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X-ray inspection machines are very important testing equipment in modern industrial production. Whether it is in lithium batteries, SMT, semiconductors, LEDs, or automotive electronics, aerospace components, medical products and other industries have a wide range of applications.

Why are X-ray applications so extensive?

First, let us understand what is X-ray?

X-ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave with extremely short wavelength and great energy. It has strong penetrating power and can penetrate various kinds of substances of general density that cannot be penetrated by visible light.

Second, let’s take a look at the principle of X-ray detection.

The principle of X-ray detection is to emit X-rays through the X-ray generator, which can penetrate the test samples without damage (for example: PCB board, lithium battery, etc.). According to the difference in light absorbance of the sample material, X-rays are received by the image intensifier and imaged. And taking pictures, comparing, analyzing and judging the formed images.

So, how does the Tongda analysis equipment device perform the inspection?

Detection range and effect:

1, lithium battery industry battery inspection

2, PCB electronic components internal defect inspection

3, automotive electronic assembly inspection

4, IC package inspection

5. Aerospace component inspection

6, LED placement inspection

7, medical product packaging inspection

Tongda Technology’s Tongda analysis equipment is widely used in the above industries. As an important means of non-destructive testing, it has played an important role in improving product quality. At the same time, we have also launched other inspection equipment series, which is believed to meet the needs of different customers.



Adjustment Of Tongda Analysis Equipment

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The Tongda analysis device circuit has no adjustment part except the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer. As long as the welding is correct, the circuit can work normally. When the whole machine is static, that is, when the speaker does not sound, the total current is about 10mA. When the sound of the metal speaker is detected, the current of the whole machine rises to 20mA.

If the new Tongda analysis equipment does not work properly, first check whether the components on the circuit board and the wiring are soldered incorrectly, and then measure whether the battery voltage and the power supply loop are normal. The voltage regulator diode VD1 is stable between 5.5 and 6.5V, VD2. Do not weld the polarity. Do not weld the primary and secondary ends of the oscillating coil in the disc.

Tongda Analysis Equipment Maintenance Instructions:

1. Equipment maintenance (especially welding and drilling) is prohibited during the operation of the equipment. An isolation barrier should be provided to prevent welding slag and debris from scattering.

2. A complete isolation board should be used when installing new equipment.

3. Prior to transporting the repaired equipment back to the production line, it should be cleaned with magnetic pads, brushes and a vacuum cleaner.

4. After completing any repairs or installations, a quality assurance team member should inspect the equipment and its surrounding area.

5. Tongda analysis equipment usage precautions.

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Tongda Analysis Equipment Received State Funding Support

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X-ray inspection, divided into industrial large parts inspection; plastic bonding; safety inspection; IC, small motor, circuit board parts inspection; medical;

Xray micro focus Use: Check the chip, the internal structure of the device, bit shift.

Uses: Semiconductor BGA, circuit board and other internal displacement analysis; to facilitate the determination of BGA welding defects such as empty welding, virtual welding

XRAY: Micro-focus X-rays can pass through the molding compound and image the metal parts inside the encapsulation. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for evaluating lead deformation caused by flow induced stress. In circuit testing, the result of lead breakage is an open circuit, and the leads are The cross or lead is pressed on the edge of the die pad or on the metal wiring of the chip, which appears as a short circuit. X-ray analysis also evaluates the generation and location of bubbles, which are easily detected in large cavities larger than 1 mm in diameter.

Xray is related to the difference between CT: In simple terms, XRAY is projected by a concentrated beam to output a gray image, and CT is simulated as a three-dimensional image by rotating the beam and the sample and scanning each projection by computer tomography. Microfocus xray, mobile ray tube also has CT three-dimensional imaging computed tomography.

Standard detection resolution <500 nm; geometric magnification: 2000 times maximum magnification: 10000 times;

Low radiation: less than 1 μSv per hour; Voltage: 160 KV, open tube design

Anti-collision design; BGA and SMT (QFP) automatic analysis software, gap calculation software, general defect automatic identification software and video recording. These features are ideal for a variety of 2D inspection and 3D microfocus computed tomography (μCT) applications.

Tongda is a professional R&D manufacturer of analytical instruments. Tongda analysis equipment has received great financial support from the state. Whether it is in the use of equipment or in terms of price, it is very advantageous. Welcome all interested customers to contact us. Believe that we will not let you regret it.


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