The Difference In The Quality Of China Home Elevators

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Many people often compare the difference between China Home Elevators and ordinary elevators before choosing a Chinese home elevator. However, due to the lack of corresponding professional knowledge, this contrast is limited to the surface. So, what is the difference between a Chinese home elevator and an ordinary elevator? Today, Otse China’s home elevator will give you a detailed explanation.
The focus of China’s home elevator technology is clearly different from that of commercial elevators. Chinese home elevators require very high hoistway utilization. Generally speaking, the lower the hoistway utilization, the smaller the car area and the more wasted space. Commercial elevators are very demanding on civil engineering. Let’s briefly talk about the difference between the two from the following aspects.
1, application
China’s home elevators are used in private homes and are designed for internal use in a single home. Common commercial elevator applications are very extensive and are generally not used in public places.
2, speed
The speed of Chinese household elevators does not exceed 0.4m/s, while the speed of ordinary elevators varies from 0.25m/s to 0.5m/s and above 10m/s.
3, on the load

China’s home elevators are relatively small because they are private, and the general load is less than 400KG. The average public elevators carry more passengers and the carrying weight will be much higher than that of Chinese home elevators.
4, on the pit
If the domestic elevators use two types of elevators, hydraulic and traction, pits must be reserved, but screw elevators do not need to reserve pits, and ordinary commercial elevators must reserve pits.
5, on the machine room
Chinese home elevators are now more of a machine room design, and ordinary commercial elevators usually have large machine rooms.
In addition to the above differences, China’s home elevators are smaller and more expensive than ordinary commercial elevators. Therefore, when choosing a Chinese home elevator, we must pay attention to brand and quality.



How To Measure The Size Of DIN 933 Bolt

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DIN 933 bolts are connecting fasteners that are inseparable from all fields. Many major accidents occur because of fastener failure, which makes it possible to see the small fasteners play an important role in the overall system. Therefore, the specifications of each screw must be strictly controlled within the error range. However, many people don’t know how to measure the size of a DIN 933 bolt. They even measure it directly with ordinary rulers or even tape measures. This is very unprofessional. For these smaller products, we need to use them. To the professional vernier caliper and micrometer to measure, then how to measure is more accurate?

Diameter measurement:

The diameter of the screw refers to the screw part of the screw, but the screw has the distinction of full thread and half thread. The full thread can directly measure the middle of the screw. The half thread also needs to measure the polished rod part. The measurement methods are as follows:

Head thickness measurement:

We usually need to measure the head of the DIN 933 bolt, generally only the flat head screw and the outer hexagon screw, other head types are generally produced according to the standard.

Head size measurement:

In general, the head should be tested for head size, especially for non-standard parts and shaped parts.

Length measurement:

There are two types of screw length measurements. One is the measurement of the countersunk screw: one screw from the head to the tail; the other screws are from below the head to the tail.

Groove depth measurement:

The measurement of the groove depth is also essential, and the groove depth of the non-standard parts can be changed according to customer requirements.



China Benchtop Xrd Breakthrough Innovation

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Tongda analysis machine has the following restraint innovations
• Transmission diffraction geometry.
• Sample vibration technology.
• 2D surface detector, 2D-XRD technology.
• XRD and XRF integration technology.
• Electronic refrigeration technology.

China benchtop xrd has the following features
• Portable: Body: 485 x 392 x 192 mm Weight: 14.5 kg; the instrument comes with a battery system for field inspection and analysis; the world’s first truly portable XRD.
• Easy to use, no professional action required.
• Fast inspection and sample testing in 3 minutes.
• Low maintenance costs, no water circulation cooling system and constant temperature environment, no need for professional laboratories, no consumable parts.
• Micro-quantitative sample requirements, around 15mg, especially suitable for small sample or precious samples, such as archaeological, criminal investigation, pipeline corrosion analysis.

• Strong environmental adaptability, protection against moisture, dust and shock.

