What Are The Uses Of China Benchtop Xrd

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Application of Tongda analysis machine

Tongda analyzers have many varieties and are widely used, not only in nuclear facilities, but also in scientific research institutions, medical institutions, geology and coal field exploration and mining, oil extraction and refining, highway and bridge construction, machinery manufacturing and installation, building materials (especially cement Factories), textiles, cigarettes, shipbuilding, electricity, pharmaceuticals, breeding, papermaking, metallurgy, instrument and watch manufacturing, film production, wood, plastics, flour, feed processing, cable, fluorescent lamp production and other industries have been applied in various industries.
For decades, the application of desktop xrd in China has made significant contributions to the development of the national economy and the protection of people’s health. In terms of medicine, Chinese desktop xrd is widely used in medical diagnosis, treatment and disinfection. It is used for irradiation breeding in agriculture, which can improve quality, increase yield, and can also be used for sterilization and preservation. In industry, it can be used for petroleum, coal and other resources exploration, ore composition analysis, industrial flaw detection, non-destructive testing, material modification and level, density, thickness measurement, etc. China benchtop xrd can also be used for satellite power supply, fire smoke alarm, sewage treatment, etc.

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