Tongda Analysis Machine Selection Considerations

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The precautions for purchasing the Tongda analysis machine in the laboratory are generally distinguished by the output value of the Tongda analyzer in the same category of ice machines. The primary goal is the amount of ice produced by the Tongda analyzer every day. Of course, the ideal conditions for writing. Under. The output value of most Tongda analyzer manufacturers is calculated under ideal conditions (such as room temperature 10 degrees, inlet water temperature 10 degrees).

The capacity of the ice storage bucket is also an important consideration in the selection of the Tongda analyzer. The number of people in the laboratory who are engaged in biological testing has been decided to use a lot. It is assumed that all people use the same amount of demand, and it is best that the amount of ice storage bucket is the same as this amount.

The Tongda analysis machine is often fully active during the operation. It does not require manual intervention and will actively make ice. When the ice storage tank is full, the machine will take the signal to stop the operation actively. Therefore, the volume of the ice storage bucket is This is the maximum amount of ice that can be taken from this Tongda analyzer.

In view of the above factors, we can consider the selection from the following aspects:

1. If there are many people in the laboratory doing molecular biology related tests, and often take ice at the same time, it is best to choose a type that has a large amount of ice and a relatively large ice storage bucket (number of people x ice intake per time) ).

2. If there are not many people in the laboratory who do related experiments in molecular biology, and the probability of collecting ice is low, then you can consider choosing a smaller ice storage bucket, and you can choose a smaller model for ice production.

3. If there are many people in the laboratory doing molecular biology related tests, but the probability of taking ice at the same time is small, then you can consider choosing an ice storage bucket with a relatively small amount of ice and a large amount of ice storage. , can also save the cost of the purchase.



Tongda Analysis Machine Selection Considerations

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One factor to consider when purchasing a Tongda analysis machine is the penetration of the Tongda analyzer. The penetration capability of the Tongda analyzer depends on the capacity of the Tongda analyzer. The tube voltage of the Tongda analyzer is higher. The higher the tube voltage, the harder the X-ray, the greater the energy, the stronger the penetration, the penetration and the tube voltage. The square is proportional.

Of course, at the same tube voltage, it is also related to the properties of the material density of the workpiece to be inspected, that is, to the X-ray attenuation ability of the workpiece to be inspected. For heavy metals such as steel and thicker workpieces, due to their strong ability to attenuate X-rays, the Tongda analyzer with higher tube voltage should be selected. For light metals such as aluminum and magnesium and thinner workpieces, the tube voltage can be selected. Lower Tongda analyzer.

As for the various working methods of this kind of tool, it is also based on a series of researches and related achievements in the physical chemical industry in China. It is divided into several different categories to apply to different fields.

They all have their own working principles, but most of them belong to non-destructive testing, that is, using physical methods to make the detected object surface or internal scar detection activities without any chemical changes, so that problems or defects are found. It can be solved and improved in time to mediate the production quality of the entire production line.

When choosing a Tongda analyzer, you should carefully consider the factors such as the ray penetration capability of the device, the focus of the ray tube, and the shape of the workpiece being inspected. Generally, the penetration capability of the Tongda analyzer is closely related to the overall capacity of the device, and the tube voltage of the device is stronger than the high penetration capability.



Safety Warning Of Tongda Analysis Machine

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Considered environment

The X-rays of most Tongda analyzers are only emitted directly through the glass package. Choosing a Tongda analyzer has a flawless window depending on the application. Some factors such as low energy flow and equipment conditions will affect the choice. For example, if your Tongda analyzer has an output window, you must pay special attention to its environmental requirements. The output window consists of a high-purity base metal, typically a 125-μm thick sash. In the metal composition, bismuth, including water, alcohol and acid, is extremely fused. Therefore, if the window exposure time is too long, when they will damage the output window, it will endanger the built-in vacuum purity of the Tongda analyzer and cause damage to the Tongda analyzer. If your window needs to be cleaned, use a copper-copper swab (non-fused) cleaning.

General safety warning

1. In addition to generating radiation from the output port, the Tongda analyzer also generates radiation from other areas. Any design must incorporate appropriate radiation protection. Don’t assume that the radiation is only emitted from the output port. Be sure to review the Tongda Analyzer Radiation Response Sheet before implementing your design.