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China Home Elevators Noise Related

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Nowadays, China Home Elevators have entered many homes. However, due to the lack of professional knowledge about the choice of Chinese home elevators, many people have reacted to the noise of Chinese home elevators at home, which has affected their normal life. So, what is the standard for noise in Chinese home elevators? Next otse China home elevator will give you a detailed talk, let’s take a look.

At present, there are three main types of standards related to elevator noise: First, the quality standards of the elevator itself, including “Elevator Technical Conditions”, “Elevator Manufacturing and Installation Safety Specifications”, etc.; second, construction standards, including “residential design specifications” “, “Communication Building Design Sound Insulation Specifications”; Third, environmental protection standards, mainly including “acoustic environmental quality standards” and so on. These three types of standards also have different provisions for the limits of elevator operating decibels: the product standard stipulates that the sound of the main room should not exceed 80 decibels, the sound of the car should not exceed 55 decibels; the architectural design standard stipulates that the daytime should not exceed 50 decibels, No more than 40 decibels at night; environmental standards should not exceed 40 decibels during the day and 30 decibels at night.



Characteristics Of DIN 603 Bolts

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1. Plating thickness of DIN 603 bolt

DIN 603 bolts are used in the electroplating process regardless of the barrel plating or the hanging plating process. In each batch of products, the thickness of the coating obtained by each fastener is different, that is, the distribution of the coating on the same fastener is also uneven. . For example, the thickness of the coating of the thread crest is thicker than the median diameter and the bottom of the tooth, and the thickness of the plating at both ends of the screw and the bolt is thicker than the middle, and is more remarkable as the length to diameter ratio increases. The same applies to the nut. Due to the shielding effect during the nut plating process, the thickness of the plating layer on the internal thread is very thin, and only the first fastener on both ends is thicker than the plating in the middle portion, which is equivalent to the hex wrench surface. thickness.

2. How to describe the plating thickness of a batch of DIN 603 bolts
In view of the non-uniformity of the thickness distribution of the DIN 603 bolt plating layer, four definitions of the coating thickness are cited in the standard, namely “nominal plating thickness”, “batch average thickness”, “partial thickness” and “effective plating thickness”. “Nominal plating thickness” means the nominal plating thickness of DIN 603 bolts and does not represent the actual plating thickness. The actual coating thickness of DIN 603 bolts is described by “effective plating thickness”. “Effective Coating Thickness” includes both “batch average thickness” and “local thickness”.



China Benchtop Xrd Working Conditions

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The main reason for the explanation here is the influence of X-ray radiation in the working environment of the Tongda analysis machine. Many customers will ask before buying Chinese desktop xrd, is Chinese desktop xrd harmful to human body? There are also some online consultants who are worried that the Chinese desktop xrd will be exposed to a series of problems in the vicinity of his office environment (in the house).

X-rays are undoubtedly harmful to the human body. So most customers care about the problem of how to use or store them so that the X-ray non-destructive testing machine is not harmful to the human body. Let’s talk about it specifically. Of course, I am not a radiation protection expert. However, I am only aware of the reasons for the work related to my work and how much X-rays are produced and used.

First of all, I would like to say the working conditions of the Chinese desktop xrd, that is, the trigger conditions for X-ray generation. The most important part of the Chinese desktop xrd is the X-ray tube. Without the X-ray tube X-ray is not available, then the X-ray tube what is it then? To put a simple hypothesis, of course, this is not rigorous. You can think about the bulbs used at home. X-ray tubes are similar in style. The precondition for the X-ray tube to generate radiation is that the power must be turned on and then generated by the operation of the controller. high pressure. This means that the Chinese desktop xrd will not produce any rays when it is not energized. If the high voltage does not generate electrons, the electrons will not hit the anode target, and no radiation will be generated at all. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the China benchtop xrd who has radiation hazard during transportation or storage. Because there is no power supply, there will be no radiation at all.



China Home Elevators Structure And Implementation Plan

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China Home Elevators structure and implementation plan

1), hydraulic China home elevator or villa elevator door program:

a. Structure: part of the hoistway and pit, car, and landing;

b. Main components: hydraulic pump, control cabinet, car, guiding system;

c. Advantages: simple structure, traditional Chinese home elevator drive mode;

d. Disadvantages: organic room, oil pollution, loud noise, and occupation of housing area.

