Xmas Lingerie to generate Her Feel Beautiful

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Present giving, specifically at The holiday season, Arm Shaper can be a little slight challenge, specifically for a man that has been together with his partner for a long period. What to obtain her and exactly how do you select the right item to make her feel particular and exhibit to her just how beautiful you’ll still think she actually is?

She might believe that this Shapewear Tank Tops wounderful woman has reached the stage — especially if this wounderful woman has given delivery to one or even more children — that the lady may taking her charm and this ought to be looked upon as the opportunity in your eye to show her how attractive she is still to you. Men, the item you are searching for can be some attractive Christmas nighties.

If you think about this, wholesale Christmas costumes wholesale Christmas costumes this is most likely one of the best and many appropriate presents you can get your spouse, especially during Christmas. In case you give her some adventurous type of Christmas nighties you are giving her a gift in the materials sense. You are also informing her it does not matter how lengthy the two of you have already been together you’ll still think she actually is as gorgeous and attractive as the 1st time you put eyes on her behalf, if not more therefore.

You will end up being telling her that she actually is still your preferred thing to look upon and you are unable to look upon or obtain enough of her. You are going to make her feel cherished and preferred, and to a female there is absolutely nothing that will provide more pleasure to her cardiovascular. Is not what Xmas is all about, getting joy towards the world? It really is the importance of the vacation and we begin doing that by getting joy to the loved ones.

Allow us to also not really overlook the reality that this can be also likely to bring a lot of joy to your life. You are within a relationship and you ought to always be conscious of the saying that “familiarity bread of dogs contempt. inch You must generally find methods to keep the romantic relationship new and interesting. One of many ways is to buy particular Christmas nighties for your spouse because these types of highly designed outfits assistance to remind you simply how lucky you are to are part of and have this kind of a beautiful, sexually attractive girl to spend your entire life with.

Set up relationship can be a new a single, the effect can be likewise for each, to accept the pleasure of physical beauty and love and doing so to create two people nearer together. This among the things that make lifestyle worth living.

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Essential Maternity Clothes Which You Will Definitely Need

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You Arm Shaper are totally excited about having a baby and this is how it should be. After the excitement settles a bit, you need to focus on the more practical things. One of them is buying maternity clothes to wear during pregnancy and the months after giving birth. What types of items should you get? How many will you need? Find the answers to these and other important questions regarding maternity wear.

Pants Shapewear Tank Tops and Skirts

You will need at least one pair of wholesale Christmas costumes wholesale Christmas costumes maternity pants for work and one casual pair too. The same applies to skirts as well. When buying such maternity clothes, you need to pay special attention to the waistline. There are two main options - very low waistline which goes under your belly or a belly band which hugs it and provides support. If you go for the latter option, you may want to consider pants and skirts with belly band which can be folded down when not in use. That way, you can wear the items during any trimester and after you give birth as well.

It is up to you to decide whether to get stretchy pants. You do not have to go for leggings if you do not want to, but you will most certainly benefit from a pair which is made from a fabric blend containing elastane.

Tops and Dresses

You will certainly benefit from tops and dresses which hug your body or flow freely without causing any pressure on your belly and without making you look like a big tent. The models with empire-waist and wrap design fit comfortably and look fabulous. When it comes to length, you would not want these maternity clothes to be very short as they will have to accommodate your growing baby bump.

You should choose the designs and fabrics in line with the season. You will certainly need a few sweaters and cardigans plus one or two long-sleeved dresses for the colder months. You can go for light tops, dresses and tunics in pastel colours for the warmer months.

