Non-destructive Testing Of Tongda Analysis Equipment

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Non-destructive testing of Tongda analysis equipment refers to the use of heat, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, etc. caused by abnormalities or defects in the internal structure of the material without damaging or affecting the performance of the object to be inspected without damaging the internal organization of the object to be inspected. The change of reaction, by means of physical or chemical means, with the help of modern technology and equipment, the type, nature, quantity, shape, position, size and distribution of the structure, nature, state and defects of the test piece and its surface Change the way to check and test.

Why do you want to perform non-destructive testing of Tongda Analysis Equipment?

Non-destructive testing of Tongda analytical equipment is one of the more direct and effective ways to find safety hazards. The larger feature is that it does not damage the object to be measured, and has high sensitivity, and can detect small defects and internal defects that cannot be observed by the naked eye.
When do I need to perform non-destructive testing of Tongda analytical equipment?

In the stage of manufacturing pressure vessels.

After use, check it regularly.

When improving the production process, understand whether the production process is appropriate.
What is non-destructive testing of Tongda analytical equipment?

Using characteristics such as sound, light, magnetism and electricity, without detecting or affecting the performance of the object to be inspected, detecting whether there is a defect, and giving information such as the size, position, nature and quantity of the defect, thereby The technical state of the object to be inspected, that is, the eligibility, the remaining life, and the like are determined.



Choose Jilian Mold Chinese Pet Bottle Does Not Regret

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The blowing of the Pet Preform is carried out between the glass transition temperature and the crystallization temperature, and is generally controlled between 90 and 120 degrees. In this interval, PET is in a highly elastic state, which is quickly blow molded, cooled and shaped to become a transparent bottle. In the one-step method, this temperature is determined by the length of the cooling time in the injection molding process, so it is necessary to connect the two injection-boiler positions.

In the blow molding process: stretching - one blowing - two blowing, the three movements are very short, but must be well coordinated, especially the first two steps determine the overall distribution of the material, the quality of the blowing. Therefore, it should be adjusted: stretching start timing, stretching speed, pre-blowing start and end timing, pre-blowing pressure, pre-blowing flow, etc., if possible, it is best to control the overall temperature distribution of the preform, bottle The temperature gradient of the inner and outer walls of the blank.

In the process of rapid blow molding and cooling, induced stress is generated in the bottle wall. For a carbonated beverage bottle, it is resistant to internal pressure and is beneficial, but for hot-filled bottles it is necessary to ensure that it is fully released above the glass transition temperature.

Choosing Jilian mold, we produce professional China Pet Bottle products, and also provide you with perfect after-sales service. I believe that choosing us is a choice you will not regret.

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Advantages Of Hot-dip Galvanized DIN 603 Bolts

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First, hot-dip galvanized DIN 603 bolt features
The hot-dip galvanized DIN 603 bolt is obtained by immersing the rust-removed steel in a zinc solution melted at about 500 ° C to adhere the zinc layer to the surface of the bolt to prevent corrosion. The galvanized layer is relatively strong. The galvanized layer is relatively strong. Cold galvanizing, relatively no heating, little galvanizing, galvanized parts are easy to fall off when exposed to moisture. The fundamental difference between hot-dip galvanizing and cold-galvanizing is: Hot-dip galvanizing, also known as hot dip galvanizing, melts the zinc ingot by high temperature, puts the auxiliary material, and then immerses the metal structural member in the galvanizing bath. The advantage of hot-dip galvanized DIN 603 bolt is that it has strong anti-corrosion ability. The hardness of the galvanized layer of the bolt is better. “Cold plating” means “electroplating”, that is, the zinc salt solution is electrolyzed, and the plating part is coated without heating. The amount of zinc is very small, and it is easy to fall off when it is wet. Hot-dip galvanizing is a chemical treatment and belongs to an electrochemical reaction. Cold galvanizing is a physical treatment, only a layer of zinc is applied on the surface, so… Hot galvanizing is the galvanization of the steel surface under hot dip conditions. It has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off. Hot galvanizing Although the tube also shows rust, it can meet technical and sanitary requirements in a long period of time.

