Application And Recycling Of Pet Preform

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Pet bottles are not only widely used in the packaging of carbonated beverages, water, juices and tea beverages, but are also the largest use of beverage packaging today, and are widely used in many fields of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging.

Pet has a wide range of applications in the packaging industry, whether it is packaging film, sheet or beer bottles, use pet. But when these materials are discarded, they face the problem of how to deal with tens of billions of China Pet Bottle every year. It is expected that in the next five years, 50 million tons of PET will be used to make pet bottles every year. Therefore, pet bottle recycling can not only solve environmental problems, but also serve as a new raw material resource to alleviate the contradiction of shortage of PET raw materials in China.

Yes, in reviewing China’s 30 years of reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievements in the economic field, but it has also caused very serious damage to the Chinese environment. Water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution, etc. The Chinese economy has shrunk. People have gradually realized this problem, and accordingly put forward a series of measures such as the strategy of sustainable development of green GDP and the circular economy strategy. Therefore, recycling pet bottles meets the real problems faced by China and has great benefits for environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainable development.

The physical recycling method of the pet bottle is relatively simple, mainly to dry and granulate the Pet Preform waste. The physical handling of pet bottles is closely related to the sorting process.

There are two main methods of physical recovery:
First, the discarded pet bottle is chopped, and HDPE, aluminum, paper and binder are separated from the PET and PET chips, and then washed, dried, and granulated;

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