Tongda Analysis Equipment Has Complete Protection

Posted by tongdaedith on Jul 12, 2019 in News |

Tongda analysis equipment will release x-ray rays. For the human body, if excessive absorption of x-ray will cause harm to the human body, how is the Tongda analysis device designed for radiation protection? Let me give you a concrete answer.
The x-ray machine chassis adopts the steel-lead steel three-layer structure design. At the beginning of the xray discovery, the experiment found that the lead plate can effectively isolate the x-ray light penetration and prevent the human body from being exposed to x-ray light;
The visible glass window is also a lead-containing glass plate with a thickness of about 21 mm;
Some people may worry that during the operation of the Tongda analysis device, if the chassis door is opened, it will not release x-ray rays. In design, the Tongda analysis device adopts the safety interlock function, that is, only the closed state x-ray can start normally. , x-ray can not open doors and windows during normal operation;
X-ray detection radiation safety standard: <=0.5mR/Hr



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