Pet Preform Manufacturing To Save Costs

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The quality of the Pet Preform mold depends on the quality of the supplied preform. There are two types of preform injection molding, one is a long gate and the other is a short gate. Domestic bottle embryo manufacturers use more short-gate preforms, while foreign countries use more long gates. The preforms of the long rubber mouth are cut off by the gate at the bottom, and the tension is evenly distributed during the blowing process, so that the quality of the bottle to be blown out is better, and the other cut portions can be recycled.

This will help to save material costs. In today’s increasingly scarce petroleum resources, domestic manufacturers will be more inclined to long gate preforms. The manipulation of preform quality during the production process depends on the degree to which the preform is prevented from being scratched during transport. Dingsheng mechanical mold processing factory is a professional manufacturer of various blowing molds, preform molds and hollow blow molds. Since the establishment of the factory, we have been adhering to the principle of honest service and quality priority, making full use of our own technological advantages and professional talents, constantly innovating and improving, and have enjoyed high reputation in the industry and won the support and love of the majority of users. The factory adopts domestic advanced processing technology, closely follows the international mold manufacturing standards, treats every product with excellence, guarantees high quality and high efficiency to complete every detail of mold making, and has established a perfect set of preform moulds. The management system of R&D, production, sales and service ensures the quality of mold processing.

The accuracy of the mold was generally 5 microns 10 years ago, and now it has reached 2 to 3 microns, and soon a 1 micron precision mold will be available. This requires super finishing. The hardware processing mold industry will become larger and larger. This is caused by a multi-cavity that is developed due to the increasing size of the molded parts and the high production efficiency requirements. Multi-functional composite molds in the mold industry will be further developed.

With the development of the China Pet Bottle industry, the demand and requirements for mold products are gradually increasing. In addition to stamping and forming parts, the new multi-functional composite molds are also responsible for assembly tasks such as lamination, tapping, riveting and locking, and the performance requirements for steel are also increasing. And this improvement brings more power to the industry’s technology. In the future development of the industry, technological innovation is naturally the main, and technological upgrading is necessary, which is the most important condition for the rapid development of the industry and market demand.

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