What Is The Pet Preform Valve Hot Runner?

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A mold designed with a hot runner manifold and a secondary hot runner is called a hot runner mold.

Hot runner Pet Preform mold example

(1) Hot runner mold structure fed through a point gate. It is only suitable for single cavity molds and is limited by the gate location.

2) The end face participates in the hot runner mold structure of injection molding. It is suitable for single cavity molds, but gate marks will remain on the part surface. The end face of the hot runner is machinable.

(3) The hot runner/cold runner mold structure has some conventional runner features. This structure can produce multiple plastic parts at the same time, but it will produce some cold material.

In addition to the open gate hot runners described above, people are now choosing valve gate hot runners to produce advanced products.
What is a valve hot runner?

The hot runner and manifold are mounted in an injection mold and then heated to maintain fluidity of the plastic material from the barrel. As a result, the product gate appears to be in direct contact with the nozzle. Therefore, when the product is released, the gate is closed by the action of the needle valve. Therefore, the application of one or more cold runners is avoided, enabling waste-free production.

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