What Are The Uses Of China Benchtop Xrd

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Application of Tongda analysis machine

Tongda analyzers have many varieties and are widely used, not only in nuclear facilities, but also in scientific research institutions, medical institutions, geology and coal field exploration and mining, oil extraction and refining, highway and bridge construction, machinery manufacturing and installation, building materials (especially cement Factories), textiles, cigarettes, shipbuilding, electricity, pharmaceuticals, breeding, papermaking, metallurgy, instrument and watch manufacturing, film production, wood, plastics, flour, feed processing, cable, fluorescent lamp production and other industries have been applied in various industries.
For decades, the application of desktop xrd in China has made significant contributions to the development of the national economy and the protection of people’s health. In terms of medicine, Chinese desktop xrd is widely used in medical diagnosis, treatment and disinfection. It is used for irradiation breeding in agriculture, which can improve quality, increase yield, and can also be used for sterilization and preservation. In industry, it can be used for petroleum, coal and other resources exploration, ore composition analysis, industrial flaw detection, non-destructive testing, material modification and level, density, thickness measurement, etc. China benchtop xrd can also be used for satellite power supply, fire smoke alarm, sewage treatment, etc.

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Introduction To The Principle Of China Benchtop Xrd

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When an electric current is applied to the filament of an X-ray tube to heat it to an incandescent state, free electrons are emitted from the surface of the filament. At the same time, the high voltage of tens of thousands of volts is applied to the two ends of the X-ray tube (the anode is positive and the cathode is negative), which creates a strong electric field in the Tongda analysis machine tube, which will force the filament surface and its vicinity Of electrons fly out of the cathode and flow to the anode with great acceleration. When they collide with the anode target, the electrons are suddenly prevented from moving and lose their kinetic energy. About 99% of the kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy and about 1%. Into X-rays.
The free electrons flowing from the cathode filament to the anode form a beam of electrons called tube current. The amount of tube current depends on the number of free electrons emitted by the filament. The more electrons flowing from the cathode to the anode, the greater the tube current and the more electrons that hit the anode target per unit time. The more, the greater the intensity of the X-ray. The number of free electrons emitted by the filament depends on the temperature of the filament. The higher the temperature of the filament, the more electrons are emitted. The filament heating is supplied by the filament transformer. The voltage of the filament transformer is changed by controlling and adjusting, that is, the heating current of the filament is changed to achieve the purpose of regulating the tube current.
The X-ray intensity can be changed by adjusting the tube current. As long as the tube voltage is constant, the X-ray wavelength distribution remains constant regardless of the X-ray intensity.
The voltage applied across the anode and cathode of an X-ray tube is called the tube voltage, which can establish a strong electric field and control the kinetic energy of free electrons. The higher the tube voltage, the greater the kinetic energy of the electrons that hit the anode target, the higher the X-ray energy, the shorter its wavelength, and the stronger its ability to penetrate matter.
The tube voltage is supplied by a high-voltage transformer, usually the secondary winding of the high-voltage transformer is connected to the two poles of the X-ray tube; the primary winding is connected to the power source through a voltage regulator (or thyristor voltage regulation). By controlling and adjusting the primary voltage, the secondary voltage is changed to achieve the purpose of regulating the tube voltage.
With the increase of the tube voltage, the speed of electrons flowing to the anode increases, the number of electrons reaching the anode target surface per unit time increases, and the intensity of X-rays produced by China benchtop xrd also increases accordingly. However, the purpose of increasing the tube voltage is mainly to obtain high energy, that is, short-wavelength X-rays, to improve its ability to penetrate matter.

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Purchasing Qualified China Benchtop Xrd

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Because the Tongda analysis machine is a very professional instrument, not a professional, it is impossible to understand this instrument, so many counterfeiters drilled holes. Some domestic manufacturers use the characteristic that digital X-ray flaw detection can be faked to produce unqualified products.