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As Bella Hadid Share Her Oscar Aspirations, Looking Back At Six Models Who Have Actually Won

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The venn diagram between modeling and acting became a Arm Shaper little bit larger today when news spread that Bella Hadid plans on reigning over both worlds. “I need to start taking acting classes and figure out a way to memorize things better because I have a really bad brain,” she told The Telegraph, before specifying her goal in sight: “The Oscar—one day.” While that might come as a surprise to those who’ve watched Bella continuously woo every major fashion house, and then some, it’s not necessarily far-fetched. After all, Bella already has one requirement down: She’s a natural in front of the camera. Plus, there is a long history of models who’ve made the transition with poise and accolades. Take a look at some below, who’ve paved the way for Bella to inevitably complete her global domination with the Academy’s seal of approval.

Halle Shapewear Tank Tops Berry

Long before Halle Berry won the 2002 Oscar for Monster’s Ball, she was a runner-up for 1986’s title of Miss World. The former pageant queen also won the titles of Miss Ohio and Miss Teen All-American during her competitive years. Not long after, she moved to Chicago to pursue a career in modeling, before landing a breakthrough role in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever. “I had never modeled before,” she told The Chicago Tribune after her Oscars win. “I was just doing it because I met a woman [a pageant judge] who said I could, so I said `OK, I’ll try it.’ Right after high school, I didn’t really want to go right to college. I wanted to live a little bit.”

Brad Pitt

Modeling was also critical to Brad Pitt’s career. Years before he was a staple at the Academy Awards, which have left him with Best Picture Oscar for 12 Years a Slave and five additional nominations including Best Actor for 2012’s Moneyball and 2009’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, he was just a guy in a Levi’s commercial. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can watch the ad above, which stars the then-model as a man just freed from prison.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie might not have started from the bottom—she was born to famous parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand—but she did start her career early. When she was just 15 years old, Jolie did a photo shoot with photographer Harry Langdon. “Someway or another, she just sort of knew what to do,” he later told CNN. “I don’t know if it was mental telepathy or what. I can usually see in my imagination a pose that would work and — boom — she kept going into these poses.” A decade later, she won Best Supporting Actress for Girl, Interrupted.

facebook dialogPinterestCharlize Theron

Out of all the models turned actors, Charlize Theron might have one of the strongest pedigrees. Although she wanted to be a dancer when she was younger, Theron recalled her robust modeling career to T Magazine, saying, “At 16, I won a modeling contest and moved to Milan. Even though I was modeling, I always thought of myself as a dancer. I had the capability to be a bigger model than I was. They were always telling me, ‘Lose five pounds and you’ll be a supermodel.’ But I saw modeling like waitressing — it was a way to pay for another career, and that career was dance.” Ultimately, Theron called it quits on dancing. “I went to New York for three days to model, and then I spent a winter in New York in a friend’s windowless basement apartment,” she recalled. “I was broke, I was taking class at the Joffrey Ballet, and my knees gave out. I realized I couldn’t dance anymore, and I went into a major depression. My mom came over from South Africa and said, ‘Either you figure out what to do next or you come home, because you can sulk in South Africa.’” Clearly, she figured it out. In 2004, Theron took home Best Actress for Monster.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was a lot of things before he became an Academy Award nominee, twice-over for 2011’s The Fighter and 2007’s The Departed. He was a New Kid on the Block, a rapper known as Marky Mark, and, relatedly, a punch line in Clueless. And — those who can recite Clueless verbatim also know that — he was also a very famous underwear model. Wahlberg arguably has Calvin Klein to thank for his career. He was once unmissable in the brand’s famed Herb Ritts-shot campaign. These days, however, he’s serving as a mentor to Calvin Klein’s new crop of models, including Justin Bieber who sent Wahlberg his own CK underwear pics. His reply? “I was like, I am at 45, a dad and a husband, a father of four, I’m trying to move away from that image…I can’t say I [haven't] done worse things, but yeah, that wasn’t one of my proudest moments.”


Like Wahlberg, Cher turned to modeling while attempting to break into film. After she broke up with Sonny, the pop legend tried her hand at modeling for figureheads like Richard Avedon. “I did modeling, because that was the only thing that I could do to keep myself going,” she recalled to Vanity Fair. “My friends were Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Anjelica, Goldie … all these women and men who were working at their prime. And I couldn’t take a job. I couldn’t do anything.” Of course eventually she found a job that led her to an Oscar as Best Actress in 1988’s Moonstruck.

