How To Ensure The Safe Production Of Milk Processing Plant

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In the milk processing and production process, in order to reduce the damage of milk production line equipment, ensure the safe production of Milk Processing Plant, and reduce the cost of water and electricity, what problems should we pay attention to when operating? Today Xiaobian is here to talk to you:

Milk production line equipment attention issues:

First, check whether there is water shortage, in the process of operation will use water and electricity, electricity has a power switch, leakage protector, basically no problem, because the electrical brand is used in Chint, relatively stable, safe, that is In this piece of water, our workers should pay attention to the water level at any time, and water shortage should be added in time.

Second, cleaning, professional cleaning after the end of each day, simple cleaning standard: after the cold water top out of the milk, hot water - alkaline solution - hot water - acid solution - hot water, this is simple, we will Milk production line equipment cleaning this piece for detailed training

3. It is strictly forbidden to lack oil or reverse the operation of this equipment. In the absence of oil, the motor will be damaged. The fueling and oil change should be carried out regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the service life of the milk production line.

These are some of the problems that will be encountered during the operation of the milk production line equipment. I hope to help the employees who are engaged in milk processing or the friends who will be engaged in the industry.

Choosing the Fruit Juice Production Line equipment of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we will be your most effective assistant, with a professional to provide you with comprehensive protection, let you create a wealth of your own wealth.

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Aseptic Processing Of Fruit Juice Production Line

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Aseptic processing is a technique in which a sterile product of a Fruit Juice Production Line is packaged in other sterile containers under sterile conditions to extend the shelf life of the product and does not require refrigeration. The process includes separately sterilizing the product and package, then filling the pre-sterilized product into a pre-sterilized package and sealing (sealing) the pre-sterilized package in a sterile chamber under sterile conditions. Packaging materials are usually sterilized with chemical bactericides such as hydrogen peroxide, and foods are sterilized by heat at relatively high temperatures for much shorter periods of time, thus helping to maintain the nutritional value and sensory quality of the product. ) The pulp/fruit pulp is much better.
Aseptic processing consists of three stages

Product sterilization
Sterilization of packaging materials
Keep sterility during the packaging process.

Bags in boxes and buckets are much lighter and cheaper than tin and glass containers, and aseptic processing and packaging technology is rapidly gaining a dominant position.
Process - feed the pulp into the preheating slide (30 ° C to 65 ° C)
Heating section: – Increase pulp temperature (65 ° C to 95 ° C) for 50 seconds.
Cooling section: After heating, reduce the temperature of the pulp/concentrate by means of tower water 32 ° C (95 ° C to 40 ° C)
Final cooling section: After cooling, the temperature of the pulp (70 ° C to 30 ° C) needs to be reduced with the aid of glycol water.

The method basically involves placing the food contained in the sealed sterile bag at a low temperature for a period of time and rapidly cooling to ambient temperature. Therefore, the microorganisms present in the food are almost killed or completely inactivated, thereby preventing corruption. Fruits and vegetables and their products, as well as all foods with a pH below 4.6, are heat treated in near boiling or boiling water at 95 - 100 ° C, while foods with a pH above 4.6 are sterilized at temperatures of 100 - 121 ° C

In foods with a pH above 4.6, spore growth is not inhibited. Because of the high heat resistance of spores, relatively high temperatures are required to destroy almost all living bacteria, including vegetative cells and spores. Therefore, these foods are heat treated using an RSSP (Rotary Scrape Pasteurizer). In modern times, the process industry has achieved a high degree of mechanization and automation.

Aseptic processing and ultra-high temperature technology are the latest technologies introduced in the field of food heat treatment, most initially in cans.
Advantages of aseptic processing in Milk Processing Plant

Sterile foods - Aseptic processes remove bacteria and harmful bacteria from food.
No refrigeration - once the food is processed, there is no need to refrigerate, which saves energy.
Preserving nutrition – the nutritional quality of the food is not affected by less calories.
Flexibility - It offers the flexibility to use a variety of container sizes and even increases the likelihood of adding bioactive and heat sensitive ingredients after processing.

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How Does The Milk Processing Plant Increase Profits?

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In order to remain competitive in today’s market, many food and Milk Processing Plant are looking for ways to minimize costs and increase profit margins. Whether you want to reduce transportation costs, increase production capacity, or enter a new market, you can consider using Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. as a joint package for your beverage, sauce or fruit packaging needs.
Supply Chain Management

We have many years of experience in purchasing ingredients, packaging materials, “punctual” manufacturing, production scheduling, inventory management with electronic tracking, order processing, transportation and distribution. We can manage your project from start to finish, or you can choose the one that best meets your company’s needs.
Conceptual development

While many contract manufacturers offer mixing, packaging and manufacturing services, Shanghai Jimei provides resources to turn your ideas from concept to reality. Our development team has a background in food science, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, sensory, culinary and engineering, and can work with you to develop a wide range of beverages and fruit products. Our development team prides itself on thinking outside the box and making innovative products a reality.

