Future Development Of X-ray Directional Analyzer

Posted by tongdaedith on Mai 15, 2019 in News |

X-ray Orientation Analyzer has become an important part of the processing industry and surface engineering quality inspection, and is a necessary means for products to achieve superior quality standards. In order to internationalize the products, China’s export commodities and foreign-related projects have clear requirements. Triple ray protection software, hardware, and labyrinth design to ensure the radiation damage caused by the operator’s personal safety and accidental operation.

The large sample compartment design allows for more space in a smaller host than in conventional models. The X-ray directional analyzer adopts a new optical path design to minimize the negative influence of the air path on the measurement of chlorine, ensuring the detection limit and stability of chlorine. The latest optimized system analysis software can be based on sample material, shape and The size automatically sets the light pipe power, which can extend the service life of the light pipe and fully utilize the performance of the detector, greatly improving the measurement accuracy.

The most important application of the detector is to separate the isotopes and determine their atomic mass and relative abundance. The accuracy of determining atomic mass exceeds that of chemical measurement methods, and the exact mass of atoms above about 2/3 is determined by mass spectrometry. Due to the equivalent relationship between mass and energy, knowledge about the nuclear structure and nuclear binding energy can be obtained. For the analytical measurement of radioactive decay product elements that can be extracted from the ore, the geologic age of the ore can be determined. Mass spectrometry can also be used for organic chemical analysis, especially for trace impurity analysis, to measure the molecular weight of molecules. X-ray directional analyzers provide a reliable basis for determining the molecular formula and molecular structure of a compound. Since the compound has a unique mass spectrum like a fingerprint, the detector is also widely used in industrial production.



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