Corrugated Plastic Sheet Quality Requirements

Posted by yfcorrugatedhz on Sep 11, 2020 in Allgemeines |

Corrugated Plastic Sheet , like all other products, has good quality and bad quality. Although you pay for what you pay for, customers still want to spend the least money and buy the best quality products. How do we distinguish the quality of the hollow sheet? Bad? This is a problem that all friends who need to purchase hollow boards are concerned about. Let me help you analyze it below.

1. The color of the hollow board. The color of the high-quality hollow board is bright and shiny, and the hollow board of the same color has uniform color and no color difference. Take the hollow board to a place with good light. If you find that the color is dark or white-gray, the raw materials for the hollow board may be defective.

2. The density of the hollow board. Generally, the higher the density, the better the quality of the board. Take two-day hollow boards of the same size and place them in the left and right hands respectively, and turn them over. The quality of the heavy touch is relatively better.

3. For the physical properties of the hollow board, take a small board and fold it in half by hand. The tough board is of good quality, and the hard, brittle and easy to break and too soft are not very good.

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