The Safe Use Of Home Elevators

Posted by OdsonDon on Sep 12, 2019 in News |

Home elevators are things that we often use in our lives. The role of the elevator is to transport passengers and to transport household items or household items. So when using a المصعد المنزلي, what are the precautions that need our attention? Specifically, there are the following contents:

(1) During the installation inspection of the elevator, special attention should be paid to the supervision of the installation process of the traction sheave, the car and the counterweight return sheave, the guide wheel and its wire rope, because the installation quality will safely operate the elevator in the future. , wire rope wear, etc. have a great decision, and it is not easy to adjust.

(2) Because some maintenance companies are not familiar with the condition of the equipment being maintained. Inspectors should especially strengthen the inspection of maintenance vehicles entrusted by non-elevator manufacturing companies, especially those with less market share.

(3) Elevator maintenance personnel should strengthen the inspection and maintenance efforts, and train the relevant business knowledge of the elevators themselves. The elevator failures caused by safety components should be completely eliminated and necessary records should be made.

(4) The use of unit special equipment equipment management personnel must strengthen training, improve safety awareness and management level, and educate the relevant safety knowledge of equipment users.



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