How To Improve The Problem Of Pet Preform Production

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Pet Preform is a kind of plastic product processed by injection molding. It has impermeability and insulation. It is usually used for the storage and transportation of some important liquid objects. It is common to have a blood pumping body in a hospital.

PET preforms are the main raw material for many of our blow molded bottles. In fact, the quality of PET preforms will affect the production of blow molding products to a large extent. So what are the problems with PET preform production and how can it be improved? The professional manufacturer of PET preforms is briefly described below:

First of all, some of the current preform manufacturers are on the one hand to enhance the price advantage of products, and on the other hand to improve their own profits. Therefore, doping the secondary material in the preform production process has become the unspoken rule of many merchants. Although the secondary material is inexpensive, there are various problems. These secondary materials are often difficult to meet the standards in terms of hygiene and flow into food, beverage and other markets, which will seriously affect the safety of food packaging.

Secondary preforms also have an impact on the stability of the blow molded product. Therefore, strengthening supervision and avoiding the secondary material Liurun preform market is a key point to be solved. Secondly, the preforming is easier to standardize than the blow molding bottles of different shapes, and the development of standards is conducive to the development of the market. Accelerating more detailed standards development and implementing bottle label related issues is something we need to work hard for some time to come. For pet preforms, it’s actually about the whole of plastic bottles, so we should pay more attention to them.

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