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Dakota Fanning: Working Girl

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Shapewear Tank Tops Given that she’s 14 now, one might expect Dakota Fanning to exhibit just a tiny smidgen of adolescent angst. But the preternaturally excitable actress, who somehow comes off as both young and old for her age, is so sunny and positive that it’s hard to imagine her finding anything unendurable. Life, for Fanning, is apparently nonstop fun.

Take, for instance Arm Shaper , cheerleading camp, which she attended in August to prepare for her position on her high school’s varsity squad. “For four days, there are 600 cheerleaders on the field all day doing cheers and dances,” she says breathlessly. “And then you have a break and you come back for evaluations. And it’s so much fun. It’s sooo fun.”

So, apparently, is high school—though she missed much of her freshman year because she was making the action film Push, due in February, and the literary adaptation The Secret Life of Bees, out in October. “I loved all my classes. I loved all my teachers. I really feel like I learned a lot,” she enthuses. “I was surprised by just how fun it was. Just really, truly how fun it was.”

And don’t get her started on the kooky Marc Jacobs ad campaign she shot with Juergen Teller and her schnoodle, Lewellen, in 2006: “Juergen Teller is so much fun. He was wearing this hot pink scarf. We just had the greatest time. It was such a blast. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had.”

Some of the other people, places and things that Fanning describes as “fun” include her ninth-grade Spanish teacher, Señor Oses; using fruit-scented Hello Kitty tissues; watching Top Chef, Shear Genius and Project Runway; her 10-year-old sister, Elle, also an accomplished actress; recording her voice for a video game version of the upcoming animated movie Coraline; making a short film with Kate Hudson, who is one of her favorite actresses; and, well, the entire two months she spent near Wilmington, North Carolina, filming The Secret Life of Bees.

“It was such an amazing experience,” boasts Fanning, her icy blue eyes wide, of making the period drama, based on the best-seller by Sue Monk Kidd. “It was so much fun, I didn’t want to leave. Everyone was just so kind and wonderful. I cried at the end. I was like, ‘It’s never going to be this way again.’ I just felt so lucky to be in the movie. I just loved the story so much.”

In the film, she plays a depressed Southern girl who accidentally kills her mother. She escapes her abusive father (Paul Bettany) with her nanny (Jennifer Hudson), seeking refuge in the utopian pastures of an apiary run by a maternal beekeeper (Queen Latifah). Needless to say, no one would describe the film as fun. It’s tearjerkingly poignant­—heavy but inspiring, and cut from the same cloth as Fanning’s other fall release, Hounddog, which caused quite a controversy at Sundance for its depiction of her character’s rape. Beyond that affecting but overpublicized scene, the young actress commands a young boy to remove his underwear; takes a swig of beer and puffs an unlit cigarette; and swivels her hips while imitating Elvis over and over again. It’s an adult side of Fanning that has not yet been seen. Of Hounddog, Fanning says, “I really did the movie because it was about such an important issue and something that could help so many, and I know it already has. That’s why I love to do movies.”

According to director Deborah Kampmeier, Hounddog’s intense subject matter didn’t linger in Fanning’s mind. “Dakota doesn’t have to hang on to the darkness,” she says. “She knows how to goof around with the other kids on the set. That’s part of her maturity. But she has a state of presence that usually takes years of meditating to find.”

