How To Improve The Problem Of Pet Preform Production

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Pet Preform is a kind of plastic product processed by injection molding. It has impermeability and insulation. It is usually used for the storage and transportation of some important liquid objects. It is common to have a blood pumping body in a hospital.

PET preforms are the main raw material for many of our blow molded bottles. In fact, the quality of PET preforms will affect the production of blow molding products to a large extent. So what are the problems with PET preform production and how can it be improved? The professional manufacturer of PET preforms is briefly described below:

First of all, some of the current preform manufacturers are on the one hand to enhance the price advantage of products, and on the other hand to improve their own profits. Therefore, doping the secondary material in the preform production process has become the unspoken rule of many merchants. Although the secondary material is inexpensive, there are various problems. These secondary materials are often difficult to meet the standards in terms of hygiene and flow into food, beverage and other markets, which will seriously affect the safety of food packaging.

Secondary preforms also have an impact on the stability of the blow molded product. Therefore, strengthening supervision and avoiding the secondary material Liurun preform market is a key point to be solved. Secondly, the preforming is easier to standardize than the blow molding bottles of different shapes, and the development of standards is conducive to the development of the market. Accelerating more detailed standards development and implementing bottle label related issues is something we need to work hard for some time to come. For pet preforms, it’s actually about the whole of plastic bottles, so we should pay more attention to them.

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Pet Preforms Are Widely Used In Life

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The most common processes used to produce Pet Preform are as follows:

Injection molding: The most common method of making pet preforms. Injection molding can be carried out with many PET materials, which is ideal for producing a large number of identical objects. This process also allows the manufacture of foamed parts. Automotive parts, containers, covers, toys, medical equipment, tools, etc. are all manufactured by this method.
Extrusion: A mass production process in which the raw material PET melts and forms a continuous profile. In this way, some modifications can be made to the foam part. Extrusion produces a wide range of PET components such as window frames, tubes, pipes and fittings, films and sheets, fences, and sunlit parts.
Blow molding: A common industrial process for forming hollow PET parts. One of the articles manufactured by this method is a bottle and a recipient widely used in our daily life.
Rotational Molding: Also known as a rotational molding process, a method of molding a hollow PET object by placing finely divided particles in a hollow mold that is rotated about two axes, exposing it to heat and then cooling. Products that can be manufactured using rotomoulding include tanks, furniture, road signs and bollards, aircraft parts, toys, playground slides, roofs…
The properties of PET make it very useful in our daily lives, so we can find almost all PET parts in automotive parts, building materials, hygiene, food packaging, toys, homes…
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Pet Preform Meet The Needs Of Various Industries

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Multi-layer blow molding is a blow molding technology developed to meet the special requirements of packaging containers such as pharmaceuticals, foods and cosmetics, such as air tightness and corrosion resistance. The basic process principle and single-layer product blow molding technology. Similarly, there are two types of co-extrusion blow molding and injection (blowing) blank blow molding. When multiple extrusions are employed in the coextrusion process, different resins are simultaneously extruded into the multilayer machine head to form a multi-layer concentric article Pet Preform, which is then blow molded.
When blowing with a pet preform. Then, after injecting a layer on the male mold, the mold cavity is changed and injected on one layer to form two layers, and the operation is repeated to form a multilayer preform pet preform, and blow molding is added. The multilayer systems currently used in the industry are polyamide/polyolefin, polystyrene/polyacrylonitrile/polypropylene, polyolefin/polyvinyl chloride and the like.
Typical applications for multi-layer blow molded articles are packaging for milk, natural juices, tea beverages, ketchup, carbonated soft drinks, beer, condiments and cosmetics that require high barrier properties.
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The Development Speed Of Pet Preform Will Continue To Accelerate

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Pet Preform are inexpensive, transparent, airtight, compressive and easy to shape. It not only solves the bottle shape design, safety, transportation and other problems of the glass container, but also avoids the shape design and opacity of the metal container. Many of the above features make it more and more widely used in PET bottle packaging, food, cosmetics, medicine, beverages, etc.
In recent years, these beverages have increasingly used PET bottles or PP and HDPE bottles as containers. It can be seen that in the next few years, the PET bottle aseptic filling market will increase at twice the current rate.
With the continuous improvement and upgrading of PET bottle technology, coupled with the demand of modern consumers for convenient beverages, PET bottles are gradually occupying the market share of other packaging products. Jilian Plastics focuses on blow molding, specializing in the production of PET. Bottles, PET processing, pharmaceutical bottles, daily chemical bottles, PET bottles, food bottles and other PET packaging products, I believe that under the leadership of the government, our company is based on the present, focusing on the future, the innovation mechanism to build a solid foundation for the company’s next development!
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Jilian Mold Is A China Pet Bottle Expert

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Blowing Pet Preform molds is a very important part of PET bottle blow molding. The improvement of all aspects of blowing bottle preform molds has far-reaching implications for all PET bottle industries. Today, let’s talk about what can improve the function of blowing bottle preforms.

First of all, the manufacture of blow molds is now made of steel. We all know that steel costs are high. A manufacturer who wants to blow a new bottle and needs to make a new blow mold often needs to pay a high cost. If you can find cheaper blowing mold manufacturing materials, this will greatly reduce the cost of PET bottle production. Secondly, the life of the blowing mold, the blowing mold needs to be blown in a high temperature environment. Therefore, many blow molds have a long life cycle, and the application cycle of the stretch blow mold is also an aspect of useful cost reduction. Finally, the production power of the blow mold, multi-cavity can be used to improve the blowing power, but how to complete more than one cavity in the limited space inside the blow molding machine is a very challenging question.

