How To Better Make Pet Preform

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Today, PET is widely used as a packaging material in many industries. Especially in the food industry, PET containers come in many forms and shapes, some of which have high requirements for the production process.

Injection blow molding has become the preferred process for making hollow bodies, such as Pet Preform. The temperature of the PET parison is an important factor in the production process. The preformed parison is heated to about 250 ° C, expanded by compressed air in a blow mold to its final shape, and then typically transferred directly to the filling station.

If the parison is heated too long or too short in the first step, the material will not have the best performance for further processing. Therefore, a controlled heating process is essential. The use of thermal imaging systems is a major contributor to achieving this goal. Not only does it allow you to optimize your production processes, it also saves energy and material costs.

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