On the afternoon we meet at a café in Brentwood, a bit of a hike from the Los Angeles home she shares with her family, Fanning nibbles a chocolate chip cookie and sips a Coke. Her mother, Joy, who accompanies Fanning to every set—“She’s my best friend and my whole life,” Fanning says—sits a few tables away, chatting with a member of her daughter’s management team. At times, it’s hard to remember that the actress is still a minor; her utter professionalism and unflappable demeanor is at once admirable and amusing. Asked about what kind of music she’s been listening to lately, instead of throwing out such names as Miley Cyrus or Rihanna, she steers the conversation toward the talent and poise of her Secret Life of Bees costar Alicia Keys: “She’s a great actress and so great in the movie and such a beautiful person. I think everybody has a little Alicia in them.” When I wonder aloud if she plays Nintendo, she uses it as an opportunity to plug the Coraline game. “Do you know what?” she replies, when asked whether she was recognized while filming Push on the streets of Hong Kong. “I have a lot of fans in Japan. They really love the movie I Am Sam. And they’re the sweetest people, and every time I go there, they’re just so nice. But Hong Kong, not as much.”

Bees director Gina Prince-Bythewood says she cast Fanning because she truly believed the teenager was the only young actress capable of carrying the film. “Her talent is almost surreal,” she says. “She’s one of those actors who can have fun right before you say ‘Action,’ and then—boom—she’s in it and so in it.”

Fanning’s hypermaturity is so legendary that it has even inspired a hysterical Saturday Night Live sketch. Amy Poehler portrays the young actress as the host of “The Dakota Fanning Show: The Only Forum for Child Actors to Discuss Cinema, Theater, Politics, Philosophy and the Cultural Zeitgeist at Large,” where she condescends to her fellow underage thespians, including Daniel Radcliffe and Abigail Breslin. “I’m not familiar,” she tells them, when they mention a subject any kid would know—Harry Potter, say, or the animated show Family Guy. The SNL version of Fanning watches Charlie Rose and reads Thomas Pynchon. Of The Cat in the Hat, Fanning’s 2003 blockbuster, Poehler-as-Fanning says, “In my defense, when I read that script, I saw it as a metaphor for ethnic violence in Central Africa, but apparently it was about a cat in a hat.”

Fanning admits she’s never seen the parody. “I hear it’s hilarious,” she says, before breaking into giggles. “Saturday Night Live is such a funny show. Those people are so talented, you can’t help but laugh. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. I get it. I understand.”

And though she doesn’t crush on the Jonas Brothers or watch Hannah Montana like most girls her age, she points out that she has read every Harry Potter book: “I preordered the seventh one and everything.” She also enjoys reading about the Holocaust, however. “My tutor is a history major and she loves reading books about it, and I think she passed that down to me,” Fanning says. “I just find it so interesting.”

As aware of her stature in the industry as she is—she has worked with Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington, and eagerly awaits her turn with Jodie Foster—Fanning seems to be trying her best to stay a normal kid. There’s cheerleading camp, not to mention her choice to stop homeschooling and matriculate at a private school. Still, she insists, she hasn’t yet discovered boys. “I don’t really push that,” she says. “It’ll happen when it happens. I don’t think that I need to look for a date right now.” The peer pressure of drinking at parties has not become an issue, either. “That’s not something I think about right now and hopefully will never have to experience,” she says with a little trepidation. “I know what’s right for me, and I stay on my path.”

For the moment, that path remains her acting career. It’s been seven years since her breakthrough in I Am Sam, but, she claims, “I still love it just as much, and I feel just so fortunate each day to go and do what I love. It’s just a part of who I am.” Like many actors, however, she has bigger ambitions. “I would love to direct,” Fanning deadpans, without a hint of irony. If she didn’t have so much poise, it could be a joke. “I would. I really would. A drama, maybe? It’s always been a dream of mine. I’ve gotten to work with so many different directors, and I think I could communicate with the actors pretty well and have the vision to know what I want in a script. But it’s a hard job,” she admits solemnly, taking a last bite of her cookie and a sip of her Coke. “I think I’ll wait till I’m a little bit older. Maybe college?”

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New Film Hello, Again Is Basically a Steamy, Softcore Musical with a Bunch of Random Celebrities

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If Shapewear Tank Tops one wasn’t familiar with the 1993 off-Broadway play Hello, Again, the takeaway you might get from the trailer for the big screen adaptation is that it’s sort of like an all-star, time-hopping musical version of MTV’s cult hit anthology series Undressed. Which is to say its plot is a collection of small stories about random hookups with an emphasis on the steamy. Except wth singing, and a whole lot of random celebrities.

