Small Elevators For Homes Installation Should Pay Attention To The Door

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With the development of the social economy, people are living more and more, and many villa families have begun to install Small Elevators For Homes use. So what are the requirements for the size of small elevator doors for home use? Otse elevator manufacturers look at the following small elevator doors
Under normal circumstances, the size of small elevator doors for home mainly has the following specifications:
▲1000KG load below, standard opening size: 800*2100
▲1000KG load, standard opening size: 900*2100
▲1100KG~1600KG load, standard opening size: 1100*2100
Of course, if the user has special requirements, it can also be widened and raised.

In addition, small elevator doors for homes also have some special requirements:
▲The indicator box, summoning box and fire switch box of the landing door should be installed in place, and the panel and the wall are compact, and the horizontal and vertical ends are positive;
▲The level of the floor sill should not exceed 2/1000, and the ridge should be 2~5mm higher than the decoration floor;
▲The layer door lock hook must be flexible. Before the operation of the locked electrical safety device is confirmed, the minimum engagement length of the locking element is 7mm;
▲The horizontal distance deviation between the floor sill and the car sill is 0~+3mm, and the maximum distance is strictly prohibited to exceed 35mm;
▲The door closing forced closing device must be in normal operation;
▲The gap between the door knife and the floor door sill, the door lock roller and the car sill should not be less than 5mm.

The above is the knowledge about the size of small elevator doors for households. Everyone should pay attention to the size and specifications of the elevator doors when installing home elevators.



Small Elevators For Homes Do A Good Job Of Testing

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In fact, the construction of small elevators in the home is still very troublesome, and it also requires a certain amount of time and time to do the renovation work. It is really not so simple. Therefore, in the construction process, we should also do a good job of inspection. Before installing the elevator, we must also do a good job in the overall design, the location of the small elevators in the home, and the situation of changing the electricity, we must all need to confirm.

During the construction process, we should supervise the situation of the other workers changing water and electricity, so that the subsequent installation of Small Elevators For Homes will not be affected. Similarly, the use of our elevators is safer and more secure. After completing the installation of the small elevators in the home, we must also pay special attention to the overall inspection. We must do a good job of testing. There are some special positions, and it should be clear whether it can work normally. This will allow us to know how we can do a good job of overall use and operation. As soon as we have done a good job of checking, we can really guarantee it.



Small Elevators For Homes Analysis Elevator Safety

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I hope that through the introduction of this article, you can understand some things that children need to pay attention to when riding a Small Elevators For Homes. Then follow the otse elevator company to understand the specific matters.

1. Press the small elevator button at home repeatedly. Many children like to use small elevators in their homes when they are waiting for small elevators. Parents warn children that this will not speed up the operation of small elevators in the home, but will affect the sensitivity of small elevators and reduce the life of small elevators.

2. Use your hand to block the small elevators in your home. Sometimes I just rushed to the entrance of the small elevator at home and found that the elevator door was closed immediately. In the rush, the child would even subconsciously handle the hand. I don’t know if this situation is very dangerous. It is very likely that the small elevator in the home will be faulty or insensitive. The handle is pinched off and even people can carry it with the small elevators in the home.

3. When holding the switch button in the small elevator in the home, hold the small elevator door at home. Generally, when a small elevator is used in a home, the child likes to press the floor number. At this time, his hand is often used to support the inner layer of the small elevator door of the home. Parents must always pay attention.

4. The small elevator in the home makes a jump. Some naughty children often like to play in the small elevators in the home. This behavior is also very dangerous. It is likely to affect the operation of the elevator, causing unnecessary danger and trouble.



Custom Small Elevators For Homes

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There are also many types of home elevators, which may have different functions and effects when used. We should look at it when we understand it. Can it be customized? Is to look at the basic situation of small elevators in the home, is it good in the performance and effect of actual use? If you understand very well, it will be more convenient when you choose. Customization will be better, because it can be very similar to your own house, and the effect may be good when you use it. It is indeed an option.

Basically, it can be customized, and some functions can be selected at the time of use. Different functions and specific usage may be different. Consumers should first understand the common sizes of Small Elevators For Homes. Is it satisfactory to choose the size specification? If you can’t choose to be satisfied, you can customize it. It is to communicate the specific design style, and you need to see how you can use it better. You still need to spend on this issue. The person himself has to worry too much.

Now manufacturers are doing a good job in the overall service, as long as you want to know the small elevators in the home, you can consult the relevant customer service staff, whether it is material or price, or the specific installation and after-sales work is now better. In this way, we can also recognize the value of the elevator to a large extent, and can also give some better evaluations. Consumers should understand the well-known manufacturers, so that it is convenient to compare prices, you can also look at the specific The price is suitable for these places, and the effect in the family is good.



