Method For Preventing Pet Preform Defects

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Defect. defect. Structural integrity is reduced.

No matter what you say, these words are not what manufacturers are willing to hear.

However, whether you are new or experienced in the injection molding process, they can happen.

The best way is to familiarize yourself with common defects and understand why they happen. Here are some of the most common defects in Pet Preform and what you can do to prevent them.
Deformation streamline

Strange discoloration, wavy bands, or other imperfect stripes are called streamlines. This type of defect is usually caused by too much temperature change as the part cools and becomes solid.

Solution: Adjust flow rate and cooling time to produce a uniform product. This can be done in a number of ways, depending on the design specifications and materials used. You can increase the injection pressure and temperature to keep the material hotter. You can also make design adjustments such as rounded corners or smaller or wider features to promote more even flow.
Burn marks

Black focal spots along the edges and surfaces of the part are called burn marks. These burn marks are usually caused by overheating and overheating of trapped air taken in during the injection process.

Solution: Eliminating the air trapped in the mold is the key to preventing burn marks. You can reduce the jet speed, allow air to escape through the vents, or shorten the cycle time so that the air does not overheat. The less trapped air or the lower the temperature, the less likely the burn marks will be.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience. We can choose to avoid defects in our products. With our help, we believe that you can quickly achieve success.

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Pet Preform Need To Withstand High Temperatures

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Usually, the PET resin starts to soften at 70 ° C or higher. This softening temperature is called TG (grass transition temperature) of PET. It is assumed that when the Pet Preform leaves in the atmosphere above 70 ° C, the bottle neck will begin to soften, and almost the size will shrink, and the bottle mouth will also be deformed.

In particular, the demand for beverages such as juice, oolong tea, coffee drinks and lactic acid beverages is expanding in recent years. However, almost all beverages are filled into PET bottles at temperatures above 85 ° C. After that, the PET bottles are placed on the filling line, then the bottles are inverted and the contents of the bottle are filled with high temperature contents. Disinfect for a period of time.

Therefore, the mouth of a PET bottle must be able to withstand high temperatures. Usually, the state of the neck finish of the PET preform is amorphous because it is injection molded, which is why it is not heat resistant above 70 °C. In other words, the finish has dimensional shrinkage and shape distortion during hot filling and can cause fatal defects in the PET bottle, such as microleakage.

However, PET has a property of becoming heat-resistant upon crystallization. The density of amorphous PET is 1.365 g / cm3, but heat resistance is not considered. When the crystallinity is increased from 1.365 to 1.380 (the crystallinity index is increased from 25% to 39%), the density is higher.

As a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Mould has gained many customers’ trust and praise in the market with years of experience. We have seen the development trend of this industry and are determined to bring you more products that suit your own wishes.

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Successful Production Of China Pet Bottle

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Plastics have thousands of different base chemicals, derivatives and additives that are formulated to cover a wide range of functional and aesthetic properties. To simplify the process of finding the material that best fits a Pet Preform, let’s look at two broad categories of plastics: thermoplastics and thermosets.

Thermoplastics are the most common type of plastic. The main feature that makes them different from thermoset plastics is that they can undergo multiple cycles of melting and curing without significant degradation. Thermoplastics are typically provided in the form of small particles or flakes that are heated and formed into the desired shape by various manufacturing processes. This process is completely reversible because no chemical bonding occurs, which makes it possible to recover, melt and reuse thermoplastics.

Common materials:

Acrylic acid (polymethyl methacrylate)
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Polylactic acid
Polypropylene (polypropylene)
Polyvinyl chloride

Thermoset plastic

Compared to thermoplastics, thermosets (also known as thermosets) remain permanently solid after curing. The polymer in the thermoset material crosslinks during curing caused by heat, light or suitable radiation. This curing process forms an irreversible chemical bond. Thermoset plastics decompose when heated, rather than melting, and do not reform upon cooling. It is impossible to recover the thermosetting material or return the material to its basic composition.