2), inorganic room traction type household (villa) elevator automatic door program:

a. Structure: part of the hoistway and pit, car, and landing;

b. Main components: control system, traction machine, door system, counterweight system, safety components, guiding system, car;

c. Advantages: The design of the machine room is designed to maximize the use of the building space, the structure is simple, and the highest safety level is designed;

d, shortcomings: still need 300mm pit design

3), screw elevator automatic door program:

a. Structure: Well section, platform and landing section;

b. Main components: control system, screw, safety nut, drive nut, safety door system;

c. Advantages: There is no bottom pit in the inorganic room. There is no car design to maximize the use of building space, adapt to the villa and duplex, simple structure, the safest elevator structure will not fall ladder or top;

d, disadvantages: limited load



How To Choose DIN 603 Bolt

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The purchase of the correct length of the DIN 603 bolt is a prerequisite for the user to use, the length of the screw sleeve will affect the use of the effect.

First, according to the needs of the use of the choice of the ordinary type DIN 603 bolt or lock type DIN 603 bolt. The locking type DIN 603 bolt is a special one or more rings of polygonal locking ring. It can lock the screw in the thread formed by the DIN 603 bolt installation. When it is shocked and impacted, it can be normally locked. The process performance of the device is good, and generally no ordinary case is used for ordinary DIN 603 bolts.

Second, according to the specifications of the screw to select the screw sleeve. DIN 603 bolts can be customized with suitable screw sleeves. The nominal diameter and pitch of the screws should be used when selecting. Then select the appropriate DIN 603 bolts according to the thread specifications and industry standards. Tell the DIN 603 bolt manufacturer these values, the manufacturer will match the corresponding length DIN 603 bolt according to the value, after installing the DIN 603 bolt and the threaded hole just fit. Specifically:

1. Determine how big the screws are and buy the DIN 603 bolts. The reason is simple: after installing the DIN 603 bolt, the original screw is used. DIN 603 bolts can be customized with suitable threaded sleeves.

2. Determine what the thread length of the screw is, or what the thread depth of the bottom hole is, the values ​​of the two are the same. This value determines the length of the DIN 603 bolt.



China Benchtop Xrd Price Is Cheap

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Tongda analysis machine is a new type of equipment that achieves fast, accurate and high efficiency in order to break the traditional detection methods such as SMT patch in recent years. It uses X-ray non-destructive scanning for through-programming detection.

The detection effect is good, but there is a disadvantage that the new Tongda analyzer equipment has not fully opened the market, and the bosses of most processing factories have not touched the Tongda analyzer, and have lost their arms. For example, the current pricing of the analyzer should be around 40-500,000.

That’s because there are not many manufacturers of production analysis machines, and Tongdatek is one of the Tongda analyzer manufacturers. Then why choose us?

First of all, Tongdatek’s China benchtop xrd X-ray system was independently developed and modified through numerous debuggings. Its use is very simple, and the page program fits the humanized design. In addition, its detection speed is crushed by its peers. As a manufacturer of Tongda analyzers, it is determined to provide better services to customers.

There is also an absolute advantage over Tongdatek to crush the peers in terms of price. In the market, the price of Tongda analyzer is generally more than 600,000 and Tongdatek only needs 400,000 to 500,000, which is simply a model of good quality and low price.



The Cost Of Installing China Home Elevators

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The popularity of home elevators in China has led many people to consider installing Chinese home elevators. However, due to the high cost of installation of China Home Elevators, many people are hesitant because they do not know the specific cost details. So, how much is the cost of installing a home elevator in China?

The quality of Chinese household elevators is different. It is divided into three grades: high, medium and low. Different grades have different prices. Household appliances with different grades have many differences in drive system, material, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of components, and quality. The current economical Chinese household elevators need to be around 130,000 yuan, while the slightly more comfortable ones should be around 180,000 yuan, and the high-end ones should be more than 200,000 yuan. Users can choose the right one for their own economic strength.


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