At the end of the day, the technology of blowing mold production has reached a very high level, but there is still much room for improvement. Any function that improves the blowing mold has greatly improved the production of PET bottles.

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Pet Preform Are Light And Convenient

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Pet Preform are containers that can be seen everywhere in our lives. When we use them, we also know that there are many advantages of pet preforms. So what are the aspects?

Everyone should know that PET has a high insulation. Do you feel a little surprised? Think about the wires in our home. It is very resistant to corrosion, which is why the PET bottles we use are generally not rotted for a long time, and they can hold some corrosive liquids. PET bottles are also relatively lightweight and easy to use, requiring us to carefully observe and have more powerful performance.

Of course, we should also pay attention to the use of it, it also requires us to pay attention to the appropriate maintenance work according to different environments, in order to better play its effects.

If you purchase the China Pet Bottle of Jilian mold, we will provide you with perfect after-sales service, so if you have this need, please come and contact us, we will bring you satisfactory products and services. of.

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Jilian Provides Reliable China Pet Bottle

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1. No matter what raw materials are selected, the Pet Preform must first meet the requirements of non-toxic and odor-free. Due to the wide variety of main raw materials available, it is necessary to select the comprehensive properties of the raw materials. Polyethylene, polypropylene, if you need transparency, you can choose polyester bottle (PET bottle). If you need higher barrier performance, and block light and opaque, choose brown PET bottle. Liquid dosage form is usually polypropylene or polyester bottle. As the main raw material. At present, the domestic bottle of nutrition and health products and food is mainly made of PET material or HPDE, and the bottle cap is made of PP material.

2. Sealing property and water vapor permeability of the bottle body and the cover. Sealability and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of PET bottles, which play an important role in the stability of the packaged product.

3, PET bottle product quality standards. From the product quality standards of the production plant, the quality of the product can be analyzed and judged.

4. The “Administrative Measures for the Health of PET Products and Raw Materials for Foods” promulgated for the packaging of medicines, nutraceuticals, food and beverages, and the use of recycled materials shall have clear provisions: “Where processed PET utensils, containers, food packaging materials Do not use recycled PET.”

5. Quality assurance system. Auditing suppliers has become an essential part of the purchase of PET bottles. Through auditing, a comprehensive and correct assessment of the software and hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality level of the production plant can be made.

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Jilian Mold Represents High Quality China Pet Bottle

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The quality of the bottle depends on the quality of the Pet Preform supplied. The preform is divided into two types, one is a long rubber mouth and the other is a short rubber mouth. Domestic bottle embryo manufacturers use more short-mouthed preforms, while foreign countries use more long-term glue. The preform of the long rubber mouth is cut off by the glue mouth at the bottom, and the tension is evenly distributed during the blowing process, so that the quality of the bottle which is blown out is better, and the cut portion can be recycled, which is beneficial to save the raw material cost. In today’s increasingly scarce petroleum resources, domestic manufacturers will be more inclined to the preforms of long rubber. The quality of the preform during production is controlled by the degree to which the preform is prevented from being scratched during transport.
Jilian Plastics from Huangyan, China is a representative of the quality China Pet Bottle manufacturers in the market. We have been insisting on product innovation and R&D, and strive to bring better quality to consumers in the market and meet their needs. Products, so come and contact us, I believe we will be your best choice.

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Jilian Mold Reasonable China Pet Bottle Recommendations

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Pet Preform are something that everybody needs to touch every day. The most familiar one is light weight, which is also one of the most important development directions. Most of the industries occupied by PET products are now in beverages, mineral water, shampoo and shower gel. Other industries are dominated by PET products, but packaging in beverages and other places is not very heavy. It may be a problem to implement lightweighting, because it will be lighter, and if it is lighter, it will lose the user experience and lose the market. As for the nursing series, we can still see that excessive packaging, so the price of products such as shampoo will rise, bringing some pressure to consumers.

Nowadays, PET bottles in many fields still bring a lot of problems to everyone, such as the residual things, although some of the more detailed things, but more or less have been plaguing us all the time, the upgrade of these small details is everyone needs The problem solved; at the same time, the mold opening is the molder who takes the design draft to the original mold, and few PET bottle manufacturers will analyze the defects; our PET bottles should be closer to the consumers, understand their needs and products. The subsidy of the design, the recognition of consumption is the farther way we can go.

Jilian Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. has many years of production experience in this area. With our rich experience, we can give you reasonable China Pet Bottle advice. Our mission is to help you become the most influential brand in the industry, focusing on R&D and production. Wash PET bottles, cosmetic PET bottles, PET bottles and other packaging; to achieve one-stop service, always farther than you think, more than you do, let you rest assured that our peace of mind, professional people do professional things If you have PET bottle and other production requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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Jilian Mold Pet Preform Create A Beautiful Tomorrow

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Jilian Plastics Branch from Taizhou, China is a company that produces and researches Pet Preform molds, blow molds, cap molds and various injection molds.

We are located in Huangyan, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, with developed economy and beautiful eastern coastal cities. It is close to Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway and 104 National Highway, only 17 kilometers away from Huangyan Airport and 15 kilometers away from the harbor terminal.

We design and manufacture self-locking polyester preform molds and pin valve gate polyester preform molds, which have been widely used in beverage, candy, cosmetics, edible oil, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging industries.

Our various injection molds are popular in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and China.

We will provide quality molds with sincere attitude and perfect service. We will work with you to create a better tomorrow!

Our engineers in development and concept generation specialize in achieving the smallest customer needs and working with tool manufacturers to help us achieve the highest levels of China Pet Bottle to satisfy our customers.

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