Jimei Grasps The Trend Of Juice Production Line Industry

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After the investigation, research and understanding of the market by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we have drawn three major development trends in the modern Juice Production Line:
Trend 1 is that the growth of health products within the beverage industry is stable, while non-health categories are not performing well. Due to the rich life of the material and the increasing consumption level of residents, consumers are paying more and more attention to health. Therefore, they tend to choose healthy beverages such as drinking water, fruit and vegetable juice, vegetable protein beverage, herbal tea, sports drinks, etc. Carbonated drinks and tea drinks with high sugar content are no longer favored as before. In this way, participants in the domestic beverage market should adapt to the preferences of consumers in order to stabilize the market.
Trend 2, health and wellness drinks are gaining momentum, and industry players are constantly entering. The emergence of rock sugar, pear, herbal tea, etc. has led to a healthy health trend in the beverage industry, and companies are now choosing this direction. For example, the development of honey citron tea and glutinous lung tea in the industry is mostly involving pharmaceutical companies such as Taiji Group, Tiansheng Pharmaceutical, and Sino-Singapore Pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical companies join the ranks of health and wellness beverages, with many advantages such as research and development, raw materials, etc., but the beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry are different from competition to terminal. Pharmaceutical companies are also considering the challenges while considering the prospects.
Trend 3: The market structure of most categories within the beverage industry has basically been set, and the entry threshold is relatively high. For example, in the packaging drinking water industry, Kangshifu, Nongfu Spring, Wahaha and China Resources accounted for more than 70%; in the juice beverage industry, Kangshifu, Unicom, Huiyuan and Coca-Cola accounted for more than 60%; the sports beverage industry Red Bull is a family. Big. In the category where the market structure has basically been determined, it is quite difficult for new entrants to achieve certain achievements. In this case, it is better to open a new product category, so that you can find a world.
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