Through process design and automation, our Fruit Juice Production Line facilities are constantly updated to emphasize quality, efficiency and safety. We have the ability to produce a variety of fruit and beverage products. If your production requires beverages, frozen premixed fruit mixes, jams or fresh fruits from PET, polypropylene, tin, composite cans, cups, sterile juice boxes, barrels, barrels or tote, please contact Shanghai Jimei for consideration. Contract production.
Packaging design and development

Shanghai Jimei’s engineering and packaging experts specialize in packaging design to ensure that products remain intact throughout their life cycle. Our design recommendations consider ease of use and the appeal of packaging to consumers.

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Modern Milk Processing Plant Processing Complex

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The modern Milk Processing Plant is very complex, unlike before, it was limited to basic products such as milk, butter, cheese and milk powder. But now, dairy manufacturers are offering a range of complex and varied products to customers around the world. This puts pressure on existing plants to use existing capacity to produce more products, ensure product safety, reduce production costs, and upgrade products to higher quality standards.
Changes and pressures in the dairy industry require changes in cleaning and sanitation technology. Today’s dairy industry needs products that can be cleaned and disinfected in the shortest possible time, maintaining the highest quality and hygiene standards and ensuring full compliance with environmental regulations.
Cleaning and disinfection are very complex tasks, depending on various factors such as the MOC of the equipment (building materials), surface characteristics, soil composition, the combination of soil and surface, processing parameters, cleaning at maximum temperature and time availability. Restriction, acceptable residual chemical limits after cleaning, degree of cleaning and disinfection required, etc. These factors require production units to use specialized methods to maintain proper cleanliness of various surfaces, especially food contact surfaces. If the surfaces of food production plants are not clean to acceptable levels, they can be a potential source of microbial growth. In addition, improper cleaning may increase utility consumption, ie. Steam, water, electricity, etc.
Cleaning and disinfecting with specially formulated chemicals is an emerging trend in the dairy industry. Custom formula chemicals are available upon request. For example, highly heat treated surfaces require more chelating chemicals (helping to remove mineral dirt), while cold surfaces require more emulsifying chemicals. The choice of formula chemicals may have one or more criteria, such as quick cleaning, saving water and energy, and one stage of cleaning and disinfection.
In the dairy industry, the hygiene of CIP (cleaning in place) plays a very important role. Normal CIP - The hygiene cycle consists of seven steps, starting with pre-flushing and ending with final disinfection. Whether it is a dairy producer or a Fruit Juice Production Line, it is necessary to do a good job in cleaning and disinfection, so that it can produce products that are safer and consumers are more fond of.

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Milk Processing Plant Must Maintain A Sense Of Innovation

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The market is highly variable. For Milk Processing Plant, they must always maintain a sense of innovation and cannot be static. Otherwise, no matter how broad the food prospects will be, they will eventually be eliminated by the market. Food companies have a bright future. This is worthy of all food manufacturers. However, the bright future of the food market does not mean that food companies can sit back and relax. On the contrary, food manufacturers need to actively respond to various market factors in the current changing market development. At present, the global food and beverage industry continues to grow, which has brought momentum to the development of the food packaging market.
Food packaging tends to be intelligent and intelligent
At present, various costs such as labor are constantly rising. For food manufacturers, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs are the primary considerations. With the continuous advancement of mechanization and automation of downstream foods, foods should adapt to the requirements of this new mechanical equipment in the process of filling food, and achieve a perfect match of automation of food packaging in the production line. This requires our food manufacturers to have an understanding of the food production line from time to time, in line with the needs of the food production line.
Food manufacturers need to use intelligent packaging equipment and production lines, and the food packaging industry is welcoming system changes. How to effectively integrate food into the intelligent packaging system is something that food manufacturers need to consider and change. Only foods that meet the food packaging system will win the favor of food companies in the future market development.
Food packaging integrated into the network system
Based on the current technology and the Internet, and the mobile phone platform docking, in the realization of food anti-counterfeiting, food traceability and other aspects of their own efforts.
Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. knows what kind of development trend the modern food industry is. Therefore, we have more modernized design of the Fruit Juice Production Line, and our equipment is more in line with the needs of consumers in the modern market. If you have any needs in this regard, please come and contact us!

