Small Elevators For Homes Analysis Elevator Safety

Posted by otsealex on Aug 6, 2019 in News

I hope that through the introduction of this article, you can understand some things that children need to pay attention to when riding a Small Elevators For Homes. Then follow the otse elevator company to understand the specific matters.

1. Press the small elevator button at home repeatedly. Many children like to use small elevators in their homes when they are waiting for small elevators. Parents warn children that this will not speed up the operation of small elevators in the home, but will affect the sensitivity of small elevators and reduce the life of small elevators.

2. Use your hand to block the small elevators in your home. Sometimes I just rushed to the entrance of the small elevator at home and found that the elevator door was closed immediately. In the rush, the child would even subconsciously handle the hand. I don’t know if this situation is very dangerous. It is very likely that the small elevator in the home will be faulty or insensitive. The handle is pinched off and even people can carry it with the small elevators in the home.

3. When holding the switch button in the small elevator in the home, hold the small elevator door at home. Generally, when a small elevator is used in a home, the child likes to press the floor number. At this time, his hand is often used to support the inner layer of the small elevator door of the home. Parents must always pay attention.

4. The small elevator in the home makes a jump. Some naughty children often like to play in the small elevators in the home. This behavior is also very dangerous. It is likely to affect the operation of the elevator, causing unnecessary danger and trouble.


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