Hex Slotted Bolt For Maintenance

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1. When performing ANSI B18.2.1 secondary care at 12000km each time, the engine oil pan shall be assembled to check the usage of the engine bearing bush. If it is found that the clearance between individual bearing bushes is too large, the connecting rod bolts shall be replaced at the same time.  In normal operation, if the engine is found to be running unsteadily and has abnormal noise, it should also stop and check in time.

2. During each maintenance, the newly replaced connecting rod bolt shall be inspected. Attention shall be paid to whether there are cracks or dents in the head, guide parts and thread parts of the hexagonal slotted bolt, whether the tooth shape and pitch of the thread are abnormal, and whether there are abnormal situations shall be resolutely avoided.

3. When assembling the connecting rod cap, use a torque wrench to tighten it according to the specified specifications to prevent excessive and small torque.

4. Select the connecting rod Hex Slotted Bolt produced by the matching factory.

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After-sales Service Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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Look at the wavelength range of the instrument.

See if the wavelength range can cover the spectral line range of all elements you want to detect, if so, then there is no problem.

Prepare after-sales service in advance.

When purchasing an X-ray Orientation Analyzer, you should also pay attention to its after-sales service, because there is no instrument that will never break down.  Therefore, if there is a problem with the X-ray orientation analyzer, it can be taken to the manufacturer for inspection and maintenance, which shows that after-sales service is also very important.

Look at the window membrane and battery of the instrument.

Only when the window of the instrument is kept intact and the battery is sufficient, the instrument can be used normally, otherwise it should be replaced in time.

The above are the necessary checks for the X-ray orientation analyzer before use. Please take care of your X-ray orientation analyzer.



The Role Of DIN 603 Bolts

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DIN 603 bolts are our common fastener products. They are used with bolts, studs or other threaded workpieces for attachment and fixing. In general, the strength of the bolts selected in the design is higher than that of the corresponding high-strength DIN 933 bolts to ensure that the bolts have a longer life than the DIN 933 bolts when used together. When fasteners are removed and replaced in this way, the cost of replacing DIN 933 bolts will be cheaper and more convenient.

Currently, many power generation equipment and vehicles such as airplanes, cars, trains and ships are developing rapidly. Therefore, our high-strength DIN 933 bolts and other locking parts need to adapt to the rapid development trend in order to achieve greater development. High-strength bolts are mainly used to connect some important mechanical equipment, especially for repeated disassembly and assembly. Various assembly methods require very high Square Bolt. The thread is also very important. The surface quality and manufacturing accuracy of the thread directly affect the safety factor of the equipment used.

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What Are The Uses Of China Benchtop Xrd

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Application of Tongda analysis machine

Tongda analyzers have many varieties and are widely used, not only in nuclear facilities, but also in scientific research institutions, medical institutions, geology and coal field exploration and mining, oil extraction and refining, highway and bridge construction, machinery manufacturing and installation, building materials (especially cement Factories), textiles, cigarettes, shipbuilding, electricity, pharmaceuticals, breeding, papermaking, metallurgy, instrument and watch manufacturing, film production, wood, plastics, flour, feed processing, cable, fluorescent lamp production and other industries have been applied in various industries.
For decades, the application of desktop xrd in China has made significant contributions to the development of the national economy and the protection of people’s health. In terms of medicine, Chinese desktop xrd is widely used in medical diagnosis, treatment and disinfection. It is used for irradiation breeding in agriculture, which can improve quality, increase yield, and can also be used for sterilization and preservation. In industry, it can be used for petroleum, coal and other resources exploration, ore composition analysis, industrial flaw detection, non-destructive testing, material modification and level, density, thickness measurement, etc. China benchtop xrd can also be used for satellite power supply, fire smoke alarm, sewage treatment, etc.

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The Choice Of DIN 603 Bolts Is Critical

Posted by abyihui on Jan 13, 2020 in News

DIN 603 bolts look inconspicuous, but they play a large role, with high strength and strong shear resistance, ensuring reliable connection and fixing. At present, many people ignore it. The phenomenon of using bolts arbitrarily is quite serious, which causes frequent failures of construction machinery.

In actual maintenance operations, when some maintenance personnel found that these bolts were damaged or missing, some standard bolts could not be found for a while, and some were free to take other bolts instead, and some of them were replaced by their own processing. The later use of construction machinery leaves a hidden trouble. Some parts need to use “small-pitch” “fine-tightening self-tightening” bolts, copper bolts, and copper-plated bolts, but ordinary bolts are used instead, resulting in the bolts becoming loose and difficult to disassemble.

Some DIN 603 bolts will have defects such as stretching and deformation after use. Some technical requirements require that new bolts must be replaced after disassembly and assembly. Because maintenance personnel do not understand these conditions, it is easy to reuse unqualified bolts many times. Causes mechanical failure or accident. Therefore, when repairing construction machinery, when DIN 603 bolts are damaged or missing, replace the bolts that meet the requirements in a timely manner, and do not use the bolts arbitrarily.



