Uht Milk Machine Is Widely Used In The Food Industry

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At present, UHT Milk Machine is widely used in the food industry. It is suitable for the instantaneous sterilization of liquid materials such as fresh milk, beverage, juice, soy milk, cereal beverage, condiment, alcohol, etc. It can also be used for sterilization of fluid materials. . The ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer can perform high-temperature instant sterilization of dairy products without affecting the taste and taste of dairy products and destroying the nutritional value.

Ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer sterilization methods generally have two types, namely direct steam heating method and indirect heating method (for example, such as cow’s milk).

Direct steam heating method: the milk is preheated to 75 ° C, and then directly sprayed into the milk by steam or the milk is directly sprayed into the steam, so that the milk is instantaneously heated to 140 ° C, and then flashed into the vacuum cylinder. Cool and finally cool to the package temperature by an indirect cooling system.

Indirect heating method: According to the heat transfer surface of the heat exchanger, it can be divided into plate heat exchange system and tubular heat exchange system. Some materials with high viscosity or slow fluidity use rotary scraper heating system.

Indirect heating, usually in the following steps:

1. The raw milk is exchanged in the heat exchanger with the high temperature sterilized milk in the previous stage and preheated to 66 ° C, while the high temperature sterilized milk is cooled by the new milk;

2. After homogenization, homogenization is carried out under the pressure of 15~25MPa;

3. Enter the heating section of the heat exchanger and heat it to 137 °C by the hot water system;

4, into the insulation pipe insulation 4s;

5, into the aseptic cooling, from 137 ° C to 76 ° C;

6, enter the recycling stage, and heat exchange with fresh raw milk at about 5 °C to 20 ° C;

7. Enter the sterile storage tank for aseptic packaging.

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