The assembled cast Arm Shaper includes everyone from six-time Tony winner and literal Broadway goddess Audra McDonald to former Dancing With The Stars winner (and a Broadway vet herself) Rumer Willis. Martha Plimpton, Cheyenne Jackson, T. R. Knight, Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz and actor and former Versace underwear model Nolan Gerard Funk also pop up.

To actually clarify what is going on here, Michael John LaChiusa’s original play was an adaptation of La Ronde, a controversial German play from the late 1800s. The Americanized adaptation involves 10 short-lived relationships that take place over each of the ten decades of the 20th century in New York City. As such the music of the film spans from straight-up opera to disco.

LaChiusa’s version added an element of homosexuality to the German original, and director Tom Gustafson’s version goes even further. Sam Underwood plays a character called “The Whore,” that was typically played by women on stage (indeed Tony winner Donna Murphy originated the role). Plimpton meanwhile plays the Senator, a role originally intended for a man.

With all that in mind, please watch the craziness of the trailer for yourself:

The film is currently making its way around the festival circuit according to Deadline, so no word on when non-festival goers will get a chance to see it.

Though, Audra McDonald has released a music video from an original song from the film called “Beyond The Moon,” which is also quite something to behold.

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Agent Provocateur Is Empowering Women with Sexy Lingerie–And Now, Ready-to-Wear

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Hair Shapewear Tank Tops by Jordan M for Bumble and Bumble; Makeup by Junko Kioka for Chanel at Joe Management; photography assistant: Juan Carlos Zorrilla; fashion assistant: Jameela Ramirez; model: Celine Bouly at Supreme Management.

Agent Provocateur came onto  Arm Shaper the scene in 1994 like a cat in heat. Founded by Joe Corré, the dapper son of the designer Vivienne ­Westwood, and his gorgeous then-wife Serena Rees, the British lingerie brand flaunted a retro femme-fatale flair that screamed kinky sex. (Think sheer bullet bras and crystal-studded handcuffs.) “It was very cult and small and exciting,” recalls Sarah Shotton, who began her career there in the late ’90s, serving as Corré and Rees’s girl Friday. “Window displays, design projects, selling underwear—I was doing literally everything.” A buxom redhead who had been fashioning her own lingerie from vintage corsets, the Central Saint Martins grad fell madly for Agent Provocateur when she discovered it offered a bra that not only fit perfectly but also made her feel—for the first time in her life—good about her figure.

Now, as the brand’s creative director—a position she’s held since 2010, three years after Corré and Rees split up and sold the company to a private-equity firm—Shotton has made it her mission to perpetuate that sense of self-confidence. “Today, Agent Provocateur is more about empowering women,” says the 41-year-old mother of two. “We’re giving them pieces that work with all aspects of their life—not just Ms. Whiplash in the bedroom.” She’s expanded the collection to include offerings like a halter-neck crop top (“It’s sporty yet delicate and pretty,” she says of the best-seller). And, noticing how women were wearing the brand’s bodysuits and kimonos out at night, she has introduced ready-to-wear, which for spring includes lamé jumpsuits, lacy pajamas, and loads of slip dresses. Not surprisingly, she has reworked the packaging—softening the Agent Provocateur candy pink to a more sophisticated shade—and is gradually revamping all 126 stores to create a warmer, more elegant environment. “I design for women, not men. But the men will like it anyway!”

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Ansel Elgort Made a Music Video for People Who Really Love Ansel Elgort

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Ciara Brings Tomboy Chic to Topshop

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Shapewear Tank Tops On Thursday night, W’s Style Director Edward Enninful celebrated Ciara’s new role as brand ambassador for Topshop at Sant Ambroeus Soho. Other guests included It girls and models like Bella Hadid, Caroline Vreeland, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin, Irina Shayk, Jourdan Dunn, and Asia Chow. Ciara, who describes her style as “tomboy chic,” wore a cutout mini dress paired with a bomber jacket to “add some toughness. I like a little attitude and edge,” she said, during pre-dinner cocktails.

