China Benchtop Xrd Breakthrough Innovation

Posted by tongdaedith on Nov 11, 2019 in News |

Tongda analysis machine has the following restraint innovations
• Transmission diffraction geometry.
• Sample vibration technology.
• 2D surface detector, 2D-XRD technology.
• XRD and XRF integration technology.
• Electronic refrigeration technology.

China benchtop xrd has the following features
• Portable: Body: 485 x 392 x 192 mm Weight: 14.5 kg; the instrument comes with a battery system for field inspection and analysis; the world’s first truly portable XRD.
• Easy to use, no professional action required.
• Fast inspection and sample testing in 3 minutes.
• Low maintenance costs, no water circulation cooling system and constant temperature environment, no need for professional laboratories, no consumable parts.
• Micro-quantitative sample requirements, around 15mg, especially suitable for small sample or precious samples, such as archaeological, criminal investigation, pipeline corrosion analysis.

• Strong environmental adaptability, protection against moisture, dust and shock.

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