Juice Production Line Packaging Equipment

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Juice Production Line packaging equipment is mainly used in the production and production of various juice drinks. Fruit juice beverages can be divided into 8 kinds of raw juice, concentrated juice, raw fruit pulp, fruit juice, pulp juice, high sugar juice, fruit juice and juice. The soft drink standard stipulates that the name of the juice drink produced by the juice beverage packaging line equipment must match the original juice content. The original juice is also called 100% juice. It is extracted from fresh fruit. It is not added with water or sugar. The restaurant and beverage store are now selling. The original juice of the bottled product is usually made by importing frozen raw juice and then using concentrated juice. It is made by adding water to 100% juice.

Juice beverage packaging production line equipment 100% juice is generally a fresh fruit variety with a large amount of water (it is impossible to be hawthorn, jujube, etc.). These beverages are not sweet, have the aroma and taste of natural fruit, and retain the fresh fruit at the same time. The various nutrients in the group are high-grade juice drinks. The concentrated juice is based on the original juice to remove the original water, for example, the original juice is concentrated 6 times, and the addition of 6 times the water is 100%. Such beverages cannot be mangoes, apricots, peaches, hawthorns, jujubes, etc., because 100% of them are pulpy, and then concentrated is a cake. The original pulp is made by pulping the edible part of the fruit and retaining the flesh, such as mango raw pulp, banana puree, apricot puree, etc., which is usually used as a processing raw material for beverages.

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