demand, and it is best that the amount of ice storage bucket is the same as this amount.

The Tongda analysis machine is often fully active during the operation. It does not require manual intervention and will actively make ice. When the ice storage tank is full, the machine will take the signal to stop the operation actively. Therefore, the volume of the ice storage bucket is This is the maximum amount of ice that can be taken from this Tongda analyzer.

In view of the above factors, we can consider the selection from the following aspects:

1. If there are many people in the laboratory doing molecular biology related tests, and often take ice at the same time, it is best to choose a type that has a large amount of ice and a relatively large ice storage bucket (number of people x ice intake per time) ).

2. If there are not many people in the laboratory who do related experiments in molecular biology, and the probability of collecting ice is low, then you can consider choosing a smaller ice storage bucket, and you can choose a smaller model for ice production.

3. If there are many people in the laboratory doing molecular biology related tests, but the probability of taking ice at the same time is small, then you can consider choosing an ice storage bucket with a relatively small amount of ice and a large amount of ice storage. , can also save the cost of the purchase.



Defects Of Hot-dip Galvanized DIN 603 Bolts

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Due to the small size of DIN 603 bolts, irregular shapes and some threading, there are some obvious defects in hot dip galvanizing.

1. It is difficult to screw the screw after plating. After the hot dip galvanizing, the residual zinc remains in the thread and is not easily removed, and the thickness of the zinc layer is uneven, which affects the fitting of the screw. It is stipulated in GB/T13912-1992 “Technical Requirements for Hot Dip Galvanizing Layer of Metal Covered Steel Products” and GB/T2314-1997 “General Technical Requirements for Electric Power Fittings”; the external thread of fasteners shall be in accordance with GB196 before hot dip plating. Standards are specified for machining or tanning, while internal threads can be machined before or after hot dip coating. However, in practical applications, customers often require galvanized layers for both internal and external threads. Therefore, various measures have been taken to solve the problem of hot dip galvanizing of threaded fittings. Such as the backlash after the screwing of the screw; reserved a large fit clearance; centrifugation and other methods. The backlash easily destroys the plating of the threaded part and even exposes the steel substrate, causing the fastener to rust. Deliberately over-range to increase the nut diameter or reserve clearance, it is easy to reduce the mating strength, which is not allowed for high-strength fit.

2, hot dip galvanizing operation temperature is high, will reduce the mechanical strength of high strength DIN 603 bolts. The strength of some threads of 8.8 bolts after hot dip galvanizing is lower than the standard requirements; the strength of bolts above 9.8 after hot dip galvanizing is basically unable to meet the requirements.

3. The working environment is poor and the pollution is serious. The hot dip galvanizing process of fasteners is carried out at high temperature. The solvent drying and the zinc to be plated will cause strong irritating hydrogen gas when it is immersed in the pool; the zinc pool is exposed to high temperature for a long time, and zinc is generated on the surface of the zinc pool. Vapor, the atmosphere of the entire working environment is bad.

Although there are many defects in hot-dip galvanizing of fasteners, the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized coating, the bonding strength is good, and the long-term rot effect is good. It has always been respected in the power, communications, and transportation sectors.



Small Elevators For Homes To Improve Comfort

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Nowadays people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life. The requirements for life are not only more convenient and faster, but also a healthier and more comfortable environment. So many households in high-end residential communities or villas with their own private homes will choose. It is very common to install a Small Elevators For Homes in the environment where you live in your home. However, many residents still don’t understand why it costs hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to install a small household elevator.
First of all, the purpose of installing a small household elevator is to make life more convenient and quicker, and to improve the comfort of living and living. Because people’s villas are now generally narrowed and narrowed in order to expand the activity space, so this is The family of the elderly and children is not so convenient, and the use of a small elevator in the home will not only reduce this trouble, but also make the activities in each family faster, and get home from work and exhausted. With the home small elevator, it will be more comfortable and reduce fatigue.
The second is to install a small home elevator to add value to the villa, because the villa is a high-end symbol, and then install a small home elevator, it will highlight the owner’s pursuit of high-end quality of life and longing, good home small elevator With a better villa, and if you don’t live in this villa in the future, villas with small elevators in the home will definitely be more competitive and attractive, so the small elevators in the home have added value to the villas.
Finally, the current construction cost and use experience of small household elevators are very good, the construction cost is not high, and the area occupied in the villa is not large.



Introduction Of Safety Hazards In Home Elevators

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What are the precautions for using home elevators? While household elevators are becoming more and more popular, their handling precautions are often the most easily overlooked. People often pay special attention to the customization and installation of home elevators. In fact, there are many المصعد المنزلي. Precautions, today will bring you the use of home elevators, please take a look at it.