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Fruit Juice Production Line Selection Of Efficient Equipment

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For many Milk Processing Plant, manufacturing is their livelihood. Manufacturing products is an effective way to generate income, so it is understandable that so many people do this. However, producing your own products is not always easy. You have a lot to consider. Thankfully, this article is here to help. Here are some of the most important things to consider when entering the manufacturing industry.
Of course, you need to design it before you make a product. Once it is designed, you need to make and test it. Only when your product is prototyped can you produce it for sale. This means being patient and always willing to work to make your product better. Your product is the most important part of this operation.
Where will it be made?
Now you must consider where your product will be produced. It depends a lot on the product itself and on who you are going to sell to. For example, if your product is very large, or if you only want to sell it locally, you may want to make it at home. However, if your product is small, you may want to produce it overseas because the work there is cheaper. Sometimes, when you are still a small business, it is best to stay at home. This avoids complicated or bad orders.
Today, people expect the highest quality products. Moreover, the best way to get quality products is to make them from high quality materials. Always choose the best option for your product, even if it makes your product more expensive. People usually pay a premium for something better. It is also a good idea to use recycled or recyclable materials where possible. Environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, using this as a selling point will only benefit your business.
Finishing work
Adding these modifiers to the product will improve the quality of the product and increase the value of the sale. This is one of the best ways to increase the price of a product. This is not something that is difficult to achieve, but it looks great.
The packaging you use should be designed and manufactured in the same way as the product itself. If the product is sold in a store, the packaging will be the only thing the customer sees. So, it needs to look good. Just like the materials you use, the packaging should be environmentally friendly. This gives you another selling point and will make your product stand out. If the package is not within your skill range, you can hire someone to design the package for you.
I hope that these things mentioned above can help you. If you want to choose efficient equipment for your Fruit Juice Production Line, Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a very good choice.

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Reduce The Cost Of Fruit Juice Production Line

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Whether you run a dairy farm, a Milk Processing Plant, or you have a hand at both ends of the milk production sector, people in the dairy industry have a lot to do. From low milk prices and rising feed costs to veterinary costs and maintaining pregnancy rates, profitable milk production depends on a number of factors – some of which are beyond your control. Here are some of the things you can rest:
Dairy Production Challenge 1: Controlling feed costs per ton of CWT
For those who have a stake in milk production, your biggest expense may be the cost of the feed. That’s why it’s important to track how much you spend on the feed per ton of milk you produce each month. If you are not sure what this is, you can find the answer with the nutritionist. This is the simplest part. Not so easy? Find out how to reduce the cost of feed per CWT. The best way to do this is to increase your surgical output, but this is another topic. Another way to reduce the cost of purchasing feed is to provide a higher quality feed. Lower quality feeds contain less nutrients and therefore require more supplements.
Dairy Production Challenge 2: Protect Your Raw Dairy
Of course, when your product is waiting to be picked up from a milk processing factory, you need a safe place to store your product. To do this, you need a high quality refrigerated stainless steel milk jug. If you have capital, you can always buy a new milk can. However, if you are looking for another opportunity to lower costs without cutting milk production, consider a used milk can. Make sure you know what you got. Stick to products that have been thoroughly overhauled with new replacement parts to ensure they meet the specifications of the original manufactured product.
Dairy Production Challenge 3: Controlling Dairy Processing Costs
Finally, for our friends who are primarily concerned with milk and dairy processing, you know how expensive it is to replace worn or damaged equipment. First, you get the cost of repairing yourself; then you get the cost of downtime - obviously, the sooner you get back to running, the better. But before you order a new heat exchanger or centrifugal pump, remember that you may have to wait 12 weeks for delivery. On the other hand, buying a repaired centrifugal pump can increase your speed by 66%.
Used dairy equipment for hard work in the dairy industry
To learn more about how Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can help dairy producers and Fruit Juice Production Line processors reduce costs without sacrificing quality, please read our repair process. Whether you are looking for pumps, stainless steel tanks or bottling equipment, we have the solutions and services to give you peace of mind.

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Milk Processing Plant Favor Pasteurized Milk