2.Tongda analyzes the opportunity to generate heat. In fact, most of the energy input into the Tongda analyzer is consumed in the form of heat. One reason for the premature failure of the Tongda analyzer was caused by improper cooling. Please check in time to ensure that your cooling design is appropriate.

3. The Tongda analyzer or X-ray source is a high voltage device, so be sure to ground properly. This means that the grounded Tongda analyzer power supply is packaged. Regardless of the X-ray source or its user, the deviation introduced by the power supply can cause serious damage.

4. The Tongda analyzer requires that its maximum filament current not be exceeded during use. If it exceeds, the filament will overheat, melt and separate, causing the Tongda analyzer to not work. To prevent this from happening, your filament power supply must have an ultra-high current limiter circuit. This ultra-high current circuit value must be set above the published data sheet value, but below the maximum filament rating. It can only be run if your Tongda analysis machine is protected by an ultra-high current circuit.



Tongda Analysis Machine X-ray Tube Working Environment

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Since the boiling point of the liquid changes little, it is almost constant temperature, and the working medium with a large vaporization heat can be selected, so that the x-ray tube heat pipe can transfer a large amount of heat under a small temperature difference. According to the temperature range, the x-ray tube heat pipe can be divided into: low temperature (below 0 ° C); medium temperature (200 ° C - 600 ° C); normal temperature (0-20 ° C); high temperature (600 ° C or higher) heat pipe.

The actual working environment temperature of the x-ray tube is between -10 °C and 40 °C, and the tube head is at 0-80 °C. Therefore, the normal temperature heat pipe is used in the anode of the x-ray tube. Therefore, relatively large power must be supplied to the anode, but the efficiency of the X-ray tube is very low, and the electron beam power of 99% or more becomes the anode heat loss, and the focal spot is overheated.

X-ray tubes are an integral part of the Tongda analysis machine. The vacuum inside the tube is not less than 10-4 Pa. The cathode is a direct heating type spiral tungsten wire, and the anode is a metal target inlaid on the end face of the copper block. The target and electron beam energy are selected according to the purpose of the tube, and tungsten is commonly used as a target. The cathode operating temperature is about 2000K, and the emitted electrons are accelerated by tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of volts and then hit the target surface.

In order to avoid overheating of the anode, different ways of cooling the anode or the tube are employed to reduce the temperature at the focal spot or to tilt the target surface by a certain angle to provide a larger heat dissipation area. As technology continues to advance, there has been an X-ray tube with a control grid between the anode target and the cathode, and pulse modulation is applied to the control grid to control the X-ray output.

The timing repeat exposure can be adjusted by changing the pulse width and repetition frequency. The penetration ability of the X-ray flaw detector depends on the capacity of the X-ray flaw detector. The tube voltage of the X-ray flaw detector is higher. The higher the tube voltage, the harder the X-ray, the greater the energy, the stronger the penetration ability and the penetrating ability. It is proportional to the square of the tube voltage.

In addition, at the same tube voltage, it is also related to the properties such as the density of the material of the workpiece to be inspected, that is, the ability of the workpiece to be inspected to attenuate the X-rays. For heavy metals such as steel and thicker workpieces, X-ray flaw detectors with higher tube voltages should be selected because of their strong ability to attenuate X-rays. For light metals such as aluminum and magnesium and thinner workpieces, tubes can be selected. A lower voltage X-ray flaw detector.



Tongda Analysis Machine Results Are Not Accurate Reasons

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The Tongda analysis machine has a very important position in industrial production activities and plays a role in maintaining the safety and order of production activities. If the detector fails and cannot be processed in time, it will cause serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the fault handling and maintenance work of the Tongda analyzer, so as to fully exert its alarm function, maintain life and property safety, and promote industrial activities. Smooth progress.

However, during the use of the Tongda analyzer, the instrument may malfunction for some reasons. The Tongda analyzer indicates that the instability is one of the common faults. Then, what are the reasons for the instability of the Tongda analyzer?
There are four main reasons for the instability of the Tongda analyzer.
1. Because the Tongda analyzer is in a ventilated place, the indicator is faulty due to the influence of the wind direction; the detector is located at the intersection of the airflow, which affects the normal operation of the indicator;
2. The filter of the Tongda analyzer is blocked;
3. The sex Tongda analyzer has a large vibration during use, which affects normal work;
4. The components of the Tongda analyzer are contaminated, making the alarm meter indication unstable.
For the Tongda analyzer to indicate the unstable Tongda analyzer, the following solutions are proposed. If the fault is caused by the first cause, then the location of the Tongda analyzer should be changed. If it is caused by other reasons, then it needs to be cleaned. Filter, replace and install new components.