Arm Shaper The first day of Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week ended on a humid, rainy note and Ciara was ready for fall fashion that evening. When asked about essentials, she was ready with a full wardrobe strategy: “I feel like you have to have a good hat,” she said. “Beanies are the perfect accessory, especially when you’re feeling chill and you don’t want to get all dressed up or fixing your hair. It does a lot of magic tricks for you. I also think it’s important to have a cool motorcycle jacket. Know your boyfriend jean that you like to wear as well. I really love a denim-on-denim moment with a combat boot. It’s super cool and chill.”

While on the topic of back-to-school must-haves, Ciara recalled the first item she truly lusted after: “I wanted some Air Jordans and we couldn’t afford them for a while. My dad finally got a nice pay day one time and he took me for a big shopping spree. I couldn’t wait to get them. It was so exciting. They were low-top snakeskin.”

While Ciara may not be wearing snakeskin Jordan’s front row at fashion week this season, she is looking forward to supporting her friends Riccardo Tisci and Anthony Vaccarello, as well as Calvin Klein, Coach, and Ralph Lauren. We just can’t wait to see what she’s wearing.

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Richard Phillips, Artist, Turns Underwear Maker

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Shapewear Tank Tops Richard Phillips has always been interested in celebrity culture and the politics of personal branding. In recent years, he’s earned a degree of notoriety for Most Wanted, his series of celebrity portraits featuring the likes of Taylor Swift and Lindsay Lohan that showed at White Cube in London in 2011. He’s also raised eyebrows in the art world for his frequent and high-profile collaborations with luxury brands. After making clutches for Jimmy Choo and makeup for MAC Cosmetics, he’s now turned his attention to - ta-da! - boxer shorts. He created two limited edition boxers in silk twill for the underwear brand The Eighth using prints based on his pieces Weed II and Engine. On a recent afternoon at Mathew Gallery in the Lower East Side, where he was installing his first solo show in three years, Phillips explained why his boxer shorts are worth $175.

Arm Shaper First of all, boxers or briefs?Briefs. Boxers have too much material in the mix. But for the project, boxers worked for practical and aesthetic reasons.

How do you feel about the idea of someone wearing your prints as underwear? It’s like a secret between you and the buyer.Luxury underwear is an area that has a hidden cache. It’s cool because it’s a not so hidden secret… depending on what your relationship is to those who might see it.

It’s a very specific collaboration. How did it come about?The Eighth’s owner’s daughter is interested in art and knew of my work because the main character on Gossip Girl had one of my paintings hanging in her living room on the show. Her investigations led her to my artwork and The Eighth approached me to collaborate. I didn’t know about luxury under garments - the quality and material are at such a high level. Who knew life could be so good?

It’s appropriate that she knew of your work from Gossip Girl as your practice is so interested in pop cultural. Not to mention you also made a cameo on the last season and Gossip Girl comes up on your Google search. How do you feel about being tied to the show?Gossip Girl was really a way to reach a broader audience. I’ve received a lot of criticism for it, but for me it was important, given the opportunity to show a broader audience that art is a viable language that should be nurtured and pursued, rather than left to atrophy. It can function critically as much as it can function as a pop marker.

It’s quite similar to what you’re doing with the underwear collaboration as well - giving people access to your work who might not normally have had it.Art appears in unusual places. We’ve seen it early on with Warhol and the collaborations he did. It was always surprising to see where art would come up. Keith Haring was the same way with his Pop Shop. It’s a way for the work to reach people in surprising ways, so the work has a broader consciousness. It’s important to consider other potentials outside of the physical work itself.

