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Nowadays, the chances of young people going out are getting more and more, and they are almost unwilling to be bored at home for a day. Under such a market, some beverages and mineral water have become the protagonists of the market, and as pet preform manufacturers, not only the pet preforms, but also the Pet Preform. To shape the brand image and beauty, it is more important to consider the portability of the consumer who has not finished the drink.

There are two solutions here. The first is to properly slim down the pet bottle and concentrate the capacity to the capacity that the consumer can drink at one time. This solves the problem of not being able to carry it, and drinking it once or twice. After that, you can drop the bottle directly.

The second method is to meet the consumer’s requirements for capacity, without reducing the capacity, it is to make some improvements on the bottle, with some scenes, such as the combination of the frame, backpack, hand and other places, easy to carry and put, just It must be combined with these exodus to achieve a humanized design.

At present, the birth of edible packaging does not completely solve the problem of drinking water. It does not meet the application of going out anytime and anywhere, but it is applied and purchased at one point; it does not occupy the market so quickly.

Welcome to choose Jilian mold, we provide you with quality guaranteed China Pet Bottle products, we also have a team with professional knowledge and rich experience, I believe that we can bring you satisfactory products and services.

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