Equipment Maintenance Is Related To The Juice Production Line Operation

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In fact, for a modern filling machine, its maintenance and maintenance is related to whether the Juice Production Line can be produced normally. The daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is equivalent to replenishing the energy of the filling machine. If there is a plan to maintain the filling machine, it is equivalent to regularly adding energy to the filling machine. Just like our three meals a day, we can guarantee the long-term normal operation of the machine. For enterprise production, it is the basis for ensuring the basic production capacity of the filling machine, and it is a magic weapon to effectively ensure the growth and progress of the enterprise.
Before the maintenance of modern filling machines, the preparation and materials should be prepared. Among them, for the maintenance and maintenance of the filling machine, the materials and tools that usually need to be prepared include lubricating oil, wrenches, screwdrivers, filling machine instruction manuals, etc. The maintenance steps are divided into the following points:
1. Observe the moisture filter and oil mister of the pneumatic combination of the filling machine before going to work every day. If too much water is accumulated, it should be removed in time. If the oil surface is not enough, it should be refueled in time;
2. During the production, it is necessary to patrol the mechanical parts of the filling machine frequently to see if the rotation and lifting are normal, whether there is any abnormality, and whether the screws are loose or not;
3. Always check the ground wire of the filling machine, the contact requirements are reliable; often clean the weighing platform; check the pneumatic pipeline for leaks and whether the air pipe is broken.
4. The reducer motor of the filling machine replaces the lubricating oil (fat) every year, check the chain tightly, and adjust the tension in time.
5. If the filling machine is stopped for a long time, the material in the pipe should be drained.
6. Do a good job of cleaning and sanitizing the filling machine, keep the surface of the machine clean, and always remove the accumulated material on the scale body, and keep the inside of the electric control cabinet clean.
7. The sensor of the filling machine is a high-precision, high-sealing, high-sensitivity device. It is strictly prohibited to impact and overload. It must not be touched during work. It is not allowed to disassemble for non-overhaul.
In addition, during the maintenance of the filling machine, special attention should be paid to cutting off the circuit breaker or unplugging the power plug during maintenance inspection to prevent electric shock, burns and injury during the inspection. In addition, the pressure of the compressed air of the filling machine should be zero, and it must be confirmed that the pressure has dropped to zero before the components of the compressed air side can be disassembled. In this way, it not only ensures the normal operation of the filling machine, but also ensures that the production of the enterprise is not affected. At the same time, it can also effectively extend the service life of the filling machine. Why not? What should I do with the daily maintenance of the filling machine? Do you know all of this?
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