If you do not have a professional detection tool, the following simple detection methods can help you identify authenticity:

1. When the probe is not connected, adjust the gain to a relatively large value. The waveform on the screen cannot exceed 10% of the screen. If it exceeds, the instrument is unqualified.

2. See if the vertical linearity is qualified or not.

3, there are some indicators need special test blocks. It is recommended that the new instrument be sent to the provincial metrological testing institute for identification, so as not to be fooled.

4, the price is extremely low.

5. Pay attention to the production process and certification documents. Generally, X-rays require professional training.

The consequences of using an unqualified China benchtop xrd are more serious. Since X-ray non-destructive testing is used in quality inspection or safety inspection, if a quality accident occurs or even endangers personal safety, you can save a little money to buy back the unqualified equipment, which will cause you a very unfavorable situation. We condemn those who make fakes. Please raise your level of technological development so as not to harm others. If a major accident really happens, it will also cause you to lose property and put yourself in prison.

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China Benchtop Xrd Working Principle

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Regarding the working principle of Tongda analysis machine ray detection, industry professionals must not miss it

In recent years, Tongda analyzers in the domestic industrial field have been widely used, especially in BGA testing, packaging components, aviation components, pharmaceutical products, automation components, agriculture (seed testing), testing of electronic connector modules, etc. The scope has a large number of applications.

What is Tongda Analyzer Ray Inspection?

The China benchtop xrd actually uses X-rays to irradiate the object to be detected. The detector converts the signal into a signal according to the intensity of the received light and transmits it to the industrial control system for corresponding data processing. The top of the computer’s display screen brings a more accurate inspection operation experience for technicians.

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Causes Of Tongda Analysis Machine Error

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Tongda analysis machine has more factors as to the error caused by thermoluminescence dating. Taking the results of the thermoluminescence dating of the Yuanqinghua plum bottle as an example, some products are considered to be products from the 13th to 14th centuries, while others are only 600 years old. The main reason for such a large error is that the collected samples have been excavated for many years and the environmental conditions before and after the excavation are different. For example, in the past, the tested products were treated by soaking in sewage, cooking at high temperatures, or repairing.

This situation will lead to incorrect thermoluminescence dating of cultural relics. In addition, the level of non-destructive testing technicians will also affect the test results, because non-destructive testing not only requires the operation of the instrument, but also the inspectors need to have cultural relics expertise, cultural level and other literacy. If the conditions in these areas do not meet the standards, the results of the China benchtop xrd test may be affected by human factors.

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China Benchtop Xrd Is Suitable For Different Si

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Feature 1: China benchtop xrd cross-scale imaging is suitable for tested samples of different sizes and specifications, and can realize the functions of automatic sample switching, online detection, three-dimensional image splicing, etc.

Feature 2: Meet the requirements of SMT inspection such as multi-layer PCB packaging, BGA soldering, IC chip binding defect inspection, silicon through-hole process inspection, and high-density packaged electronic components inspection.

With the development of new technology, ultra-high resolution and intelligent Tongda analysis machine will not only provide time-saving, labor-saving and reliable guarantee for BGA device assembly, but also play an important role in electronic product fault analysis and improve the efficiency of troubleshooting.

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Introduction To The Composition Of The Tongda Analysis Machine

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The Tongda analysis machine consists of four parts: an X-ray generator (X-ray tube), a high voltage generator, a cooling system and a control system. When the parts are independent, the high voltage cable is used to connect the high voltage generator and the ray generator.

According to the structure of an X-ray machine, X-ray machines are generally classified into three types: portable X-ray machines, mobile X-ray machines, and stationary X-ray machines.

Portable X-ray machines use a combined X-ray generator. Its X-ray tube, high voltage generator and cooling system are installed together. It is also referred to simply as a ray generator. The X-ray generator is filled with an insulating medium. The whole machine consists of two parts: controller and ray generator, connected by low voltage cable. The insulating medium of the radiation generator is an early high-resistivity transformer oil. Its resistivity should not be less than 30 ~ 50kV / 2.5mm. Most filled insulating media is sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) to reduce the weight of the radiation generator.