Common materials:

Epoxy resin
Vulcanized rubber

Want to choose a cost-effective China Pet Bottle manufacturer? Then Jilian mold is a very good choice, we have many years of experience in this industry, I believe that we can provide you with comprehensive help to ensure smooth production.

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Pet Preform Manufacturers Focus On R&d Innovation

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The use of Pet Preform machines adds to the advantages of product manufacturers as it offsets fluctuations in the demand for beverage and bottled water markets. In addition, the increase in sales of packaged goods and consumer preferences for a small number of packaged products have increased the use of PET in packaging and have had a positive impact on the PET preform market. The high speed of PET preformers and their application in various end industries are other factors supporting the growth of the PET preformer market. However, the high cost associated with PET preforming machines may hinder the growth of the PET preform machine market. Reducing the cost gap between single-step PET blow molding machines and PET preformers may further limit the use of PET preformers.

PET preformer market: company development and industry level trends

As the packaging industry reduces its carbon footprint, PET preform machinery manufacturers are focusing on developing systems suitable for the production of lightweight PET preforms without changing the performance of the bottles.

China Pet Bottle manufacturers have made technological advances in the market. With the development of electric press technology, manufacturers are now able to reduce operating costs by reducing energy consumption.

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Four Pet Preform Blow Molding Process

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Blow molding products are around us. From water bottles to power tool suitcases, blow molding is a fast, efficient, and inexpensive way to make many of the things we use every day.
Pet Preform blow molding process

There are four different blow molding processes for the production of plastic containers and bottles: injection blow molding, stretch blow molding, reheat blow molding and extrusion blow molding. In all processes, the simplest may be extrusion blow molding. This is also one of the most versatile and economical ways to produce a large number of different products.
Extrusion blow molding

In extrusion blow molding, a hot plastic tube called a parison is extruded into a water-cooled mold. The mold is then closed and air is blown into the tube to expand it to the size of the mold. Once the thermoplastic hits the cooled mold, it “freezes” and maintains the shape of the mold.

Extrusion blow molding is generally considered to be the most versatile of all blow molding processes because it allows for a wider range of sizes, shapes, handles, and neck openings. On the other hand, injection blow molding is only suitable for smaller containers without a handle. Extrusion blow molded products can be produced at lower cost, in part because mold production costs are much lower and can be manufactured in less time.
Blow molded products produced by extrusion

Jilian Plastics produces a large number of extrusion blow molding products, from containers and cans to toys and sporting goods. Our manufacturing and engineering teams work closely with each and every customer to ensure their needs are met and even exceeded. With the quality of our own products, China Pet Bottle has been loved and trusted by customers all over the world. Jilian Plastics will provide our customers with absolutely satisfactory products. We always put our customers first.

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China Pet Bottle Best Meets Everyone’s Requirements

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PET plastic, also known as polyethylene terephthalate plastic or #1 plastic, is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. This plastic is very popular for food and non-food packaging. Pet Preform are the packaging material that manufacturers demand because of their thermal stability, strength and transparency. On the other hand, consumers prefer PET plastic because it is recyclable, inexpensive, lightweight, resealable, and resistant to breakage. PET plastic is easily identified by the #1 code on the bottom of the bottle and container or nearby.

What are the benefits of water from plastic bottle manufacturers?
Since the PET patent bottle was first patented in 1973, it has only become increasingly popular every year. With the development of the bottled water industry, PET bottles have become the preferred container for disposable bottled water. PET plastic is a strong, transparent plastic that is easy to store safely and provides an excellent container for water. Contrary to some rumors, PET bottles can be reused and refilled.

Because inert plastic PET does not immerse harmful substances in its contents – whether it is stored in unopened beverages or when the bottles are refilled or frozen. One thing to note is that the opened bottle may contain bacteria, like a cup, glass or any other beverage container. However, PET bottles are unlikely to be more susceptible to bacteria than any other packaging or beverage container, as long as they are properly cleaned and disinfected, they can be reused.

Jilian Plastics in Huangyan, Taizhou has a wealth of experience in the production China Pet Bottle. We know what kind of pet bottle packaging consumers want in the market, and also provide and produce the most for customers around the world. Products that meet your needs.

