What Is The Principle Of A Flat Screen Printer

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Tenter use: Tenter is used for heat setting of warp knitting, weft knitting, chemical fiber fabrics, and also for heat setting of coating, wool, cotton, polyester and other fabrics. Car type: left-handed, right-handed (customized by user). Working width: 800-3200 (customized by customer). Heat source: oil heating, oil heating furnace for main drying and 400,000 kcal/hour. Spray style: small cycle Mesh staggered strong jet wind speed 10m/s. Planned speed: 0~80 m/min. Weight of the whole machine: 40 tons. Temperature: 100~180 degrees

Purpose: This machine is used for gluing treatment on the reverse side of various carpet non-woven fabrics and artificial leather. The basic source principle: Adopt natural latex, butadiene rubber to foam, and then use this configuration to deal with the anti-slip and elegant results on the back of the carpet. Model: Model 2000 and Model 4000, non-standard production lines can be planned according to customers if there are special process requirements.

The working principle of the Flat Screen Printer feeds the unshaped cloth from the edge stripper into the machine, and the machine automatically hangs the two ends of the cloth on the needle plate. The two ends of the needle plate enter the oven with the step of the machine, and the oven is heated by electricity. , The fan blows the air, and the constant temperature oven with several different temperature sections in succession enters the tail end and after cooling to remove static electricity, the swing falls into the cloth car, and a crisp and elegant cloth is obtained. The Stenter setting is usually used for polyester and other chemical fiber products.

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