What Are The After-sales Maintenance Of Tongda Analysis Equipment

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Tongda analysis machine repair types:

1. Chromatography (gas phase, liquid phase, GPC, AKTA, ion chromatography, gel chromatography, etc.) ;,

2. Spectrum (infrared, original absorption, ICP, ICP-MS, XRF of various brands, handheld alloy analyzer);

3. Mass spectrometry (liquid quality, gas quality, quadrupole mass spectrometry, ion hydrazine mass spectrometry, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, etc.);

4. Electron microscopy and energy spectrum,

5. Physical property research equipment (thermal analysis, particle size analyzer, specific surface, etc.);

6, X-ray machine, Micro-CT and other radiation equipment;

7. Laser equipment;

8. Other high-precision and high-value-added equipment that no one can repair.

Tongda analysis equipment maintenance items:

RF oscillator, air control box, Zeeman effect power supply, power supply, main board, light control board, vacuum pump, X-ray tube, detector, communication board, side board, robot arm, degassing pump, EPC Yuan / quaternary pump, four-stage rod radio frequency (RF), molecular pump, mechanical pump, high-pressure generator, etc.

Tongda analysis equipment maintenance commitment:
1. The company can provide free pick-up equipment (only in Xi’an)
2. The company will list the fault phenomenon and maintenance plan on the quotation after each instrument sent for repair is tested.
3. The same faults of the repaired instruments are guaranteed for 12 months free of charge.

When the user’s Tongda analysis equipment fails and requires maintenance, the user’s description of the failure is used to determine the cause of the failure, and an engineer is sent to the user’s site for maintenance in time to ensure that the instrument returns to normal. Perform system maintenance on the user’s Tongda analysis machine, clean parts, and adjust related parameters to facilitate stable operation of the instrument.

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