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Pet Preform Have Many Advantages In Use

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Pet bottles for storing beverages and beverages are a common practice. There is controversy about the problem of storing beverages in these containers. Some people think that this practice may be unsafe for humans, and the plastic body will release toxic substances, which will have long-term effects. However, it has been found that if Pet Preform manufacturers follow the correct guidelines, they may be ideal containers for storing liquids. Each manufactured pet bottle has a certain size. In order to maintain health and safety measures, this must be strictly followed.
Use recycled materials
Pet cans for beverages are made from recyclable plastic materials. They do not directly cause environmental hazards because they do not rot. These bottles should not be burned as this can cause serious pollution effects. As they get older, they should be recycled for making fresh products. Today, different grades of pet bottles are being manufactured. These are absolutely safe for storing drinks. When you order bottles, you should follow the government’s guidelines for storing food and beverage products in plastic bottles. This will help you avoid any type of unpleasant events in the future.
The quality of the stored beverage will not decrease
A large amount of beverages and food are often wasted around the world. This is simply not desirable. It is here that pet cans play an important role. Once opened, the can can be resealed without difficulty and can be used again. It is not necessary to throw it away immediately after opening the can. It is the best container for storing drinks. The quality of this beverage will not decline over time. Therefore, the waste and throw-out of plastic bottles can be greatly reduced. This requires people to be more aware.
The quality of pets is best for storage
PET bottles have inherent properties that do not react to food or beverage materials. Pet’s materials provide more protection from oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The beverage also dissolves carbon dioxide to store these beverages. The pet material in the bottle is completely neutral to these gases, so there is little chance that the beverage will deteriorate over time. Companies that manufacture canned pets for these beverages need to comply with guidelines issued by government authorities so that they do not manufacture low-grade materials that may cause serious health hazards in the long run. Drinks stored in these containers will have a longer shelf life.
Very useful when dealing with these bottles
In recent years, the size of pet bottles has become very convenient for people to use. They can even be customized to your requirements. The manufacture of pet bottles is not difficult at all. Many small manufacturing units have already met the needs of these containers. The resources required to make these containers are not very large. The pet bottle is not fragile and does not break easily compared to the traditional glass containers used. There is no trouble in transporting canned pets. Because they are very light, they are easy to carry far away. These items are less likely to break when shipped. They also take up less space when transporting.
Manufacturers get better profits
There are many attendant advantages to using pet bottles. Many China Pet Bottle manufacturers now package their products in pet bottles. Because they are less likely to break, they are lighter, easier to store, and have a longer shelf life, which has become the material of choice for most products. This also increases their savings in crushing and shipping costs and increases their monthly normal income. This is also very convenient for the end product user. Due to their light weight, they are easy to carry while traveling. Through a variety of shapes and colors, these add to the appeal of the product to the customer.

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Trusted China Pet Bottle Maker - Jilian Plastic Mould

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Once the plastic reaches its proper melt viscosity, it must enter the Pet Preform mold through the injection nozzle. The function of the mold is to shape and then cool the plastic melt. The mold is usually made of tool steel. These cavities are machined from small pieces (inserts) made of tool steel that are hardened and inserted into standard or custom mold bases. A feed system consisting of a gate, a cold plug, a runner, and a gate feeds molten plastic from the nozzle into the mold cavity.
The injection inlet is a conical passage that delivers the melt from the nozzle to the cold section plug. The cold section plug receives the plastic leading edge from the nozzle. The leading edge is always less viscous than the melt behind it and must be deposited in the cold section plug, otherwise the flow path will be blocked. Once the pressure in the main flow rises, the plastic melt enters the flow path. The melt moves down the flow path until a small limit is reached at the end of the flow path, which marks entry into the cavity. This limitation is called the door. It keeps the melt until the entire runner system is full. Once the sprue system reaches maximum pressure, the melt breaks through the small limit of the gate and fills the mold cavity. The rapid filling of the cavity results in air compression and small combustion on the plastic surface. This creates a trace of combustion that is relieved by expelling the mold where the combustion takes place.
The mold provides access to cooling, heating and exhaust in the mold cavity. The ram and other release devices are incorporated into the mold as needed. The choice of formwork depends on the cost, configuration, and production requirements of the part. For high volume production, the initial cost of quality tools is a reasonable investment. The choice of tool steel depends on the quantity and quality of the part to be produced and will be determined primarily by the type of polymer used in the application.
Important features of injection molds:
Balance of the flow path: This means that the flow of plastic to each part of the mold should be exactly the same. This helps maintain the consistency of the parts in the same shot.
Uniform water cooling of the mold: The core and cavity of the mold should be evenly cooled to obtain a good part.
No deformation: Ensure that the mold does not bend or deform when the plastic is injected into the mold.
Exhaust Mold: The mold should be vented so that no air pressure is created during the injection process, resulting in air traps in the part.
As a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Plastic Mould is very professional and experienced in the production technology of pet prefabricated parts. We have many years of experience in product design and production. It can be said that you are the most trustworthy. one’s business Patner.

