X-ray Orientation Analyzer Helps To Understand The Substance

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X-ray Orientation Analyzer uses X-ray diffraction principle to quickly determine the cutting angle of natural and artificial single crystals (piezoelectric crystals, optical crystals, laser crystals, semiconductor crystals), and can be used for the above-mentioned single crystal directional cutting with the cutting machine. An instrument that is indispensable for processing crystal devices. The instrument is widely used in the research, processing and manufacturing of single crystal materials.

The high voltage generated by the high voltage transformer is applied to the X-ray tube to generate X-rays, and the X-ray directional analyzer is irradiated onto the sample. When the formula is n = 2dsin, diffraction is generated, and the diffraction line is received by the counting tube, and the microampere meter passing through the amplifier When it is displayed, when the monochromator is used, the diffraction line is monochromated, received by the counter, and displayed by the microampere meter of the amplifier, so that the measurement accuracy can be improved.

X-ray single crystal directional diffraction is an important method for determining the crystal structure of proteins. Biomacromolecule X-ray crystallography is the science that reveals the structure and function of molecules. There is currently no tool that can directly observe the arrangement of atoms and groups inside a protein. Although the electron microscope is close to seeing the outline of the macromolecule. However, it is still limited to revealing the size, shape, symmetry, and aggregation state of the molecules. The spatial structure of protein crystals can be indirectly studied by X-ray single crystal directional diffraction. Research on crystal structure will help people understand matter at the atomic level.



Why Use Bright Plastic Pet Food Container

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pet-food-container is usually overlooked. At present, most pet foods on the market, especially staple foods, have a shelf life of about 6 to 18 months. In order to avoid moisture and insects, some exquisite and discerning pet owners began to choose to use special pet food containers.


There are various benefits pet food container. If you use pet food containers every time you go to feed your pet, it seems like opening up a completely fresh bag of pet food.

Usually, once you open your pet food, the air will inevitably work its way in and the kibble will immediately if slowly, begin to decompose. This typically means you’ll have to buy smaller bags of pet food in order to feed your pooch only the best, meaning that you miss on bulk buys and end up spending more money over time.

Bacteria love pet food because it’s usually stored in damp, warm places- perfect for multiplying. But having pet food storage that keeps out any unusual warmth and moisture can stop these bacteria in their tracks, allowing your pet food to keep fresher, for longer.

Finally, you’ll probably notice that a lot of our suggestions above have wheels- these are perfect for when you need to bring the food out of a storage area, such as under the stairs or in a cupboard. No more lugging heavy bags of food around! And you can simply push them back in to place when they’re done.

It’s of great importance to have a suitable Plastic Pet Food Container, it’s hard to argue as to why you wouldn’t want a food container for pets. Especially when you consider that their prices, even for a one-off purchase, are actually surprisingly low in our top choices.

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