And with fashion brands doing these major collaborations, people can access art so much more easily now. Take Vuitton’s collaboration with Yayoi Kusama for instance. For you, is there a difference if I bought the boxers versus the original paintings?There is definitely a difference. The artwork is an autonomous object - it has its own feeling of sensitivity. I think that when the image is used in the context of boxers, it’s referring to a broader idea. There’s a conversation that goes on between them, but they’re distinctly different.

You’ve done other collaborations with major brands in diverse mediums – Jimmy Choo, MAC makeup, now boxers. How do you approach them?I try to take convention and turn it on its head and find a new way to see the products. I make sure the physical manifestation of the works come out as desired.

Tell me about the show at Mathew. It’s your first solo show in 3 years. Why this gallery when you’re signed with Gagosian and why now?I’ve had a relationship with David, the owner, for over 13 years. He came for a studio visit and it became clear that this exhibition needed to happen and this space was perfect for it. He completely reconfigured the gallery to have this show - re-did the lighting, and broke down and built walls.

How does the art work in dialogue with each other?It’s really about the overlaid images from Christopher Wool and Albert Oehlen. The Oehlen paintings are based on his ‘computer paintings’ he made between 1993-2006. The Wool paintings are from 1988. I reconstituted these two patterns using brilliant fluorescent color.

So the work is rooted in appropriation, the way Richard Prince famously decontextualized the Marlboro ad without changing it. Why did you choose these images?I look to an earlier model than the pictures generation from which Richard is from. I look to Jasper Johns specifically, the work he and Rauschenberg did that had a playful relationship in concept and execution. Like when gallerist Leo Castelli bragged that he could sell a can of beer, and Johns bronzed two beer cans as his new work. Both Christopher and Albert’s work has been important to me – their work has to do with my memory. I came to New York in 1986 and saw their work exhibited. I wanted to bring color to them, bring them into a different dialogue and change their perceptual value and thus the way they work. I just want to change perceptual evaluation. The playboy marker is a stamp, a branding which stifles the purely artistic experience. People don’t recognize they are prints by those artists unless I tell them. This work is about jumping off into a new language where painting strategies can be reconstituted and looked at anew.

I have to ask – you’re known for your paintings of Taylor Swift. Why her? Have you ever met?I’ve met most people I’ve painted - Dakota Fanning, Christy Turlington, but never her. I chose to make the paintings of Taylor in 2010 to answer a simple question: what are the constituent elements that are needed for validation of contemporary art? One is celebrity endorsement, the other is luxury sponsorship. So for the exhibition I did at White Cube [Most Wanted], I had a luxury sponsor, the way entertainers create a relationship between themselves and the brand.

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A MAD House

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Shapewear Tank TopsOn Wednesday night, the Museum of Art and Design took over the historic Harold Pratt House for their second annual young patrons gala, this year hosted by Valentino. Embracing the evening’s Monte Carlo theme, well-heel wunderkinds like Sofia Sanchez de Betak and Claire Distenfeld arrived at the mansion decked out in sheer, floor-length gowns accompanied by their equally dapper dates.

Arm Shaper The Neo-Georgian mansion’s wood-paneled parlors were transformed into a 1960s-era casino for the occasion, and guests had the opportunity to win artworks by talents like Nir Hod and Kelly Lamb over craps and sips of Campari. While he didn’t have much to lose, the night’s handsome honoree, designer Sebastian Erraruriz, was willing to wager more than his share of faux chips. “I am willing to bet that this museum is going to be the spearhead for the art and design community for the next couple of decades,” said Erraruiz. “It’s smaller, it’s leaner, and that’s going to enable it to move faster.”

The black-tie affair’s intimacy echoed Erraruiz’s comments as well as those of director Glenn Adamson, who cast the intuition as a kind of family. “The museum is people. To have them all in one room is very special.” Looking around at the cluster of young tastemakers like Alexandra Chelma and Sophie Oakley, a bright future for the design museum seemed like a sure bet.

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