Fruit Juice Production Line Needs Automation

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Milk Processing Plant struggle with many manual and paper systems, especially in the area of ​​quality management. Often, manufacturing may have a small LIMS to manage samples and results, but there are many business processes that are not managed by LIMS and there are many specialized systems. These business processes are paper-driven, difficult to manage and assess whether they are correct, timely or not completed, or whether the results of data collection have passed specifications or failed specifications. Notifications and escalations of problems are often delayed, resulting in lost or lower quality products that can be saved if the correct information is provided to the right person in a timely manner.
Dairy Workflow Automation is designed to quickly address the traditional manual process through paper management.
Although the application is designed to replace manual processes, it can be extended to integrate data collection and trigger workflows directly from devices. These applications can be quickly and easily deployed to the client’s facilities using pre-defined templates to solve problems in many areas. Several advantages of using the workflow automation in the dairy industry include:
1. Hazard analysis and critical control points
Dairy Workflow Automation provides automated data collection, notification, and corrective action to reduce the amount of manual work required to comply with SQF Level 3 instructions. Flexware can help at all stages of HACCP plan implementation and evaluation.
2. Inventory management
Inventory processes, including inspection, receipt staging, warehousing, production staging, post-production warehousing, WIP and finished product management can be more automated, not just paper processes
3. Total health schedule
Flexware provides a sample master hygiene schedule for tasks to be completed on a daily, two-week, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly basis. The app provides automatic notification and tracking of tasks and follows SQF Level 3 instructions.
4. Operator checklist
Dairy Workflow Automation provides the ability to create operator checklists that operators can use at the beginning of a shift, at the end of a shift, or at startup. If there are problems during the checkout process, these forms can include instructions, data collection, and related operations.
5. Equipment maintenance
Flexware also provides a workflow template for implementing preventive maintenance tasks. This complements and enhances the asset management capabilities provided by the customer maintenance management system. Automated meter readings, equipment inspections, and record tolerances are easy to manage, document, and analyze.
6. Laboratory process
There are many manual processes and workflows in the lab. These processes can be automated to ensure timely attention and monitoring as needed. Automation provides a higher level of support for “what, when, and how” documents and communication processes, just like the recall process.
7. Quality inspection
Manual data collection of quality checks during operations can be scheduled to ensure compliance and track results. Failure of a quality test may trigger another workflow, which may include an upgrade, retest, or corrective action.
In fact, not only does your milk production process require automated equipment, but the Fruit Juice Production Line has to gradually transform into this aspect, which can bring more benefits.

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