Jilian Mold Custom Small Batch Pet Preform Design

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In many cases, many manufacturers prefer big orders, and they prefer mature products and mass production. This will be inconvenient for investors because they just want thousands or even smaller quantities of custom molded parts to expand their market. Molding such a large number of plastic parts means a backlog of inventory, which is always unhealthy for business.
However, Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. is a well-known China Plastic Handle Manufacturers, which is also very popular for small orders.
Answer: Custom injection molding and reliable small batch production manufacturers
Custom injection molding is the best way to get high quality, low cost plastic molded parts to expand the market.
Jilian molds focus on custom injection molding. Our team has many years of experience in rapid injection molding and tool manufacturing. We know how to customize plastic molds/quick tools to meet your product needs. Optimizing the mold structure to maximize time and cost savings is always our goal. We like small batch production, no matter 50, 100, 1000 or even more, we can customize the injection mold. By injecting molten plastic into custom injection molds, our machines are able to produce parts in seconds.
Thanks to the development of the plastics industry, almost anything can be made by custom injection molding. As one of the leading custom injection molding companies, Jilian Plastics has produced liquid packaging for cosmetics, beverages, etc. We are able to develop Pet Preform designs based on customer needs. If you have a small batch of plastic orders that don’t make any choices, just contact our Jilian mold!

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