Safety Tips to Keep Pet Food Fresh

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If you have a pet, then you must be very concerned about the health of the pet. Pet food is very important to the health of the pet. How to Keep Your Pet’s Food Fresh?Safety Tips (Unopened Food, Shelf Life, Manufacturing Date, Discount Food and Pet Food Container )

Firste, Unopened Food: Take a look at the Best By date before you buy. If it’s past, that means that the quality of ingredients has decreased and the dog food is less nutritious. If you can’t find the date, know in general that food lasts anywhere from 4 months to 3 years. Canned food can last from 2 to 5 years unopened in the right environment too.

Second, Shelf Life : You want to pay attention any nicks or dents in the packaging that can cause leakage. Any open bags could be exposed to various toxins and can end up with mold. If there’s ever an open bag, never feed it to your dog.

Third, Manufacturing Date: Despite the fact that the expiration date hasn’t passed, don’t automatically assume that your food is good. Once you know your food’s shelf life, you can subtract that from the expiration date. That’ll tell you how long ago that food was made when you feed it to your dog.

Fourth, Discount Food: There are some times when we go to the store and those great prices just lure us in. Don’t buy a bag that’s too large though, and always keep an eye on that best by date.

Finally, Pet Food Container: Choosing a suitable pet container can help you keep your pet food fresh. If you don’t know how to choose a container, read the article: 3 Materials of Pet Food Container (Pro and Cons)

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China Pet Bottle Create Wealth For You

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PET bottles are widely used in daily life and play an important role. So how do you know how PET bottles are processed? Here are 8 ways to process Pet Preform:
1. PET treatment Because PET macromolecules contain lipid groups and have certain hydrophilicity, pellets are sensitive to water at high temperatures. When the moisture content exceeds the limit, the molecular weight of PET decreases during processing, and the products are colored. Become brittle. In this case, the material is dried before processing, and the drying temperature is 150 ° C, 4 hours or more, generally 170 ° C, 3-4 hours. Airborne methods can be used to verify that the material is completely dry.
2, injection molding machine selection
Since PET has a stable time after melting point and a high melting point, it is necessary to use an injection system with more temperature control sections and less self-friction heat during plasticization, and the actual weight of the product cannot be less than 2/3 of the machine injection volume. . Based on these requirements, Ramada has developed a small and medium series of PET plasticizing systems in recent years. The clamping force is selected to be greater than 6300t/m2.
3, mold and gate design
PET preforms are generally formed by hot runner molds. There must be insulation panels between the mold and the injection molding machine. The thickness of the preforms is about 12 mm, and the insulation panels must withstand high pressure. Exhaust gas is sufficient to avoid local overheating or chipping, but the depth of the exhaust port should not exceed 0.03mm, otherwise it will easily produce flash.
4, the melting temperature can be measured by the air-launch method. Between 270 and 295 ° C, the enhanced grade GF-PET can be set to 290-315 ° C and the like.
5, the injection speed is generally faster, to prevent premature coagulation during injection. But too fast, the high shear rate makes the material brittle. The shot is usually completed in 4 seconds.
6, the lower the back pressure, the better, so as not to wear. Generally no more than 100bar. Usually no need to use.
7. Do not use excessive residence time for the residence time to prevent molecular weight from falling. Try to avoid temperatures above 300 °C. If the shutdown is less than 15 minutes. Only need to be air-blasted; if it is more than 15 minutes, clean it with viscosity PE and reduce the temperature of the barrel to PE temperature until it is turned on again.
8. Precautions If the mold temperature is not well controlled or the material temperature is not properly controlled, it is easy to produce “white fog” and is opaque. The mold temperature is low and uniform, the cooling rate is fast, and the crystallization is less, the product is transparent.
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