Medicinal Pet Preform Production Requirements

Posted by nicolepreform on Mär 15, 2019 in News

The production of pharmaceutical Pet Preform is produced according to certain procedures, ensuring that pharmaceutical pet bottles have good product functions and advantages in use. The production technology of pharmaceutical pet bottles is special. It requires specific technology for production, production and processing according to certain processes, and the advantages of pharmaceutical pet bottles:

Pharmaceutical pet bottles are cleaner product containers. The production of clean product containers is an inherent advantage of the one-step process, because it reduces the placement of the two-step preforms, reduces the secondary processing and post-processing of the extrusion technology, and avoids dust impurities in the bottle wall. Stacking, avoiding the touch of hands and preforms and containers, and then beneficially reducing the pollution and corrosion of bacteria, greatly improving the cleanliness and non-polluting of the product containers, ensuring the high quality level of the containers and the long-lasting shelf life, which is in line with national cleaning. The standard of law is accustomed to GMP processing requests. The good product function and processing requirements of the pharmaceutical pet bottle ensure that the pet bottle has good non-polluting and cleanability, and shows good use value in use.

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