Tongda Analysis Machine Work Requirements

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There are some requirements for analysts and analytical devices in the use of tongda analyzers. First, the qualification requirements for analysts:

1. Personnel engaged in analysis shall have the necessary professional knowledge and obtain qualification certificates issued by the competent national authorities in accordance with their work.

2, color blindness and corrected visual acuity less than 1.0 may not be engaged in analytical operations.

For the analyst’s requirements, the following focuses on the requirements of the analytical device:

1. The analysis device shall be capable of completing the magnetization of the test piece, applying magnetic powder, providing observation conditions and demagnetization, etc., without special instructions, without demagnetization device;

2. The analysis device should be suitable for the shape, size, material and surface state of the test piece and meet the detection requirements for defects and can be analyzed effectively and safely;

3. The magnetizing device has two kinds of current method and permanent magnet method. The current method can be further divided into alternating current, direct current, pulsating current, inrush current, rotating magnetic field, etc.;

4. The device magnetized with current shall be capable of providing the test piece with the magnetic potential required to detect the defect;

5. The magnetic type or magnetic pole type device shall indicate the lifting force data under the specified magnetic pole distance as the basis for measuring the necessary magnetic potential of the device to be input to the test piece;

6. The magnetic suspension application device in the wet method should be provided with a stirring mechanism in the magnetic suspension tank so that the magnetic suspension uniformly dispersing the magnetic powder can be stably applied to the test piece without affecting the generated magnetic marks;

7. The magnetic powder applying device in the dry method must make the dried magnetic powder uniformly dispersed state, and can stably apply the magnetic powder to the test piece without affecting the generated magnetic mark;

8. When using fluorescent magnetic powder or fluorescent magnetic powder magnetic suspension analysis, black light irradiation device should be used;

9. The demagnetization device shall be capable of reducing the residual magnetism to a specified limit according to the purpose of the test piece;

10. The Tongda analysis machine unit must be periodically verified. It is generally stipulated once a year, including the performance verification of ammeters, timing devices, and black light illumination devices.



Is The Tongda Analysis Machine Safe To Use?

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Industrial Tongda analyzer, a general term for equipment for X-ray or tomographic inspection of the internal structure of an object, including X-ray tube head assemblies, control boxes, and connecting cables. The X-ray device can be divided into a directional type and a circumferential type according to the direction of the X-ray emission and the window range; and can be classified into a fixed type and a mobile type according to the installation form. When x-rays directly illuminate us, interaction with human tissue can cause some changes in the body’s cells, which can destroy parts of the body’s structure.

For example, breakage of a protein or DNA strand may also directly damage cells. In addition, x-rays can form a kind of free radicals through the moisture contained in the human body, thereby indirectly injuring the human body. From the above introduction, x-ray damage to the human body is really great. So, will the Tongda analyzer have such a big impact on the human body when it is working?

In fact, the Tongda analyzer is usually used indoors. After the wall is blocked, the amount of radiation outside the wall can be completely accepted by the human body without affecting it. Even the staff does not need to transmit protective clothing. Now, have you lifted your fear of the Tongda analyzer? As long as we pay more attention and stay away from radiation, our physical health is generally not affected by x-rays.

Tongda analysis machine The principle of industrial ray machines is a non-destructive method that uses X-ray tube X-rays to penetrate substances and have attenuating properties in matter to find defects. X-rays can be used to inspect internal defects in metallic and non-metallic materials and their products. For example, voids in the weld, slag inclusions, incomplete penetration and other volume defects.



Does Tongda Analysis Equipment Radiation Harmful?

