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In this article, introduce the information of aluminum winding wire.

Enameled winding wire is made up of conductor coated many times by insulation material after drawing or extuding from oxygen-free cooper rod or electical aluminum rod

Feature of aluminum winding wires

1. High temperature resistance

2. Chemical corrosion resistance

3. Transformer oil resistance

4. Low temperature resistance

5. Radiation resistance

6. High breakdown voltage

7. Good mechanical properties

8. Other features: Self-bonding,solderable

Description of aluminum wire

Enameled aluminum wire in the use of mold-type surface or blamkets or insulating paint coated one or both made by drying

Magnet_wire can be divided by insulation into thin film, thick film and thicker film, that is -1, -2, -3 level, according to the sharpe of sub-round, flat

Yield strength can be divided into soft state and semi-hard state, its mechanical properties and chemical properties of stability, is the production of transformers, motors and other equipment ideal winding wires

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