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Injection molding is one of the key processes for producing Pet Preform. This is a fast process for manufacturing a large number of identical items, from high-precision engineering parts to disposable consumer goods. From micro parts to large parts, injection molded products account for a large proportion of all plastic products. In fact, all parts of the manufacturer use injection molded parts. By using this process, the flexibility of shape and size continues to expand the range of plastic designs, making traditional materials a significant alternative.

The basic injection mold manufacturing process is as follows:

The product design department provides product information to the injection mold design department, and the injection mold designer completes the cost analysis and provides it to the manager.

After the R&D department confirmed the project, the “Mold Manufacturing Application” was issued to the plastic injection mold design department.

The injection mold designer arranges relevant personnel to review the project based on product information, including product structure, mold structure, runner, cooling system, ventilation, and so on.

After evaluation, the mold designer began to outline the plastic injection mold, including 3D classification, 3D drawing correction, electrode drawing and so on. And organize appropriate personnel to inspect these drawings and then send them to the plastic injection mold manufacturing department.

The injection mold manufacturer studies the drawings, checks the mold materials in time after the materials arrive at the industry, and organizes the technicians to do the locksmith work, including turning, grinding, milling, screw holes, water holes, center holes, CNC roughing, etc.

After heat treatment, plastic injection mold manufacturers must test their hardness and metallurgical analysis. Typically, the core hardness is 46-50 HRC, and for an average of 9 points, the difference in hardness is required to be less than 1 HRC.

Electrode machining: Fine and rough machining. Attention should be paid to each processing, and the electrodes are detected after the processing is completed.

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