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First, the Tongda analysis equipment itself has shielding devices for Tongda analysis equipment, such as protective lead plates and lead glass. Secondly, the heads are related to the gates or the protective cover, and the primary illumination surface is airtight. As for the leakage, some of the measurements are smaller with respect to the illuminating surface, and the wavelength becomes longer. The damage to the human body is even smaller. If you are still not at ease, the surrounding equipment should be equipped with protective equipment like a front screen, and you will be sure to hide behind it. X-rays are not going to turn. In addition, the technicians who perform the illuminating will be monitored outside the room during the X-ray emission time. The door is made of lead that blocks the penetration of Tongda’s analytical equipment. Therefore, closing the door and controlling it outside can indeed prevent radiation damage. In addition, the technicians will also wear protective clothing to avoid damage from radiation radiation. As for whether the door has anti-radiation effect, it depends on its manufacturing materials. It is possible to prevent the inner layer of the Tongda analysis device from sandwiching a layer of lead of appropriate thickness, since the lead element is a chemical element that blocks the Tongda analysis equipment and gamma ray penetration. Others, but also look at the information on the wall. To protect your body cells from radiation damage, wear clothing that blocks radiation or in an environment with a radiation barrier.



Tongda Analysis Machine Is Rich In Variety

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The industrial Tongda analyzer is divided into two large-scale mobile Tongda analyzers and portable Tongda analysis machine.

Mobile Tongda analyzer: usually composed of console, high voltage generator, ray tube head, cooling device, high voltage cable and low voltage cable, lifting trailer and water pipe, etc. It is large in size and generally suitable for fixed inspection sites, but due to wearing The advantages of strong penetration and long use time make the range and effect of the mobile Tongda analyzer greatly improved. With the professional image intensifier system, the real-time imaging effect of the detected workpiece can be realized. Greatly improve the efficiency of detection. Similarly, powerful system functions are destined to be relatively expensive.

Portable Tongda analyzer: It is insulated by SF6 gas, small in size and light in weight. The machine consists of three parts: console, X-ray generator and low-voltage connecting cable. This Tongda analyzer is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and is widely used in on-site construction testing. Generally, less than 60 mm of the detected workpiece can be photographed by a portable Tongda analyzer to obtain effective results.

Tongda analyzer is divided into directional radiation and circumferential radiation from the radiation angle.

Directional radiation: fixed unidirectional radiation, the cone angle of the beam is generally in the range of 40 ° ~ 45 °.

Circumferential radiation: the beam is radiated X-rays simultaneously on a 360° circumference perpendicular to the axis of the X-ray tube. This is used to detect the entire weld bead by one exposure for detecting the annular weld of a large-diameter pipe and a spherical container. Photographic work can greatly improve the efficiency of detection.

Tongda analyzers can be divided into glass shell X-ray tubes and corrugated ceramic X-ray tubes according to the different X-ray tube materials.

Glass-shell X-ray tube: It is commonly used at home and abroad because it is relatively simple to manufacture.

Corrugated ceramic X-ray tube: It is currently used in variable frequency gas insulated portable X-ray machine. It has some characteristics of long life, small size and light weight of cermet tube.



Tongda Analysis Machine Has A Wide Range Of Uses

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Portable, easy to carry around, direct reading portable spectrometer, if there is such an instrument, you can move it, even in your hand, then you will choose it?

With the rapid advancement of science and technology, mobile phones and notebooks have gradually replaced desktop computers, and they are portable and ready to work. It is becoming more and more valuable in this era of information.

Another friend said to me that I didn’t dare to be interested in the computer. In the past, she couldn’t do without the computer every day. The first thing to go home every day is to turn on the phone. I am very curious. I am busy asking why, she said that she is playing mobile phones now. I can do all the mobile phones. It can be seen that portability is of great significance to people.

Dandong Tongda Technology Co., Ltd. has a direct reading and portable spectrometer among the many Tongda analyzers. The company has independently developed a mobile portable spectrometer and represented the Ike handheld portable spectrometer. The most advanced RHOS analysis technology, fast speed, multi-function, high precision, suitable for any different users, through years of development and development experience, has considerable experience. And these direct-reading handheld portable spectrometers will continue to innovate and develop, seek for excellence in technology, and constantly develop a more direct-reading portable spectrometer in the market. Provide effective detection technology and sophisticated testing equipment, and actively participate in the testing of the foundry business.

The portable spectrometer is ideal for situations where it is necessary to perform on-site inspections or to detect large sample volumes. It can display the results of the analysis in a few seconds and perform rapid detection and analysis on the job site. Users save more than just sampling time. If the sample is expensive, there is no need to waste money on sampling, which is suitable for various complex environmental tests.

Dandong Tongda Technology Co., Ltd. constantly introduces new Tongda analysis machine, professional service customers, and constantly explores the application potential of the products, so as to provide the best service for our customers, and also enable our brands to be in the market. There is a longer development.


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