First of all, the difference in process is that hot-dip galvanizing is to remove the oil, pickle, dipping, drying and immersing in the melted zinc solution for a certain period of time.

Second, hot-dip galvanizing has the following advantages compared with electro-galvanizing

(1) It can produce a thick coating layer, and has both a pure zinc layer and an iron-zinc alloy layer, so the corrosion resistance is good;

(2) The production efficiency of hot-dip galvanizing is particularly high; the time for the parts staying in the galvanizing hot bath is short

(3) Compared with electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing has lower production costs and has less impact on the environment than electroplating;



The Price Of Small Elevators For Homes Use

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The small-sized elevators are not the smallest and the cheaper. The price of Small Elevators For Homes depends on whether the construction cost of the hoistway, the equipment cost of the elevator, the installation and transportation costs, the maintenance and the warranty period. In addition, it is necessary to combine the daily use of electricity and maintenance costs to determine whether regular invoices will be provided. The price of the elevator is related to the brand, the height and the configuration. The price of different drive modes is different (there are three types of traction, hydraulic type, screw type). Generally speaking, 15 to 20 million domestically produced, or imported four-story small elevators are all included in the package. 10,000 to 30 tens of thousands, if the all-inclusive offer is tens of thousands to 100,000, personal advice does not consider installing elevators or climbing stairs safe, after all, home small elevators are still safe, comprehensive budget, like buying a car Take a look at the elevator in the physical store. Based on the comprehensive comparison of the above costs, the company chooses to cooperate directly with the manufacturers, rather than the middlemen who circle around the circle.



How To Use The Passenger Elevator Correctly

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How to use the مصعد الركاب correctly? In order to better ensure the safe operation of the elevator, reduce the occurrence of faults and ensure the personal safety, normal life and work of passengers, according to the elevator performance and use specifications, passengers should use the elevator correctly according to the following requirements:
First, do not exceed the rated number, the weight of the ladder, it is strictly prohibited to time out, overweight, oversized elevators, the elevator will alarm when overloaded, please take the initiative to polite, exit, take the next elevator.
2. When entering and leaving the elevator, the elevator will automatically open and close. Do not attempt to open the elevator door by hand or lean your body against the elevator door to avoid personal injury.
Third, properly operate the elevator, do not hit the button with hard objects.
Fourth, do not play and jump in the elevator, prohibiting rude behavior in the car.
5. Do not smoke in the elevator. It is forbidden to bring other fires into the elevator.
6. Keep the car and the floor clean and hygienic. Do not litter the skin, paper scraps, etc.
7. Don’t press and press the control box button. If you want to keep the door open, press and hold the button or block the side photoelectric switch.
8. Never open the car control box and toggle the switch inside the control box.
Nine, old, weak, sick, disabled, and young people are accompanied by people, so as not to feel overwhelmed when the elevator suddenly stops.
10. When using the elevator to transport decoration materials and goods and large items, you should go to the property management office to apply for the application and perform the operation under the command of the elevator administrator.



Tongda Analysis Equipment Has Complete Protection

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Tongda analysis equipment will release x-ray rays. For the human body, if excessive absorption of x-ray will cause harm to the human body, how is the Tongda analysis device designed for radiation protection? Let me give you a concrete answer.
The x-ray machine chassis adopts the steel-lead steel three-layer structure design. At the beginning of the xray discovery, the experiment found that the lead plate can effectively isolate the x-ray light penetration and prevent the human body from being exposed to x-ray light;
The visible glass window is also a lead-containing glass plate with a thickness of about 21 mm;
Some people may worry that during the operation of the Tongda analysis device, if the chassis door is opened, it will not release x-ray rays. In design, the Tongda analysis device adopts the safety interlock function, that is, only the closed state x-ray can start normally. , x-ray can not open doors and windows during normal operation;
X-ray detection radiation safety standard: <=0.5mR/Hr



How To Improve The Problem Of Pet Preform Production

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Pet Preform is a kind of plastic product processed by injection molding. It has impermeability and insulation. It is usually used for the storage and transportation of some important liquid objects. It is common to have a blood pumping body in a hospital.

