Application of Cobalt in Cobalt Chrome Alloy

With superior physical and chemical properties, cobalt has been widely used in industrial sectors, especially in key parts of aerospace, aviation and nuclear energy, which cannot be replaced by other materials.

1.High-temperature alloy

As a material resistant to high temperature and erosion, cobalt-based alloys are widely used in the combustion turbine blade, impeller, pipe, steam injection engine, rocket engine, missile components and various load heat-resistant components in chemical equipment, as well as various long-life components in the nuclear industry.

2. Wear resistant alloy

Used in the sealing surface of the valve, the stellite alloy often is a kind of typical wear-resistant alloy. It has excellent performance in terms of wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. It cannot be replaced by any materials in some industries. Cobalt is also used as a binder material in powder metallurgy processes. For example, WC alloys, in addition to being used as a binder, can also improve the toughness of the alloy and increase the strength of the alloy. It is the main material for making cutting tools.

3. Magnetic alloy

Cobalt is an important material for permanent magnet alloys. Some alternatives have been developed such as rare earth, neodymium iron boron, etc. which are widely used in high-tech fields such as motors, instrumentation, automobiles, motorcycles, automatic control, electric-acoustic, military and aerospace, and aviation.

4. Expansion coefficient alloy

Cobalt Alloy with 17% Co, 53% Fe, 29% Ni and 0.5% Mn have the same thermal expansion coefficient as glass and can be welded into the glass, and do not react with mercury vapor, so cobalt can be used in electrical, radio and lighting, etc.

5. Chemical Industry

In addition to high-temperature alloys and anti-corrosion alloys, it is also used in a large number of chemical products such as colored glass, dyes, enamel, and desiccant.

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