Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Quality Is Guaranteed

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At the beginning, consumers only pay attention to the quality of the beverage itself, but now they are gradually paying attention to the outer packaging of the beverage. The quality of the PET bottle depends on the quality of the supplied Pet Preform. The preform is divided into two types, one is long. The glue mouth, the other is a short glue mouth. Domestic bottle embryo manufacturers use more short plastic bottle embryos, while foreign countries use more long rubber mouths. The preform of the long rubber mouth is cut off due to the bottom rubber mouth, and the tension is evenly distributed during the blowing process, so that the quality of the bottle to be blown out is better, and the cut portion can be recycled, which is beneficial to saving raw material cost. The quality control of the preform during production depends on the degree to which the preform is prevented from being scratched during transport.

China’s PET packaging market is experiencing rapid growth and competition in the industry is fierce. Large-scale mold and equipment manufacturers in Europe and the United States entered China in the late 1970s, and have occupied the entire market of PET preform molds and equipment in China. In recent years, the domestic preform mold market has undergone some changes.

The preform is an intermediate industry. We don’t pay much attention to this field and we need to improve it. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the parameters such as the diameter, raw material, wall thickness and weight of the preform. Only in this case The procurement and quality supervision of the embryo will have the agreed standard, in order to better supervise the quality of the preform, thus ensuring the quality of the plastic bottle.

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Fiber Closure With Waterproof And Elastic Seal

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When you want to prevent the water, exposure or aging of Fiber Closure , you only need to perform maintenance work to effectively reduce the incidence of failures.

The poor waterproof performance of the fiber connector box is caused by the weather, and the short circuit of the fiber connector box is likely to cause a large area power failure. After every rainy day, the cable box was never burned, which increased the amount of repair work. The fiber optic connector is easy to enter the water because the space inside the cable connector box is small, the 35 square millimeter cable power cable is fixed with the plastic expansion tube, there is no space for waterproof bending, and the rain flows along the cable to the charging terminal. The gap between them is small, the insulation measures are not in place, and they are easily short-circuited after entering the water. In addition to the defects of the cable connector housing itself, there are cooling holes and wiring holes around, which become water inlet holes on rainy days.

In addition, the low-voltage fiber optic splice closure in use should be inspected and maintained on time, and the wires in the enclosure should be re-pressed in time to reprocess the insulation strength. Wires that have been damaged or inadequately insulated and severely degraded should be replaced in a timely manner. If necessary, additional fiber splice boxes should be installed to prevent over-wiring.

The Greentel fiber optic connector is waterproof and elastic. It is made of high-quality elastomer rubber sealing material. The mold is molded once, so that the joint surface of the product is seamless, the sealing performance is guaranteed, and the achievement can be achieved by repeated opening and repeated use. This construction problem quickly and easily disassembles and assembles the fiber optic connector closure, and can withstand the strongest temperature changes in nature for a long time, ensuring good sealing performance.


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