Introduction Of Characteristics Of Flat Screen Printer

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As an electronic device, Flat Screen Printer has attracted the attention of many businesses.  So, what are the characteristics?  For this problem, if you want to know what the specific characteristics are, you should also know the classification of flat-panel printers.  After all, different types of flat-panel printers have different characteristics.  According to different characteristics, flat-panel printers are mainly divided into fully automatic, vertical, turntable, four-column, diagonal arm, fully automatic elliptical flat-panel printers, etc., and different types of characteristics are also different, let’s take a look at them.
I. full-automatic flat-panel printer
As the name implies, the most important feature of a full-automatic flat-panel printer is its high degree of automation. This kind of flat-panel printer is mainly used in mass production. This kind of flat-panel printer is aimed at printing soft materials such as PET/PE. Generally, large organizations will only introduce this kind of full-automatic flat-panel printer.
II. Vertical Flat Plate Printer
This kind of vertical flat-panel printer is mainly used in the printing industry, and with the different needs of the industry, some high-tech electronic industries, dot printing and so on have also begun to have a large number of demands for vertical flat-panel printers.  The biggest characteristic of this kind of vertical flat-panel printer is its relatively high clarity.
Three, turntable flat printer
The biggest characteristic is that it is difficult to locate. This kind of flat-panel printer is mainly used in the clothing industry in general, while some small CD-making enterprises also use this kind of flat-panel printer more often.
Four-and four-column flat-panel printers
At present, it is mainly used in decoration industry or large glass enterprises. This kind of flat-panel printer is more suitable for large-area industries.
Five, inclined arm flat printer
Currently, it is mainly used in the packaging industry. Although its efficiency is higher than other flat-panel printers, its accuracy is lower. Therefore, such flat-panel printers are more common in uv printing.
Six, full-automatic oval flat-panel printer
In addition to the above, there is also a kind of full-automatic flat-panel printer similar to that of the full-automatic elliptical flat-panel printer, which is currently mainly used in the clothing industry and can be used for water slurry, ink, etc.
No matter what type of flat-panel printer, it has different characteristics, and different flat-panel printers have different prices.  No matter what kind of flat-panel printer, there is an adaptation process at the first contact.  In this regard, we should make a detailed analysis of our needs before purchasing, and at the same time have a detailed understanding of what is suitable for us. Only in this way can we really buy a flat-panel printer that is suitable for us.



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