Cobalt Chromium Alloy (Features and Typical Application)

SYTOP Cobalt Alloy is a range of cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloys with wear resistance, corrosion and high thermal resistance. It is widely used in oil & gas, machinery, wood cutting, automotive, paper and food processing industry etc.

Features of Cobalt Chrome Alloy :

1. Cobalt alloys have higher melting points than nickel (or iron) alloys ,This gives them the ability to absorb stress to a higher absolute temperature .

2. Cobalt alloys give superior hot corrosion resistance to gas turbine atmospheres , this is due to their high chromium content.

3. Cobalt alloys show superior thermal fatigue resistance and weldability over nickel alloys .

Typical application

Material Choose Typical Application Process

Stellite 6 /Steam and chemical valve seat , oil and gas pump sleeve, ,butterfly valve bushing ,hot-dip galvanized production line used bushing etc. investment casting

Stellite 3 / Pump sleeve ,rotary ring , valve seats

Stellite 12 / Extrusion die , hot impact die and saw teeth

Stellite 100 / Extrusion die , hot-impact die and saw teeth

Stellite 20 / Pump sleeves , rotary rings , bearing sleeves , valve balls

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