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China Pet Bottle Fast Delivery

Posted by nicolepreform on Nov 30, 2018 in News

Why is the Pet Preform injection mold always easy to burn during production, the product is not satisfied, and the product is porous. The main reason is that the exhaust structure is not good, but why the mold has gas:
1. The source of the gas in the injection mold.
(1) There is air in the gating system and the cavity. (2) There is water in the raw material (3). Because the injection temperature is too high, some plastics are unstable in nature and will generate gas generated by decomposition.

2. The exhaust system is not good.
Poor exhaust systems can cause a series of hazards to the quality of plastic parts. The main performance is as follows:
(1) In the molding process, the melt will replace the cavity in the gas. If the gas is not discharged in time, the melt filling will be difficult, resulting in insufficient injection volume to fill the cavity. (2) Poor exhaust system will cause the cavity pressure to increase. When it reaches a certain level, the gas will enter the plastic and cause pores. (3) The speed at which the molten material enters each cavity is different, which will easily cause welds. And reduce the mechanical properties of plastic parts. (5) Since the gas in the blockage chamber will reduce the filling speed and cycle time, the tax efficiency will be reduced.

3. Bubbles in the distribution of plastic products.
(1) The cavity causes bubble accumulation, usually distributed in the relative position of the door. (2) The chemical reaction of the plastic material to decompose or generate bubbles is distributed along the thickness of the plastic part. (3) Residual bubbles generated by vaporization of the plastic material are then distributed irregularly throughout the plastic part.
As a professional China Pet Bottle mold manufacturer, Jilian mold can find the properties determined by the bubble from the above-mentioned plastic bubble distribution, and also determine whether the mold exhaust part is correct and reliable, choose Jilian mold to solve for you. All the problems and risks encountered during the production process will ensure that you can deliver the goods quickly and smoothly.

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Jilian Plastics Develops New Technology For Pet Preform

Posted by nicolepreform on Nov 26, 2018 in News

As a well-known international market participant, Jilian Plastics continues to invest in new technologies for the production and processing of Pet Preform and bottles.
Most production techniques are designed indoors. Some of them are protected by patents and licenses. Considerable efforts have been made to further strengthen the technical leadership of the sector. Quality improvement and cost efficiency, such as lower energy consumption and less and less production waste, are at the heart of this.
All activities are aimed at the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine, as well as improvements in PET preforms and bottle processing.
Research and development also aims to improve production systems and develop new products and applications. Studies to improve the quality of PET barriers have led to the development of resmid, resmax, resox, ResiC and resblock.
Our R&D centers are constantly looking for ways to further improve quality, increase PET barriers, and optimize preforms and bottle designs. R&D work is carried out in our own laboratory or at the customer’s location. This provides a better understanding of the process in practice. Currently, Jilian Plastics is developing new eco-friendly barrier solutions: resilbar Eco, EcoBar and BioBar, which are part of the resilbar family, which will expand the range of current barrier products. Another development is an environmentally friendly material: elastic grinding.
As a China Pet Bottle manufacturer, we have established good relationships with customers in many other countries around the world and have a good reputation in the world market.

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