PET preforms are the main raw material for many of our blow molded bottles. In fact, the quality of PET preforms will affect the production of blow molding products to a large extent. So what are the problems with PET preform production and how can it be improved? The professional manufacturer of PET preforms is briefly described below:

First of all, some of the current preform manufacturers are on the one hand to enhance the price advantage of products, and on the other hand to improve their own profits. Therefore, doping the secondary material in the preform production process has become the unspoken rule of many merchants. Although the secondary material is inexpensive, there are various problems. These secondary materials are often difficult to meet the standards in terms of hygiene and flow into food, beverage and other markets, which will seriously affect the safety of food packaging.

Secondary preforms also have an impact on the stability of the blow molded product. Therefore, strengthening supervision and avoiding the secondary material Liurun preform market is a key point to be solved. Secondly, the preforming is easier to standardize than the blow molding bottles of different shapes, and the development of standards is conducive to the development of the market. Accelerating more detailed standards development and implementing bottle label related issues is something we need to work hard for some time to come. For pet preforms, it’s actually about the whole of plastic bottles, so we should pay more attention to them.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional China Pet Bottle design and manufacturing expert. We have accumulated rich experience in the market for many years and can become a good partner on your production road.

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DIN 603 Bolt Process Requirements

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DIN 603 bolt raw materials and related technologies are lagging behind. An important reason for the poor quality of DIN 603 bolt products is the poor quality of raw materials and the backwardness of related technologies. For example, cold heading steel wire cold heading steel is mainly used to manufacture fasteners such as bolts, nuts, rivets and bolts. Its chemical composition and metallographic arrangement are relatively high. Now the annual demand for cold heading steel is about 1 million tons. In the meantime, the automobile industry demanded 100,000 tons. However, due to technical reasons, the domestically produced cold-rolled steel wire only needs 300,000 tons, and imports nearly 700,000 tons per year.

The DIN 603 bolt process and process equipment are of low level, and the DIN 603 bolts do not guarantee the consistency of product quality. The mechanical basic parts are generally batch and many products, and there are also many kinds of products and processing precision requirements. Therefore, the production process and equipment are required to be high and the capital is large. Foreign countries have chosen high-efficiency and high-precision special planes, production lines or flexible lines, and have completed high-efficiency automated production.

DIN 603 bolts are critical to the manufacture and inspection of equipment. Mechanical universal parts have high requirements for standard accuracy, functional reliability and interchangeability of each part. DIN 603 bolts only allow very few products to be out of tolerance, and It is checked out before the factory to remove the unqualified products. It is assumed that there is no high-precision and high-efficiency equipment, and it is difficult for the company to live and open in the fierce competition. At present, the key equipment of China’s parts and components production enterprises is mainly relying on imports, because the wear and tear of equipment is large, and the equipment demand is constantly updated and transformed. The imported equipment and spare parts are expensive, and it is necessary to speed up the handling of critical equipment if you want to speed up the operation.

DIN 603 bolt product development speed problem. China’s mechanical parts operations are far behind in terms of technological innovation and new product development, especially for SMEs, which lacks technical strength and talents, short funds and necessary equipment, and less information about technology and technology communication, resulting in long-term tracking. In the imitation stage, there are very few intellectual property rights. Now there are not many researches on the development of DIN 603 bolt products. There are few independent research and development efforts in the enterprise. This is a key issue for the continued development of the operation.



How To Install A Small Elevators For Homes

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1. Before the overall renovation of the house, it is best to communicate with the designer of the elevator company and give the owner the most reasonable advice. The location of the hoistway directly determines the size of the elevator and the way the door is opened. If possible, combining with the stairs is the best method.

