Tongda Analysis Equipment Does Not Damage The Equipment

Posted by tongdaedith on Jun 13, 2020 in News

Some customers have been exposed to X-Ray inspection equipment, but some of them have a certain one-sided understanding of X-Ray inspection equipment, and they do not know X-Ray inspection equipment very well. The following Tongda analysis machine will explain to you which workpieces are detected by the X-Ray inspection equipment in the industry, and which fields are mainly used.

x-ray testing equipment

X-Ray inspection equipment is usually used in such industries in the industrial field. Such as electronic products, electronic components, semiconductor components, connectors, plastic parts, BGA, LED, IC chips, SMT, CPU, heating wires, capacitors, integrated circuits, circuit boards, lithium batteries, ceramics, castings, medical, food, etc. .

In the electronic product components, it mainly depends on whether the welding point is disconnected, short-circuited, and whether the welding is normal;

In BGA, LED, IC chip, SMT and other applications, it is usually to see whether the interior of these workpieces is deformed, whether the gold wire is normal, de-soldering, air welding, tin soldering, air bubbles and other defects;

In ceramics and castings, it is mainly to see whether there are bubbles, cracks, slag, etc. in the workpiece; in the food industry, it is mainly to detect whether there are foreign objects, etc.

In some industries, the process of Tongda analysis equipment testing is also called nondestructive testing.

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