The Role Of DIN 603 Bolts

Posted by abyihui on Feb 10, 2020 in News |

DIN 603 bolts are our common fastener products. They are used with bolts, studs or other threaded workpieces for attachment and fixing. In general, the strength of the bolts selected in the design is higher than that of the corresponding high-strength DIN 933 bolts to ensure that the bolts have a longer life than the DIN 933 bolts when used together. When fasteners are removed and replaced in this way, the cost of replacing DIN 933 bolts will be cheaper and more convenient.

Currently, many power generation equipment and vehicles such as airplanes, cars, trains and ships are developing rapidly. Therefore, our high-strength DIN 933 bolts and other locking parts need to adapt to the rapid development trend in order to achieve greater development. High-strength bolts are mainly used to connect some important mechanical equipment, especially for repeated disassembly and assembly. Various assembly methods require very high Square Bolt. The thread is also very important. The surface quality and manufacturing accuracy of the thread directly affect the safety factor of the equipment used.

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