First, the home elevator application
The home elevator integrates the home environment, its elegant lines, comfortable and diverse choice of home fabrics, plus intimate design and superb technology, so that the home elevator is suitable for all types of stairs, and the comfortable folding and unfolding The action, light and smooth, completes the folding function quickly, and frees up a wide space for other members of the family to use.
Second, the home elevator structure
The structure of the home elevator is generally composed of three parts: the rail, the driving device, and the household. The driving device and the household are installed together, so from the appearance, the home elevator is like a chair running on the track. When the stairs hit an obstacle, the sensor installed at the edge of the pedal and the bottom of the gantry can react immediately, and the home elevator is safely and stably stopped.
The home elevator is an important equipment in the construction of high-rise buildings, and it is also a dangerous source for accidents at the construction site. It is also a major accident that can cause multiple injuries. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the work. The following otse elevator manufacturers introduce the operation households. The strictly prohibited items of the elevator:
1. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers and not wearing helmets and work permits, and carrying children to the construction site;
2. It is strictly forbidden for any personnel to operate, stand and walk under the elevator lifting frame, the hanging basket and the lifting frame wellhead and hanging objects;
3, home elevator reminder, must be strictly prohibited to play at home elevator operation, noisy and throw away all objects from high places;
4. It is strictly forbidden to work in high places without railings or other safety measures and to walk on a single wall;
5. It is strictly forbidden to work up and down at the same time in the same part where no safety measures are provided;
6. It is strictly forbidden to carry out elevator adventure work in dangerous areas of high voltage power supply;
7, the home elevator reminds, it is strictly prohibited to bring dangerous goods, flammable products on the lift site smoking, fire.

What are the precautions for using home elevators? The above is the precautions for the use of home elevators brought to you today. Do you understand it? Household elevators are generally composed of three parts: track, drive unit and household. The seven points mentioned above are expected to be noticed. Don’t let the home elevator become a safety hazard, it will not be worth the loss.



Hex Bolt Manufacturer Accumulate Experience In The Market

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The installation of hex bolts plays a very significant role in ensuring the safe transport of items and extending the life of valuables. Especially in the construction of industrial plants, it is necessary to add hexagonal bolts to fix large mechanical equipment on the ground.

This is because these mechanical bodies are too heavy and have a high center of gravity. When they are running, they will violently oscillate and the center of gravity will shift with the shock. In the long run, it is easy to cause an accident. Therefore, the instruments that run at high speed need to be firmly fixed with the foundation. To prevent collapse. The connection between large equipment and foundation is mainly achieved by installing hexagon bolts.

With a simple horn adjustment, the equipment that requires hex bolts is measured for vertical and horizontal position, and grouting is used to secure the device. Only when it is fully fixed can it ensure that the industrial equipment is not oscillating or collapsed due to over-speed during operation, which enhances the stability of the equipment operation.

In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the bolts embedded in the foundation tower, the selection and installation process of the hexagon bolts should be highly valued. According to the different types of application and technical requirements, the size of the construction holes, the embedded depth of the concrete, and the depth of the concrete are removed. The quality of installation and construction is strictly controlled in terms of mold and acceptance.

If you want to get a hexagonal bolt with guaranteed quality, Haiyan Yihui is your choice not to be missed. We are an experienced Hex Bolt Manufacturer, and we have accumulated experience in the market development to ensure that we can provide satisfaction. Products and services.



Tongda Analysis Machine Selection Considerations

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One factor to consider when purchasing a Tongda analysis machine is the penetration of the Tongda analyzer. The penetration capability of the Tongda analyzer depends on the capacity of the Tongda analyzer. The tube voltage of the Tongda analyzer is higher. The higher the tube voltage, the harder the X-ray, the greater the energy, the stronger the penetration, the penetration and the tube voltage. The square is proportional.

Of course, at the same tube voltage, it is also related to the properties of the material density of the workpiece to be inspected, that is, to the X-ray attenuation ability of the workpiece to be inspected. For heavy metals such as steel and thicker workpieces, due to their strong ability to attenuate X-rays, the Tongda analyzer with higher tube voltage should be selected. For light metals such as aluminum and magnesium and thinner workpieces, the tube voltage can be selected. Lower Tongda analyzer.

As for the various working methods of this kind of tool, it is also based on a series of researches and related achievements in the physical chemical industry in China. It is divided into several different categories to apply to different fields.

They all have their own working principles, but most of them belong to non-destructive testing, that is, using physical methods to make the detected object surface or internal scar detection activities without any chemical changes, so that problems or defects are found. It can be solved and improved in time to mediate the production quality of the entire production line.

When choosing a Tongda analyzer, you should carefully consider the factors such as the ray penetration capability of the device, the focus of the ray tube, and the shape of the workpiece being inspected. Generally, the penetration capability of the Tongda analyzer is closely related to the overall capacity of the device, and the tube voltage of the device is stronger than the high penetration capability.


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