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Drinks are no stranger to us. We can see that most of the beverage bottles on the market are made of PET. It is a polymer material widely used in a variety of food PET. On the bottle. Netizens who want to know more about Pet Preform will continue to look down with Jilian molds.

PET bottles are not only widely used in packaging carbonated beverages, drinking water, juices, enzymes and tea beverages. They are the most widely used beverage packaging, and are widely used in many fields such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging. PET is used in a wide range of applications in the packaging industry, whether it is packaging film, coil or beer bottles. But when these materials are discarded, they are faced with the problem of how to deal with them. Each year, China produces tens of billions of PET bottles. It is estimated that by 2005, more than 500,000 tons of PET will be used in the manufacture of PET bottles every year.

Have you mastered the method of judging whether the bottle is qualified from the appearance of the PET bottle?

How does Jilian Plastics share with you how to judge the appearance of the bottle from the appearance of the PET bottle? The method is as follows:

First observe whether the plastic bottle body is crystal clear, uniform color, no visible magazine, no obvious color difference, bubbles, pull marks, dead materials, lack of material, flash, dark ring, stains, white fog; smooth surface, no Foreign matter, pollution, no scratches on the inner and outer walls;

The second is to observe that the end of the plastic bottle should be flat, the thread should be smooth, no collapse, the crystallized bottle mouth is evenly crystallized, the burr of the mold line does not exceed 0.13mm;

Finally, observe that the bottom of the plastic bottle does not exceed 1.5mm, no pinholes, dead white, and pull marks are allowed, and the wire drawing is less than 5mm.

I hope that the introduction of PET bottles brought by Jilian Plastics to the majority of netizens can help netizens to better understand it. If you want to buy high-quality China Pet Bottle products, Jilian mold is one of the choices you can’t miss. We have many years of operating experience in the market and I believe that you can definitely satisfy you.

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