Corrugated Plastic Dividers Supplier Introduces The Material Of Foldable Hollow Crate

Posted by yfcorrugatedhz on Nov 13, 2020 in Allgemeines

Speaking of boxes, the first thing we need to mention is the environmentally friendly plastic folding hollow board boxes. This kind of box is non-toxic and tasteless, and has a high protective effect on the goods inside. It can also better protect the performance of the products inside. The impact on the environment, and the manufacturer can use it repeatedly according to the use situation during production, which is very economical and cost-effective. Then Corrugated Plastic Dividers supplier will introduce how many grams of environmentally friendly hollow board folding boxes are there?

The environmentally friendly hollow board folding box is made of pp polypropylene and other raw materials. The whole production process and design concept are very suitable for modern users’ habits.

In addition to common specifications and sizes, many manufacturers will also customize various specifications according to customer requirements, and the weight of the box will also change with the thickness and size of the box specifications. Normally, there are 500 grams, About 700 grams, 1 kilograms of cabinet, then the specific choice depends on the field and economic situation we use.

Through the above introduction, Corrugated Plastic Bin Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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