4 Signs That You Should Replace Freeze Dryer

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How does sample type affect which type of Freeze Dry Machine is ideal? In order to properly freeze dry samples, a differential of 15- 20°C between the eutectic temperature (freezing point) of the sample and the lyophilizer is needed. Most biological samples are sufficiently frozen by a standard system reaching -50°C. For samples such as HPLC preparations in acetonitrile, which has a eutectic point of approximately -42°C, a much lower temperature will need to be achieved. A cascade-type collector which can reach down to -84°C will be able to accommodate this. It should be noted that with many lab professionals switching to methanol for these processes due to its availability and affordability, an ultra-low temperature lyophilizer, able to hit as low as -105°C may be required due to methanol having a eutectic point of -97.6°C.

4 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Freeze Dryer

1. Your application has changed. The freeze dryer was intended for aqueous samples, now solvents or acids are used. A temperature differential is required for proper freeze drying; an upgrade to a cascade model is recommended.

2. The freeze dryer was inherited from another lab. A used freeze dryer can cause problems. Rubber parts dry out and crack, decontamination may not have been done properly. A used pump can have corrosion that can’t be seen until it’s too late.

3. Sharing a community freeze dryer. Personal freeze dryers used by a single researcher are more popular than ever. No more guessing if an oil change was done, or if a harmful sample is being processed.

4. The unit no longer pulls a good vacuum. Gaskets, hoses and all rubber components break down over time causing poor vacuum and refrigeration leaks. More information please click gf-machine or gf-machine.com


How To Choose A Reliable DIN 603 Bolt

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Usually when you buy DIN 603 bolts, the most important thing is whether the quality of this product is good or not. How is the quality of this product? And many friends are equally concerned about this problem when they choose to buy the DIN 603 bolt anchor ring hook. So what about the quality of this product itself? In fact, many people want to know the quality of this product when they choose to buy, then it is best to look at the manufacturer of this product first. If the DIN 603 bolt is reliable, then the product produced by this manufacturer will not have any problems, and when you use it, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product is unsafe and reliable.

In fact, friends who have used DIN 603 bolt anchors will know that the quality of the products is mainly due to the strictness of the quality control issues in the production process. If the manufacturer is not strict enough on the quality of the product when producing DIN 603 bolts, then the quality of the product is bound to be problematic. Therefore, the quality factor that contributes to the product itself is that the strict production control of the manufacturer must be very strict. This kind of good is not only to say that the products produced have to be tested, but also to be the most reliable through the praise of the vast number of friends in need.


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