The Choice Of Home Elevator Brand

Posted by OdsonDon on Aug 10, 2019 in News

Many people think that big brands are good when they buy things. So for المصعد المنزلي, do you want to buy a home elevator? Next, otse elevator manufacturers will come to introduce you to this knowledge, and follow this article to find out.

In fact, the so-called big brands that we are familiar with, their core business is in the public or commercial field, not in the household field.

Household and public are two sub-sectors, and the technical focus of the two is different. First, household elevators and public elevators have different installation and manufacturing specifications, which are very different. Secondly, customer demand and construction environment of household elevators and public elevators are different. Home elevators vary from one household to another.

From the market point of view, the demand for home elevators is far lower than the demand for public elevators, so those “big brands” can not put their main energy into the small bread of the household elevator, and occasionally encounter some home elevator customers that are The public elevators get a reduced version of the mess, and the customers have to meet their requirements to do it. It doesn’t matter if they can’t do it. Because these are things that they can do or do, they are the business that they do, and they can’t do it. The good and bad, the impact on their turnover is very small. But for those brands that you haven’t heard of for home elevators, it’s not the same. Every customer is their “VIP” user. They will give each one according to the customer’s demands, the situation and the decoration style. The customer has a special plan.

So if you want to install a satisfactory home elevator in your home, the first thing you should consider is not the size of the brand. Be sure to choose a professional brand.

The above is the relevant knowledge of purchasing a home elevator, I hope to help everyone. There are many ways to buy a home elevator. Pay more attention to the purchase of a home elevator.


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