Cedar Rapids City Requirements for Led Public Lighting

In July 2014, Cedar Rapids adopted a complete street policy that stipulated the installation of street lights. The policy requires all new street lights to be Led Public lighting(classicledlight), and street lights should be modified using the Jeonju Urban Design Standards Manual. The policy also specifies the type of recognized poles for specific land use and street function classifications to maintain consistency throughout the city.

Based on the LED common lighting requirements, the recommended location is checked and compared to the streetlights around the area to see if another streetlight can be added to meet the spacing requirements. If a street light can be added, a petition will be sent to the requester for signature by the residents affected by the street light. If an existing utility pole can be used to install a streetlight, there will be no charge for streetlight installation. If a new pole is required to install the proposed streetlight, the requester will be responsible for paying the pole installation fee to the corresponding utility company.

Urban street LED public lighting

The city center offers decorative street lighting to provide lighting for pedestrians in an aesthetically pleasing way. Most downtown street lights are from dusk to midnight.

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