Straight Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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Green Telecom is a company specializing in the production of communication equipment such as Fiber Optic Splice Closure .

The linear joint box designed for the continuous and sealed protection of the optical cable in the communication external network can be applied to various occasions such as overhead, pipeline and direct burial. The linear connector box is equipped with cable entry accessories and a large number of fiber splice trays with a maximum capacity of 96 cores (band 192 cores).

The box body is sealed with adhesive strips, which can be repeatedly opened many times without replacing the sealing material, meeting the three basic elements of the FTTH network. Its main features are as follows:

1. Mechanical gel sealing, linear design, suitable for various applications such as overhead, pipeline, direct burial.

2. There are two optical cable inlets at each end, and the cable accessories are available for selection.

3, suitable for all types of fiber optic cable. For example, a stranded cable, a center bundle tube, or a skeleton cable.

4, generally used for 12-72 core cable connection, the limit capacity can be extended to 192 cores.

5, the cable entrance is sealed with gel strip, no need to heat, no need to replace the sealing material.

6. Since the entire box is sealed with a strip of glue, no special tools are required to open or close, and it is not necessary to repeatedly open the kit.

7. It adopts convenient buckle device, and its snap-on design facilitates the installation and repeated opening of the joint box. Reduces the operator’s troubles of screwing. The effect of the factor on the sealing performance is further reduced.

8, flip-type welding plate, easy to find the light path and cut. And there are multiple styles of flip-type splice trays to choose from.

9. According to the needs, the flip-type welding plate can be placed on the beam splitter.

10. Valves and grounding wires can be installed to meet the requirements of trunk network.

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Choose Quality Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

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The material of the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard : the sink is also called the kitchen pot, the material should be made of steel with the number 304, because the steel of 304 has a lower carbon content, so the steel is more flexible, can not Exaggerated, this kind of steel, ordinary pistol bullets can not be worn. The production method of kitchen stainless steel sink: There are two ways to produce the sink, one is one-time stamping with water flow, and the other is welded, and the bottom is welded by the bottom, the middle butt welding, the wheel There are several ways to weld.

There is no protective coating on the bottom of the kitchen stainless steel sink: the protective coating on the bottom of the sink is used for quiet sound and anti-condensation. A better coating is to use a mortar to spray the entire surface of the sink. Ordinarily, a rubber gasket is attached to the bottom to provide a silent sound effect. The size of the kitchen stainless steel sink: length does not have any problems to pay attention to, but the width is very important, the width should refer to the width of the countertop, the standard countertop width is 55cm and 60cm, but everything is special, the old house’s countertop 50cm Most of them.

The surface treatment of the Stainless Steel Sink Colander : after the kitchen stainless steel sink has been surface treated, the ability to prevent oil stains is greatly enhanced, the common is the matte surface, pearl yin silver surface, swirl surface, each has its own characteristics.

The kitchen stainless steel Handmade Sink water accessories: kitchen stainless steel sink water pipe to choose PVC water pipe. After the kitchen stainless steel sink entered the kitchen appliance industry market, it has not been recognized by the end consumers because of the high price. However, with the rapid development of the kitchen stainless steel sink market, all kinds of kitchen stainless steel sink products are dazzling and more and more popular, but we must carefully polish our eyes and choose better quality when purchasing. The product.


Trusted China Pet Bottle Maker - Jilian Plastic Mould

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Once the plastic reaches its proper melt viscosity, it must enter the Pet Preform mold through the injection nozzle. The function of the mold is to shape and then cool the plastic melt. The mold is usually made of tool steel. These cavities are machined from small pieces (inserts) made of tool steel that are hardened and inserted into standard or custom mold bases. A feed system consisting of a gate, a cold plug, a runner, and a gate feeds molten plastic from the nozzle into the mold cavity.
The injection inlet is a conical passage that delivers the melt from the nozzle to the cold section plug. The cold section plug receives the plastic leading edge from the nozzle. The leading edge is always less viscous than the melt behind it and must be deposited in the cold section plug, otherwise the flow path will be blocked. Once the pressure in the main flow rises, the plastic melt enters the flow path. The melt moves down the flow path until a small limit is reached at the end of the flow path, which marks entry into the cavity. This limitation is called the door. It keeps the melt until the entire runner system is full. Once the sprue system reaches maximum pressure, the melt breaks through the small limit of the gate and fills the mold cavity. The rapid filling of the cavity results in air compression and small combustion on the plastic surface. This creates a trace of combustion that is relieved by expelling the mold where the combustion takes place.
The mold provides access to cooling, heating and exhaust in the mold cavity. The ram and other release devices are incorporated into the mold as needed. The choice of formwork depends on the cost, configuration, and production requirements of the part. For high volume production, the initial cost of quality tools is a reasonable investment. The choice of tool steel depends on the quantity and quality of the part to be produced and will be determined primarily by the type of polymer used in the application.
Important features of injection molds:
Balance of the flow path: This means that the flow of plastic to each part of the mold should be exactly the same. This helps maintain the consistency of the parts in the same shot.
Uniform water cooling of the mold: The core and cavity of the mold should be evenly cooled to obtain a good part.
No deformation: Ensure that the mold does not bend or deform when the plastic is injected into the mold.
Exhaust Mold: The mold should be vented so that no air pressure is created during the injection process, resulting in air traps in the part.
As a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Plastic Mould is very professional and experienced in the production technology of pet prefabricated parts. We have many years of experience in product design and production. It can be said that you are the most trustworthy. one’s business Patner.

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