Introduction To The Principle Of China Benchtop Xrd

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When an electric current is applied to the filament of an X-ray tube to heat it to an incandescent state, free electrons are emitted from the surface of the filament. At the same time, the high voltage of tens of thousands of volts is applied to the two ends of the X-ray tube (the anode is positive and the cathode is negative), which creates a strong electric field in the Tongda analysis machine tube, which will force the filament surface and its vicinity Of electrons fly out of the cathode and flow to the anode with great acceleration. When they collide with the anode target, the electrons are suddenly prevented from moving and lose their kinetic energy. About 99% of the kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy and about 1%. Into X-rays.
The free electrons flowing from the cathode filament to the anode form a beam of electrons called tube current. The amount of tube current depends on the number of free electrons emitted by the filament. The more electrons flowing from the cathode to the anode, the greater the tube current and the more electrons that hit the anode target per unit time. The more, the greater the intensity of the X-ray. The number of free electrons emitted by the filament depends on the temperature of the filament. The higher the temperature of the filament, the more electrons are emitted. The filament heating is supplied by the filament transformer. The voltage of the filament transformer is changed by controlling and adjusting, that is, the heating current of the filament is changed to achieve the purpose of regulating the tube current.
The X-ray intensity can be changed by adjusting the tube current. As long as the tube voltage is constant, the X-ray wavelength distribution remains constant regardless of the X-ray intensity.
The voltage applied across the anode and cathode of an X-ray tube is called the tube voltage, which can establish a strong electric field and control the kinetic energy of free electrons. The higher the tube voltage, the greater the kinetic energy of the electrons that hit the anode target, the higher the X-ray energy, the shorter its wavelength, and the stronger its ability to penetrate matter.
The tube voltage is supplied by a high-voltage transformer, usually the secondary winding of the high-voltage transformer is connected to the two poles of the X-ray tube; the primary winding is connected to the power source through a voltage regulator (or thyristor voltage regulation). By controlling and adjusting the primary voltage, the secondary voltage is changed to achieve the purpose of regulating the tube voltage.
With the increase of the tube voltage, the speed of electrons flowing to the anode increases, the number of electrons reaching the anode target surface per unit time increases, and the intensity of X-rays produced by China benchtop xrd also increases accordingly. However, the purpose of increasing the tube voltage is mainly to obtain high energy, that is, short-wavelength X-rays, to improve its ability to penetrate matter.

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Development Requirements Of Din 603 Bolts

Posted by abyihui on Jan 6, 2020 in News

Many companies have appeared in the DIN 603 bolt industry, and these companies are constantly innovating and developing. As far as the whole industry is concerned, these companies are not very innovative, but because they follow the old rules, they have a flat record. Judging from the development of today’s market, there are always many specific requirements and changes in these growing markets. Many customers have strict requirements on DIN 603 bolts.

The production capacity of our low-grade products has been selling at a good price after many sales prices. However, because of its limited capacity, the rise is very slow. These phenomena have completely changed the ability to enhance independent innovation. The DIN 603 bolt industry has unreasonable and unscientific phenomena in many aspects such as development ideas, project investment, growth methods, resource utilization, environmental protection, production mechanism, quality assurance, economic operation, and enterprise management.

For enterprises, some problems are very serious, and exist and develop. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, enterprises need to adhere to a scientific outlook on development, effectively change these unfavorable factors, improve the quality of the enterprise, and establish good corporate innovation. This is one of the important factors to strengthen the DIN 603 bolt industry.



Purchasing Qualified China Benchtop Xrd

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Because the Tongda analysis machine is a very professional instrument, not a professional, it is impossible to understand this instrument, so many counterfeiters drilled holes. Some domestic manufacturers use the characteristic that digital X-ray flaw detection can be faked to produce unqualified products.

If you do not have a professional detection tool, the following simple detection methods can help you identify authenticity:

1. When the probe is not connected, adjust the gain to a relatively large value. The waveform on the screen cannot exceed 10% of the screen. If it exceeds, the instrument is unqualified.

2. See if the vertical linearity is qualified or not.

3, there are some indicators need special test blocks. It is recommended that the new instrument be sent to the provincial metrological testing institute for identification, so as not to be fooled.

4, the price is extremely low.

5. Pay attention to the production process and certification documents. Generally, X-rays require professional training.

The consequences of using an unqualified China benchtop xrd are more serious. Since X-ray non-destructive testing is used in quality inspection or safety inspection, if a quality accident occurs or even endangers personal safety, you can save a little money to buy back the unqualified equipment, which will cause you a very unfavorable situation. We condemn those who make fakes. Please raise your level of technological development so as not to harm others. If a major accident really happens, it will also cause you to lose property and put yourself in prison.

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Din 603 Bolt Installation Specifications

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When we assemble DIN 603 bolted joints, the nut side of the round table should face the side of the washer with chamfer. In general, when assembling large hexagon head DIN 603 bolted joints, the lower beam of the bolt head has a slope, and the side of the lower beam of the bolt head should face the bolt head.

When installing DIN 603 bolts, the construction personnel should strictly forbid the forcible penetration of the bolts (here, hammering)

Bolt manufacturer: Other specifications for DIN 603 bolt installation

If it cannot penetrate freely, use a reamer to trim the hole. After trimming, the diameter of the hole should be less than 1.2 times the diameter of the bolt. When filling holes, in order to prevent iron filings from falling into the overlapping seams of the board, all bolts around the hinges and the joints in front of the holes should be tightened first and checked for firmness so that the boards can overlap tightly before operation. One thing to note here is that it is strictly prohibited to use gas cutting to ream. Gas cutting and reaming are prone to occur at the site and require special supervision.



China Benchtop Xrd Working Principle

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Regarding the working principle of Tongda analysis machine ray detection, industry professionals must not miss it

In recent years, Tongda analyzers in the domestic industrial field have been widely used, especially in BGA testing, packaging components, aviation components, pharmaceutical products, automation components, agriculture (seed testing), testing of electronic connector modules, etc. The scope has a large number of applications.

What is Tongda Analyzer Ray Inspection?

The China benchtop xrd actually uses X-rays to irradiate the object to be detected. The detector converts the signal into a signal according to the intensity of the received light and transmits it to the industrial control system for corresponding data processing. The top of the computer’s display screen brings a more accurate inspection operation experience for technicians.

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