The Problem Of Small Elevators For Homes

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Nowadays, more and more elevators appear in ours, so what problems should designers pay attention to when designing Small Elevators For Homes use?

First, the function and safety measures of the elevator. The user of the small elevator in the home lacks the expertise of the elevator. There is no special elevator to use the service personnel, and the safety cannot be reduced. It is best to follow the standard configuration of the passenger elevator.

1 There are generally two ways to open the door. Automatic doors and manual doors. Automatic, manual doors must have an electromechanical interlock function to prevent the door from being opened when the door is opened and the elevator is not in use.

2 Foreign small-scale elevators on the 2nd floor have no hoistway and no door. However, there must be safety measures to prevent shear collisions.

3 Some home small elevator manual swing door design. The car has no door. The light curtain door must then be installed to ensure that the risk of frictional collisions is prevented.

4 It is recommended that the car be connected to the local extension to prevent the troubled person from calling for help.

5 Add self-rescue measures and procedures when people are trapped. The passenger elevator does not allow passengers to save themselves. The family is different. Fully copying may cause long-term sleepiness.

6 Standard with power-off emergency leveling function and device. However, this function is used when an abnormal state such as maintenance is required.

Second, the hoistway location and space: the hoistway location space determines the size of the elevator and door opening. It is a good idea to combine the elevator in the middle of the stairs.

1 The middle of the stairs, the corners of the walls, and the external plugs are all acceptable.

2 Reverse the width of the hoistway with the width of the opening, and push the height of the car with the height of the top.

3 The recommended load capacity is 3-4 people, 225-320KG, and the size of the car is 0.8-1.0 square meters. The area relative load can be larger than the passenger ladder to increase comfort.

Third, the pit and the top layer; the bottom pit is to install the buffer and to accommodate the car bottom, and the top layer is to be equipped with a traction machine. Some hops can’t dig pits, the top level is small, etc. Small elevators for homes must be flexibly designed to suit local conditions.

1 Generally, the small pit is 150mm. The bottomless pit can be borrowed from the ground using the decorative floor, and then the elevator is raised one step, about 70~100mm.

2 top floor height > 2438mm, car height 2032mm

Fourth, the car plane layout and shape: in order to save the area needs a reasonable layout, the use of double-span open automatic door, the counterweight side of the program is more reasonable. The width of the hoistway is 1200mm, which corresponds to the width of the car 850mm and the width of the door is 700mm.

1 The U-turn staircase stair space is preferred to install a small elevator for the home. Steel structure well, light transmission design.

2 If it is a circular staircase with a circular arc elevator is more beautiful. Two kinds, one is a common semi-arc car with a plane automatic door, and the other is an arc-shaped car with a circular arc-shaped automatic door.



The Price Of Small Elevators For Homes Use

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The small-sized elevators are not the smallest and the cheaper. The price of Small Elevators For Homes depends on whether the construction cost of the hoistway, the equipment cost of the elevator, the installation and transportation costs, the maintenance and the warranty period. In addition, it is necessary to combine the daily use of electricity and maintenance costs to determine whether regular invoices will be provided. The price of the elevator is related to the brand, the height and the configuration. The price of different drive modes is different (there are three types of traction, hydraulic type, screw type). Generally speaking, 15 to 20 million domestically produced, or imported four-story small elevators are all included in the package. 10,000 to 30 tens of thousands, if the all-inclusive offer is tens of thousands to 100,000, personal advice does not consider installing elevators or climbing stairs safe, after all, home small elevators are still safe, comprehensive budget, like buying a car Take a look at the elevator in the physical store. Based on the comprehensive comparison of the above costs, the company chooses to cooperate directly with the manufacturers, rather than the middlemen who circle around the circle.



How To Install A Small Elevators For Homes

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1. Before the overall renovation of the house, it is best to communicate with the designer of the elevator company and give the owner the most reasonable advice. The location of the hoistway directly determines the size of the elevator and the way the door is opened. If possible, combining with the stairs is the best method.

Small Elevators For Homes can be selected in the middle of the stairs, corners or plug-ins. In short, the most basic principle is that it is convenient to use and not to block the passages, and it is necessary to estimate the width of the well and the top height of the car according to the size of the position.

2, home small elevator installation, Otse elevator can provide a variety of styles and styles for the owner to choose, if these designs are not enough to meet your perfection, Otse elevator also provides advanced customization services, masters, only masters.

The small elevators for the home are designed with the special features of private homes. The design is based on the luxurious texture details. The concept of safety and practicality is tailor-made for you to create creative, artistic and contemporary elevator products. A new, private and exclusive experience that you don’t have to worry about.

The otse home small elevator manufacturer will bring more high-quality elevator options to our customers, pay attention to our website, and regularly update the elevator-related expertise to give you a deeper understanding of elevator knowledge.



