How To Measure The Size Of DIN 933 Bolt

Posted by abyihui on Nov 11, 2019 in News |

DIN 933 bolts are connecting fasteners that are inseparable from all fields. Many major accidents occur because of fastener failure, which makes it possible to see the small fasteners play an important role in the overall system. Therefore, the specifications of each screw must be strictly controlled within the error range. However, many people don’t know how to measure the size of a DIN 933 bolt. They even measure it directly with ordinary rulers or even tape measures. This is very unprofessional. For these smaller products, we need to use them. To the professional vernier caliper and micrometer to measure, then how to measure is more accurate?

Diameter measurement:

The diameter of the screw refers to the screw part of the screw, but the screw has the distinction of full thread and half thread. The full thread can directly measure the middle of the screw. The half thread also needs to measure the polished rod part. The measurement methods are as follows:

Head thickness measurement:

We usually need to measure the head of the DIN 933 bolt, generally only the flat head screw and the outer hexagon screw, other head types are generally produced according to the standard.

Head size measurement:

In general, the head should be tested for head size, especially for non-standard parts and shaped parts.

Length measurement:

There are two types of screw length measurements. One is the measurement of the countersunk screw: one screw from the head to the tail; the other screws are from below the head to the tail.

Groove depth measurement:

The measurement of the groove depth is also essential, and the groove depth of the non-standard parts can be changed according to customer requirements.



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