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A PET bottle is a container that is formed by molding a Pet Preform material and used for packaging the article. With the rapid development of petrochemical industry, the pet preform industry has developed rapidly. PET bottles have replaced packaging containers made of metal, glass, ceramics, wood and other materials in many aspects, showing strong vitality.
It is usually produced by molding, and its form is mainly determined by the molding method and the mold used. Sometimes the same (or similar) form can be made in different ways. For example, hollow containers are generally produced by blow molding, but are often manufactured by injection molding (especially for extra large containers, small batch containers or shaped containers); turnover boxes are generally manufactured by injection molding, but in some cases. In special cases, it is made of calcium-plastic plate for the purpose of adapting to use (having the advantages of light weight and low price, but the strength is less) or molded by pre-expanded polystyrene beads (with special emphasis). The thermal insulation properties and good cushioning capacity) are even manufactured by sheet thermoforming (low cost but limited strength).
Different molding methods often have a great impact on the performance and cost of the product. Therefore, when selecting a PET bottle, it is quite advantageous if there is a general understanding of various molding methods. The characteristics of various PET bottles commonly used in PET bottles are very important for the correct selection of PET bottles, because the material of PET bottles determines the basic characteristics of PET bottles. PET bottles with the same or similar morphology may have extremely large differences in performance depending on the material.
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