Reduce The Impact Of Small Elevators For Homes Noise

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With the increasing popularity of small elevator applications in homes, villa owners are increasingly demanding Small Elevators For Homes. In particular, there are old people and children in the family not only to pursue the convenience of the upper and lower traffic brought by the elevator, but also to minimize the noise during the operation, so as not to disturb the quiet and comfortable life rhythm of the family.

How to reduce the noise impact of small elevators in operation? Otse’s small elevators have made great reforms and innovations in reducing the noise of elevators. First of all, the noise of the small elevators in operation is mainly related to whether the elevator main engine, the control cabinet and the wire rope are wrapped. The Otse home small elevator now uses a permanent magnet synchronous mainframe, which makes the elevator run more smoothly. The second use is a contactless period control machine, the volume of 540mm (height) * 300mm (width) * 160mm (thickness) is equivalent to an ordinary computer display size, small size is easy to hide. The third bare wire rope is wrapped with anti-friction plastic material, which greatly reduces the noise caused by friction during the traction process and extends the life of the wire rope.

Otse’s small elevators will develop towards the goal of innovative R&D, safety, energy saving, less pollution, low noise, long life and green environmental protection. With the original intention of “up and down, safe and secure”, the company will focus on “safety, space, Design, brand “four central points, and strive to build a high-efficiency, intelligent, technology private elevator space for the modern family.



Small Elevators For Homess Save Space

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For villa owners, they care more about whether their private villa space can be used reasonably. In particular, a small family elevator is installed, and they hope to bring about an increase in the quality of life and taste while occupying as little space as possible.

So what is the minimum size of a small elevator in a home? At present, the Otse Small Elevators For Homes is a small family elevator designed to allow the majority of villa owners to save their villa space. The Otse Small Elevators For Homes adopts the private elevator of the inorganic room integrated hoistway, which greatly saves the use space of the elevator, and breaks the reserved size and cannot install the elevator limit that you want. At present, only the reserved size: 1200*900mm, you can install a small family elevator with a load capacity of 300Kg and a capacity of 3-4 people.

Otse Elevator Company is well-known for its focus on private elevators such as home elevators, villa elevators, seat lifts, jump elevators, and corridor elevators, especially in private high-end elevators to customize and handle private luxury homes, townhouses, and villas. Elevator solutions such as complex structures and complex technical difficulties are outstanding. Committed to providing high-end, safe and architectural style matching home elevators, villa elevators, seat elevators and various stair assistance solutions for different customers.



Small Elevators For Homes Maintenance Guide

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With the continuous improvement of the living standards in the new era, people will choose to install a small Small Elevators For Homes at home for the high quality of life, and add smooth oil to the traction machine of the small elevator. There are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. The open oil nozzle should look at the oil during the two scales. If the oil is lower than the lower scale, it should be sent to the traction machine to refuel. If it is not oiled, the elevator will last for a long time. The operation will not get very smooth, which will cause the destruction of the elevator traction machine and the motor. Then come today to follow the otse elevator manufacturers to specifically understand these issues.

1: Therefore, it is necessary to send the elevator to change the oil in real time, so that the traction machine for protecting the elevator remains smooth.

2: Cleaning and smoothing of the elevator car guide shoes. Everyone knows that the guide shoes are running on the guide rails, and there is an oil cup upstream of the guide shoes. To make the elevators do not produce conflicts during operation, the oil cups are regularly fed and the guide shoes are cleaned, and the cleaning of the cleaned cars should be cleaned.

3: The nursery hall door and the car door are nursed back to health. The problem with the elevator is usually on the elevator hall door and the car door, so you should pay attention to the nursery back on the hall door and the car door. First, the fueling location on the upper canopy of the door is refueled, and the car stays fine and smooth, and the elevator will not release an unpleasant sound during operation and opening of the door. Pay attention to the safety touch panel of the elevator or the inspection of the light curtain type touch panel switch line. Because the frequency of the elevator switch door is high, the switch line will be damaged. This conditional maintenance staff is forced to check in every work. It is necessary to change in advance, so that users do not have doubts about the quality of elevator products due to door problems.

Electrical components are divided into control panels, electrical switches of various safety circuits, etc. It is the brain of the elevator and the central nerve of the elevator. The start, operation and door switches of the elevator are dominated by it, so it must be in the maintenance work. Demand counts it as a sinking one. It is best not to implement the short circuit of the elevator circuit in the control panel during work.

If a private open-air door is headed inside, the elevator just runs up or down here, and the hall door is short-circuited and the elevator cannot stop, so the event may happen. Therefore, we should not send the safety circuit to the short-circuit in all the maintenance work. If it is necessary to short-circuit, it is necessary to check the safety component.


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