Jimei Milk Powder Making Machine Does Not Disappoint

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Different beverage production lines in Juice Processing Plant consist of different beverage equipment. Which part of the juice beverage production line is made up of? .
The juice beverage production line is mainly composed of five parts: water treatment equipment, pretreatment equipment, sterilization equipment, filling equipment and packaging equipment.
Water treatment equipment is typically treated with a single stage of reverse osmosis water to remove various impurities and colloids from the water. The pretreatment equipment depends mainly on the type of fruit material. Usually, it can be juiced, steamed, beaten, etc. Depending on the method, it can be equipped with different cleaning equipment, juice extraction equipment, cooking equipment and beating equipment. For disinfection equipment, the main use is bottle type. PET bottles are typically sterilized using tubes, which are typically sterilized by sterilization.
As far as filling equipment is concerned, it also focuses on different types of filling and sealing equipment. The packaging equipment is mainly composed of labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, packaging machine, palletizing machine, etc., and select specific configuration according to different bottle and packaging requirements.
Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides a complete line of equipment for our customers. In addition, we are also a good partner for dairy processors, we provide a variety of efficient equipment for dairy processing. Now our Milk Powder Making Machine has been loved and praised by our customers. Choosing our equipment will never let you down.

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