Small Elevators For Homes can be selected in the middle of the stairs, corners or plug-ins. In short, the most basic principle is that it is convenient to use and not to block the passages, and it is necessary to estimate the width of the well and the top height of the car according to the size of the position.

2, home small elevator installation, Otse elevator can provide a variety of styles and styles for the owner to choose, if these designs are not enough to meet your perfection, Otse elevator also provides advanced customization services, masters, only masters.

The small elevators for the home are designed with the special features of private homes. The design is based on the luxurious texture details. The concept of safety and practicality is tailor-made for you to create creative, artistic and contemporary elevator products. A new, private and exclusive experience that you don’t have to worry about.

The otse home small elevator manufacturer will bring more high-quality elevator options to our customers, pay attention to our website, and regularly update the elevator-related expertise to give you a deeper understanding of elevator knowledge.



How Do Passenger Elevator Companies Seek New Developments?

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Nowadays, the passenger elevator market is sluggish, but the market competition has not been relaxed due to the environmental downturn. As the cost of enterprises continues to rise, enterprises are facing transformation and upgrading, and multiple pressures are coming one after another. How should مصعد الركاب enterprises develop in a difficult situation? What?

The situation is grim, the innovation of enterprises is the way out

The economic environment, the downturn is already the norm. The industry is facing problems such as rising production costs, weak market demand, and an urgent need to upgrade the industrial structure. However, these problems are not solved in the short term, nor can they be solved by a field manufacturer’s terminal promotion. Although the situation is grim, there is no need for enterprises to be overly nervous and pessimistic. There are many excellent enterprises and businesses in the industry. Most of them have experienced difficult times. There is no internal chaos and no pain, and enterprises cannot grow up. At present, the Chinese economy is suffering, which means that the government’s macroeconomic regulation and control will gradually weaken. For some enterprises, if they still want to rely on policy dividends to grab the market, and not to be realistic, market-oriented and consumer-oriented, create value, I am afraid that it will be getting worse. Therefore, under this circumstance, enterprises should not be afraid of change. It is the most terrible thing. In the current market, it will change and win. Whether it is a product, a marketing model, or an internal organizational structure, only by following the rapid innovation and changes in the market can we ensure the long-term health of the company.

How to change? These three aspects are breakthroughs.

First, change from the consumer side. Many people feel that the Chinese market is weak and demand is relatively saturated. Without policies and government investment, how can the market improve? actually not. Entity chain stores are sluggish, but online promotions are booming. Moreover, the consumption potential of the Chinese market is far from being thoroughly explored. The reason why the current consumer market is not strong is that the consumer demand is not satisfied, and there is no good product suitable for oneself to let the user pay the bill. Therefore, to solve the consumption problem, the so-called supply-side reform must be opened up with the demand side reform. Strategic relationship.

Second, seize the turmoil of Internet reform. Over the past 20 years, the emergence and development of the Internet has brought about tremendous changes in the market. The Internet allows companies to understand user needs more directly and change the consumption habits of the market. Many companies stand out because they have grasped the pulse of the Internet. Of course, many companies have been eliminated because they are not adapted to this change. In the future, big data and cloud computing will play an increasingly important role in the market. For enterprises, they cannot wait for these forces to attack their own lives, and they cannot blame the market for changing too fast. If you want to win, you need to seize the turmoil, create change, and lead change in the new situation.

Finally, enhance the strength of corporate technology. There is uncertainty in the direction of science and technology development, but what is certain is that if enterprises can combine technology development, update their technical strength in real time, and combine with products, it will produce unimaginable benefits. What is most lacking in China’s industry is the differentiated products, products and new technologies. This will also be the direction for the entire industry to break through in the next five years or even longer.

The more fierce the market competition, the more the company has to sink its heart to do a good job, the so-called “wine is not afraid of the deep alley”, with good products still need to play a good sign, constantly improve the soft power of the enterprise, the hardware and software to grasp , will certainly have the opportunity to win in the market.


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