Ways to Deal with the Moisture of Cobalt Alloy Electrode

Cobalt Alloy electrode deposited metal has excellent comprehensive heat resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and can maintain high hardness at temperatures above 600 degrees.When the cobalt alloy electrode deposited metal contains 25-33% of chromium, it has oxidation resistance, and when it contains 3.0-14% of tungsten, it has high temperature strength.

The Cobalt Chrome Alloy electrode is composed of a welding rod core and a coating. One of the functions of the cobalt alloy electrode is to conduct electricity as an electrode, and it is also the main material for forming the weld metal. Therefore, the quality of the cobalt alloy electrode directly affects the performance of the weld. The materials are specially made of high-quality steel, welded carbon steel, cobalt alloy electrode core is usually 0.08% C low carbon steel, the most widely used H08 and H08A carbon content and sulfur, phosphorus harmful impurities are extremely The strict limit of the commonly used cobalt alloy electrode diameter (ie the diameter of the cobalt alloy electrode core) is 2.5~6 mm, and the length is 350~450mm. Although the electric cobalt alloy electrode has the ability to resist external damage under normal circumstances, it cannot be ignored. Bad is easy to suffer damage.

For wetted cobalt alloy electrodes, the following methods can be used:

1. For those who are seriously damp and peel off, they should be scrapped.

2. It can be dampened but not very severe. When welding, if the phenomenon of detachment of the agglomerated skin and the pores on the surface of the weld are not found, the welding quality is basically guaranteed.

3. If all kinds of welding rods only have slight rust spots on the welding core, the welding quality can basically be guaranteed according to the results of various tests. However, for the cobalt alloy welding rods used for important projects, they should be degraded after rusting.

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