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Pasteurized milk or raw milk? Proponents of the Milk Processing Plant believe that this process will slow the growth of dangerous bacteria to prevent pollution and protect people’s safety, while those who support raw milk are skeptical about pasteurization and claim that it will kill The important nutrients we need to die. But in today’s milk processing plants, most of them produce healthy and safe milk products that have been pasteurized. Why is pasteurized milk more popular?
a jar and a cup of pasteurized milk on a wooden table
Pasteurization has many problems if it is safer than raw milk. Get answers to some of the most common milk pasteurization problems.
There are so many myths and theories circulating outside, what is the milk pasteurization method? Here are some common questions about pasteurization and milk production.
1. When was pasteurization invented?
The pasteurization method was invented in 1864 to solve the problem of deterioration of wine during fermentation. Until the 19th century, France had been facing this problem, no one knew the reason - until Louis Pasteur. He found that the wine deteriorated and had an unpleasant sour taste because the microbes converted alcohol to acetic acid. Pasteur found that by slowly heating and rapidly cooling the liquid, he can kill the bacteria to prevent contamination; this process is ultimately named pasteurization.
By the end of the 1880s, pasteurization was used to combat pathogens that cause tuberculosis in milk. Since then, pasteurization has been improved and adopted worldwide, saving millions of lives by helping to prevent diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria and scarlet fever.
2. Why does milk need pasteurization?
Although milk provides important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, phosphorus and vitamin B12, raw milk also contains bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli, which can lead to life-threatening diseases. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that between 1993 and 2006, more than 1,500 US citizens were sick from raw milk. If there is no pasteurization process, this number may be much higher because raw milk is more susceptible to illness than pasteurized milk.
Pasteurization is widely used in the food and beverage industry. In addition to milk products, many Fruit Juice Production Line use pasteurization, which has become one of the most common methods of sterilization.

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Jimei Creates High Efficiency For The Fruit Juice Production Line

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Milk is the first food of human beings, and it is regarded as the single most abundant natural food in terms of the nutrients it needs. Similarly, it provides the bulk of the nutrients needed for human growth and maintenance.
Milk and its characteristics are needed throughout the body because it is useful for all ages and groups.
Milk source:
Milk can be obtained from many different sources, such as goats, cattle, buffalo and camels; however, milk is the most popular. So the Milk Processing Plant around us is also the largest.
Regardless of the source of the milk, it is very similar in nature; however, the proportion of nutrients varies from source to source.
Milk type:
milk powder:
Fresh milk is evaporated to dryness through the production process while maintaining the majority of the nutrients in the fresh milk in the same proportion. Still, some vitamins and key minerals may be added to the milk powder, such as vitamin D.
Dry or powered milk can be sold as whole fat dry milk with a shelf life of 6 - 9 months, or no fat, with a shelf life of 2 years. After unpacking, you should store the milk powder in a cool, dry place and protect it from moisture and sunlight.
Long-term milk:
Fresh milk is pasteurized at elevated temperatures and then packaged in a special package. This type of milk is valid for up to six months before it is used outside the refrigerator. After use, the package should be stored in the refrigerator and used within one week.
Fresh milk:
After the milk is milked and collected, it is pasteurized and then refrigerated. It should be stored from production to maturity, as it will quickly deteriorate and not exceed one week.
Household condensed milk:
A large amount of sugar is added to the pasteurized fresh milk and concentrated. It is rich in fat or cream and is not considered to be one of the useful milk types, nor is it a milk substitute. It contains a lot of sugar and heat. It is used in dessert ingredients and stored in a cool, dry place. It has a 12 month shelf life.
Milk derived products:
Milk, yogurt and hard white cheese:
They are products made from fresh milk; therefore, they have the same milk composition. They also contain the same nutrients, but the yeast and water content is different.
If these products contain a strawberry or chocolate flavor, the proportion of calories will only increase, and other characteristics will not change; as long as these additives are within the allowable ratio.
Cream cheese, cream, butter, ice cream and sausage:
They are other products from milk and are fat substitutes. They are made from milk fat and a small amount of milk. They are not milk substitutes and cannot replace them.
Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. from Shanghai has provided diversified and advanced equipment for food processors for many years. We have designed and improved many Fruit Juice Production Line, and we welcome all interested customers to contact us. Let us create more wealth for you.

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Rapid Development Of Fruit Juice Production Line Equipment

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What should I pay attention to before buying juice equipment in the Fruit Juice Production Line?
For many families, beverages have become a basic necessity in life, which has led to the rapid development of beverage equipment, and more and more efficient beverage equipment has begun to invest in the production of beverages. Some preparations need to be completed ahead of time before purchasing beverage equipment. Only when we are better prepared, will it be more helpful for the entire purchase. Here is a brief overview of what you need to do before purchasing a beverage device and how to purchase a cheaper beverage device. I hope it will play a role in helping those who want to know about beverage equipment.
Before you buy a beverage device, determine what you need
Different manufacturers have different requirements for beverage equipment. Targeted each manufacturer’s requirements and then purchase equipment, the only way to ensure that the equipment you purchase can meet their own needs. Any manufacturer can’t ignore this problem because it directly affects the use of future devices.
It’s important to really understand the beverage equipment.
There are a variety of different devices on the market, and you can better complete your purchases only if you have a complete understanding of the Milk Processing Plant equipment. Some people have little attention to the equipment on the market, which directly affects the final result of the purchase. Think positive about this aspect of the problem and then choose a more correct way so that we can have better results.

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