The above is our summary of the use of China benchtop xrd, I believe it will help you when you use this machine in the future. This is also one of Tongdatek’s main products, and there will be more product introductions on other pages in this website. If you are interested, you can call or come to our company to visit and consult.

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China Benchtop Xrd Breakthrough Innovation

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Tongda analysis machine has the following restraint innovations
• Transmission diffraction geometry.
• Sample vibration technology.
• 2D surface detector, 2D-XRD technology.
• XRD and XRF integration technology.
• Electronic refrigeration technology.

China benchtop xrd has the following features
• Portable: Body: 485 x 392 x 192 mm Weight: 14.5 kg; the instrument comes with a battery system for field inspection and analysis; the world’s first truly portable XRD.
• Easy to use, no professional action required.
• Fast inspection and sample testing in 3 minutes.
• Low maintenance costs, no water circulation cooling system and constant temperature environment, no need for professional laboratories, no consumable parts.
• Micro-quantitative sample requirements, around 15mg, especially suitable for small sample or precious samples, such as archaeological, criminal investigation, pipeline corrosion analysis.

• Strong environmental adaptability, protection against moisture, dust and shock.

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China Benchtop Xrd Working Conditions

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The main reason for the explanation here is the influence of X-ray radiation in the working environment of the Tongda analysis machine. Many customers will ask before buying Chinese desktop xrd, is Chinese desktop xrd harmful to human body? There are also some online consultants who are worried that the Chinese desktop xrd will be exposed to a series of problems in the vicinity of his office environment (in the house).

X-rays are undoubtedly harmful to the human body. So most customers care about the problem of how to use or store them so that the X-ray non-destructive testing machine is not harmful to the human body. Let’s talk about it specifically. Of course, I am not a radiation protection expert. However, I am only aware of the reasons for the work related to my work and how much X-rays are produced and used.

First of all, I would like to say the working conditions of the Chinese desktop xrd, that is, the trigger conditions for X-ray generation. The most important part of the Chinese desktop xrd is the X-ray tube. Without the X-ray tube X-ray is not available, then the X-ray tube what is it then? To put a simple hypothesis, of course, this is not rigorous. You can think about the bulbs used at home. X-ray tubes are similar in style. The precondition for the X-ray tube to generate radiation is that the power must be turned on and then generated by the operation of the controller. high pressure. This means that the Chinese desktop xrd will not produce any rays when it is not energized. If the high voltage does not generate electrons, the electrons will not hit the anode target, and no radiation will be generated at all. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the China benchtop xrd who has radiation hazard during transportation or storage. Because there is no power supply, there will be no radiation at all.



Tongda Analysis Machine Principle Introduction

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After the Tongda analysis machine uses X-rays to illuminate the object to be detected, the detector converts the signal into a signal according to the received light intensity and transmits it to the industrial control system for data processing. It is visually displayed on the computer display, which is very important for the operator and the operating technician. Good operational experience.
In the process of using the machine, we can clearly see the whole operation process. First, the technician places the product to be tested on the stage, and starts the device through the X start button of the computer display. At this time, the Hamamatsu source receives the start command. The ray is emitted. When the ray passes through the object to be detected (the absorption of light according to the arrangement of atoms of different objects is different, part of the light is absorbed when the X-ray penetrates the sample to be detected, and the remaining light penetrates and falls on the FPD flat panel detector. Part of the light falls on the detector to form different light and shade. At this time, the detector transmits the signal to the industrial control system to convert the data into a displayable image, so the operator can visually see the object on the computer monitor. Internal structural defects.
Choosing professional analytical equipment, then Dandong tondatek is the choice you can’t miss. We are a professional China benchtop xrd manufacturer. If you want to buy quality-assured detection equipment, we will be your best choice.


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